Captain Dave is blessed to have decades of Direct 
Sales Success.. and his experience enables him to
teach you the SECRETS Entrepreneur's need to 
Suceed at their Home-Based Business 

-his unique "Skill-Set" Training will Help you to:  Get your
Bio in the Co Magazine, Win Award$ and Bonuse$, Retire
Early, Pay-Off your Debts, Drive a FREE CAR, Go on FREE
Co. Vacations, Earn MORE $, Sponsor more Distr's, Retail
more products, SMILE MORE !  +   EMAIL  NOW  p[email protected]

WE do not charge any handling fee's... only the hard shipping costs......   that's as fair as it gets  - right         ;-)


we charge USPS priority rates.... and insurance....  

HISTORICAL NOTE: we have only had TWO planners returned in 2 decades... and one client passed-away !

.. so we will not anticipate anyone sending one back - we do not have a return policy -  if you don't understand what you are buying... email Capt Dave and he will TALK TO YOU PERSONALLY about your purchase....

don't buy to "look"... buy it because you BELIEVE that tens of thousands of planner clients can't be wrong !  

--- this system has won Top Industry Awards... is Celebrety Endorced... and flat-out works if you work IT !    So invest your TAX-DEDUCTABLE "temporary" Investment in this planner...... and then use this amazing tool to earn THOUSANDS MORE each month !   -

- - Our Tools should earn you tens of thousands during your lifetime !   so the planner and tools are virtually FREE - aren't they ? !




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  • "- I am an industry veteran, who thought I knew everything about running my business, but I never acknowledged the fact that I had never made any big money long term. I am one of..."
    I have been brought to tears from some of the amazing stories !
    heart-warming .. life-changing notes from our clients -love them
  • "- When I first received the product, I was very skeptical..I even had a few friends suggest that it was a waist of time..but I realized that my plan wasn't working very well, an..."
    hundreds of POSITIVE Testimonial over 2 decades ! -Tons of them
    every week we recieve some new positive message from one of our

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