Captain Dave is blessed to have decades of Direct 
Sales Success.. and his experience enables him to
teach you the SECRETS Entrepreneur's need to 
Suceed at their Home-Based Business 

-his unique "Skill-Set" Training will Help you to:  Get your
Bio in the Co Magazine, Win Award$ and Bonuse$, Retire
Early, Pay-Off your Debts, Drive a FREE CAR, Go on FREE
Co. Vacations, Earn MORE $, Sponsor more Distr's, Retail
more products, SMILE MORE !  +   EMAIL  NOW  p[email protected]


EXPERT CONSULTING - - Boost your Gross Sales - - Increase your Stock Value - - Launch a new NWMing Operation - - Re-Build the Company you have


Dave has worked for Billionaires - Millionaires - Entrepreneur's and Dreamers......


his work is HISTORICAL ... Documented - Proven - and Results-Oriented...


for 2.5 decades DK has help lots of mlm owners and top leaders to Solve their problems...


DK is one of the FINEST MINDS on the planet for Growing Sales... Dealign with Sales and Marketing Issues... PR...  Spin-Doctor Solutions... etc...etc...


his rates are $150 to $250/hour ... better rates for weekly/monthly committments


Captain Dave is worth EVERY DIME


he does Professional Work for Professional Wages...






WE also OFFER:

- AWARD WINNING TRAINING: Schedule a 3-way call - Conference Call - Regional Seminar Workshop or online Webinar ... our job is to BOOST RECRUITING, Grow Retail Sales, Increase Revenues... help your Members Grow their Home-Based Businesses ... email us, you will be ASTONISHED at what we can do to help your business expand !

- AWARD WINNING SALES TOOLS: Capt Dave is the designer/creator of the Industries Finest MLM Business Planner System - the PowerLine Master Series Planner... ask for the free tape, call DK directly or email for more information. DK's tools were sold on the Co Order Forms with huge mlm operations like: Quorum, Enrich, Rexall, FreeLife, Arbonne, Conklin, etc, etc, etc... find out WHY ! DK's tools are PROVEN... and they WORK to increase sales !!

- World Class Business CONSULTING ... if you want to launch a new MLM Operation or Re-Build the one that’s not producing ... if you require MARKET TESTING, Mktg Research, PR, or Spin Doctor Activities... you will be AMAZED at what we can do for you !

- INCREDIBLE Relationship Counseling Services: Arbitration... Inter-Personal Relationship Challenges in the field or in the office environment... help with any Personality-Type Challenges ---- you will be shocked at what we offer our clients... and how well we perform at solving problems that are costing you millions !

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