Captain Dave is blessed to have decades of Direct 
Sales Success.. and his experience enables him to
teach you the SECRETS Entrepreneur's need to 
Suceed at their Home-Based Business 

-his unique "Skill-Set" Training will Help you to:  Get your
Bio in the Co Magazine, Win Award$ and Bonuse$, Retire
Early, Pay-Off your Debts, Drive a FREE CAR, Go on FREE
Co. Vacations, Earn MORE $, Sponsor more Distr's, Retail
more products, SMILE MORE !  +   EMAIL  NOW  p[email protected]

if you do not wish to purchase our tools... then please do not buy them...  we have had virtually NO RETURNS in 2 decades... so do your homework... talk to Capt Dave - read all the materials... and make an intelligent investment if you so choose   ;-)


see shipping section for more details....


no returns.........   please






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  • "- I am an industry veteran, who thought I knew everything about running my business, but I never acknowledged the fact that I had never made any big money long term. I am one of..."
    I have been brought to tears from some of the amazing stories !
    heart-warming .. life-changing notes from our clients -love them
  • "- When I first received the product, I was very skeptical..I even had a few friends suggest that it was a waist of time..but I realized that my plan wasn't working very well, an..."
    hundreds of POSITIVE Testimonial over 2 decades ! -Tons of them
    every week we recieve some new positive message from one of our

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