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Your Bathroom can make you Rich !    - By Captain Dave   [email protected]  

 Your Bathroom can make you Rich !    By Captain Dave   [email protected]

Think about it, the average man spends at least a month in the bathroom annually… and I do not think anyone would disagree that: women clock-in a lot more hours. Now even if you take into account all the constructive, productive, meaningful time you spend in there… most of us waste a lot of unproductive sessions just “sitting” on the toilet. What do most of us do for the 700+ hours we log-in the rest room annually? Nothing that produces us any revenue or helps us build our business, that’s for sure.

In every episode on the television show “Ally McBeal” there was a toilet or bathroom scene, because tons of life’s challenges are dealt with there. All of life’s challenges, controversies, twists and plots are discovered or resolved in the unisex wash room. Why? It’s because we do a lot of thinking, interpreting, adjusting, choosing, and concluding in there. All this mental exercise can transform into our initiating many life-changing actions.

We all understand and agree that: listening to personal growth tapes in our car as we drive is very intelligent, right… so why not do the same thing in our bathrooms?! It’s not like we’re doing brain surgery in there.

We could, (if we wanted to), read or listen to life-changing information at least 15 minutes, two times a day almost every day of our lives. If you do the math, that’s 23 8-hour sessions of exposure to non-stop personal growth materials! Now if that doesn’t make you more money, I’ll eat a loaf of moldy bread. If you implement just a few simple strategies detailed herein, you’ll be exposed to an additional 3.5 hours a week of self-help training.

The mission, purpose and goal of this article is to: (in an entertaining way), to present you with life-changing information that will help you build a large sales force, in the least amount of time, with the least amount of pain.

To suggest modifications your bathroom, (in ways your mother would NEVER approve), in an effort to learn secrets to sponsoring more people and retailing more product. To maximize your business “output” by making you productive in normally non-productive areas of your life, (specifically the lu). To implement a time management strategy designed to install vital wealth building information where it rarely gets done… and finally, the main reason you need to read this article, is to learn how to simply get more “s” done at home.

Setting up the bathroom: There are many things you might need to do in order to maximize your business “output” while spending time in the wash room.

-         I would search the house for a magazine rack and put it next to the toilet so you can organize the reading materials you’re going to place there…

-         Mounting a small wicker bookshelf on the wall could be another way to hold all the tools you’ll need for making some real money in our industry…

-         Also, you’ll need to borrow one of the plastic desk organizer things from work that’ll hold all your paper clips, pens, highlight-marker pens, staplers, cap stick, etc… If your embarrassed to have a lot of this type of stuff “exposed” to your neighbors in the bathroom, then find a container with a door on it.

-         Additionally, next time you’re in the store, pick up an attractive hook that screws into the cabinet and mount it in a hide-away place where you can hang a clip-board with a pad of paper. You’ll find it handy to have something firm to read materials on and take notes. The owner MMM says from experience that toilet paper is too hard to write on! You’ll also want some post-it-notes pads…

-         Once you’ve found out that my suggestions herein really work, some of you might even go so far as to mount a speakerphone telephone (you’ll want one with a mute button), and perhaps even a cup-holder, on the wall or cabinet. This would be a nice touch free up your hands for “other things

-         Screwing in a small dry-erase white-board or cork-board next to the throne might also very helpful to log your reminders or ideas. Just be sure to have a well ventilated room so your notes don’t run down the face of the board, (you’ll want to have a heavy-duty, yet quiet, fan to suck out the moisture after you shower)…

-         And finnally, as long as you’re going to be spending a lot more time on the pot the next 18 months, I seriously suggest that you invest in a bag of potpouri and one of those padded toilet seats. J

   Copyright 19988 - 2010   David Klaybor / PowerLine Systems  - all rights reserved

Ok. So you don’t have to invest a lot of time, money and effort in the all the items I suggested above, all you have to do is simply carry a book into the bathroom and read it with a yellow highlighter. But lets face it, sometimes it’s convenient to listen to a cassette tape while we’re farting around doing our business in there, right. Thus, I suggest that you place a smaller battery operated cassette player, (within arms length of the toilet seat), along with a box to organize your tapes. This would be a simple, effective, quick and easy thing you could do… provided you have the appropriate personal growth audio tapes to play. This method would be one of the least expense, (and yet still effective), ways to learn vital business building strategies while in the rest-room.


But... for the more advanced individual, Tim Allen and I might recommend installing or mounting a big screen TV, (with internet access), into the wall alongside some custom-made bookshelves, with projectors hung on the ceiling, and a small built in refrigerator. (disclaimer:  if you’re using any electrical device in the bathroom, make sure the plugs have those emergency breaker/fuse plug-in’s and,  do not put any electrical unit where it can fall into the water… or you’ll fry yourself instead of improving your business). Think as big as you like when undertaking your business building bathroom improvement project.  Spare no expense, move the walls to widen your work-space there if you need to. This is an investment in you and your families future. It’ll even increase the value of your house. This advice will make some of you very wealthy indeed!


Now, lets talk about all the activities you perform in your bathroom and how my strategies are applied to making you some immediate money. First, we have:


John time: this is where you’re going to make the realllllllly big bucks! There aren’t too many places in your house where you can get more accomplished in a shorter period of time. Let’s face it, we’d all like to read more self-help books and listen to more personal growth tapes. But we never seem to find the time to “study”, do we! Well now you have a real solution. Think about it, when you go into the bathroom, the first thing you do is lock the door and shut out the rest of the world. It an unwritten law that people are not suppose to bother other people while they’re do’n “their business”. There’s no interrupting phone calls, no human or pet to bother you to do something, no children, and no television… just peace and quiet. A person is assumed to be in their private sanctuary while logging in time there… it’s kinda like an embassy in a foreign country… strictly off-limits to everybody accept the King or Queen who rules the castle. So while you’re eliminating yesterdays sushi, wouldn’t it be great if you could read a book on “How to make a million dollars in 3 weeks”! And since you’ve installed your padded seat, you might finally find the time to learn all the secrets you’ll need to succeed at your business. Although I’m trying my best to add humor to this article, I am dead serious about this topic. Learn to convert toilet-time into study-time… if you do, you’ll have a great testimonial story to tell everyone in your company magazine after you’ve won some award or bonus! So the next time you’re in the bathroom do’n your business… reading “People Magazine”… you’ll think about this article and wish you had “Think and Grow Rich” in your hands instead.


Shower time: men spend most of their time in the bathroom participating in one of the three S’s… sitting, showering and shaving. Women will shower, but most still prefer to take baths… there just isn’t enough time in the day anymore to satisfy the desires of many woman, so showers rule. Now how would you go about improving your business while in the shower? The answer is simple. Today’s modern technology has provided us with water-resistant tape players specifically targeted and designed for athletes and people who want to listen to the radio, CD’s and tapes while in the shower. Go figure. So, with a simple investment of under $30… you can learn powerful business building information while you shower. Taking notes is going to be a problem, so I suggest listening to motivational, inspirational, encouraging, or visionary materials during this activity. It’s always good to get your day started and ended with “possibility thinking”… wouldn’t you agree? So next time you’re scrubbing away in the shower stall, you’ll think about this article as say to yourself, “I could have been getting fired-up and looking forward to my day”, instead of day-dreaming about worthless or negative junk.

Bath or Jacuzzi time: you ladies are the Queens of this domain… men usually do not have the patience for this type of activity, (unless it’s with their “special someone”). But perhaps some of you guys will reconsider and take more baths after you’ve read this. Ladies, you might encourage them to follow your lead and initiate this wealth building strategy together. It’s always better to have your special someone building the business with you. So why not take an hour out of your busy day and take a liquid seminar together… (just remember to stay focused on the material being presented). So here’s the plan.

-         First, you’ve got to get out your to-do list and make a note to go to the health food store and invest in some therapeutic all-natural herbal bubble-bath type product, (or you could buy some wonderful herbal bath oil from one of your NWM friends).

-         Next, schedule a time at least 1 or 2 times a week when you can set-aside 30 minutes to an hour of private time. (Some of you might think this is impossible, but do it once and you’ll find the time to do this every week).

-         Then, you’ve got to find some powerful life-changing self-help materials to listen to, read or watch while you’re pleasantly soaking in the tub. Ask your company leaders, search the internet for self-improvement sites, go to the library or ask any successful person where you’d find some powerful business building materials to help you reach your financial goals.

-         Once you’ve got the right self-help materials, now you have to set up the bathroom so this project can work. If you’re wealthy, hire a contractor to mount a swiveling wall unit next to the tub for the television, (with lots of storage space for your tapes, etc). But even if you’re broke, you can do this with a smaller old television sitting on a pine box next to the tub. If you do not have the room to watch a video, then I suggest using a smaller hand-held cassette tape unit. Place it next to the tub and listen as you relax, soak and drift into a state of consciousness that leads you to your financial dreams. You can always try to read a book in the tub, but this never seems to work out well. Keep a small cloth handy so you can wipe your hands often if you decide to take this route. And presto… your bathroom has been turned into a “success-room” for one or two. You know this would be a blast to do with your spouse… and you also know it could make you rich!

-          Next, start filling the tub with warm water, go to your bedroom, get into your birthday suit, put on a robe. Walk back to the bathroom with your book or tape and sink into the inviting tub. Whether you’re in the tub or the Jacuzzi, this is a great way to enjoy a private self-help liquid seminar with some world-class guru... am I right? You bet I am.


Brushing your teeth time: what do you think about while you’re brushing your teeth in the morning and every night… nothing. So why not place some banners, signs or goal sheets about nose-high on the wall or mirror where you can see/read them as you brush. You know you’re suppose to read your goals two times a day, (everyday). Well, you’re dentist told you to brush your teeth two times a day as well. It just so happens that you need to do both at the identical time, so why not kill two birds with one stone! Plan on reading your goals every time you brush your teeth. If you do, you’ll have less cavities, you’ll get kissed more often and you’ll have lots more money. This seems like a pretty good strategy to me. You know that you’re going to have to write down your goals on a sheet of paper and tape them up on your bathroom wall in order for this to work, don’t you? And slipping the sheet into a plastic cover would prevent all the moister from destroying your work. Also, be sure to write your goals using large block letters so you can read them easily from afar.


Mouth washing time: why not put a sign, post-it-note on the bathroom ceiling so when you tilt your head up to gargle, you’ll see the great message you placed there! Again, make the sign as big as possible. Write in the first person, present tense and try to make it a command like: “eat right and exercise today!”… “talk to 2 prospects today”… or “use 3-way calling”… you get the idea. If your out of town relatives ask you why you’ve got all this business stuff all over you bathroom, just use this moment to initiate a conversation about your business and recruit them or sell them some of your companies products!


Shaving time: do not try to read anything or watch a video while you’re performing this task. In fact, many of you shouldn’t even try to listen to anything either, concentrating on anything but the task at hand could be verrrrrry dangerous and painful. The only success strategy that could be used, while you remove the hair from your body, is for you to listen to cassette tapes while you shave… try it and see if this works for you. Turn off the tape and switch to music at the first sign of blood.


Flossing time: now here’s a much less dangerous task, but lets face it, nobody likes to floss. But many of you are capable of listening to self-help tapes while you floss. I strongly suggest that you do. You’ll clean the garbage out of your teeth and mind at the same time.


Blow drying our hair time: why not read your goals, look at pictures of your dream car… dream house… dream vacation, all the while that you’re getting the water out of your hair. This just makes sense, doesn’t it? You can also read your goals while your simply washing your hands. Every time you open your medicine cabinet, there should be a post-it-note on the inside of the door reminding you not to use to many pharmaceutical drugs or something else very important to improving your life… this is a good idea, right?! What ever it is that leads you into the bathroom, your mission should be to accomplish something, anything that will move you toward your goals, dreams and aspirations. If you have a weight scale, why not put a post-it-note pad on the scale with a message to eat healthy and exercise.

            Copyright 19988 - 2010   David Klaybor / PowerLine Systems  - all rights reserved

Scheduling your toilet time with others: in some households, there just seems to be to many people and not enough bathrooms. To all you complainers who use this rebuttal as an excuse not to perform or initiate any of the strategies herein… I suggest that you build a few more bathrooms in your house. Wasn’t that simple? This advice will only improve the value of your home and relieve tons of stress and pressure every morning and nighttime. Your family will think you’re a genius. If you elect me President, I will make it illegal to build or rent houses with fewer bathrooms than occupants! Am I right or am I right? That’s the whole point of this article, the bathroom is suppose to be a fun inviting place, not a tiny little stall you run in and out of as fast as you can. You lady’s do such a great job at making the wash rooms of the world a nice place to visit, I mean, you really do. The shower curtains, towels, Kleenex, toilet paper, window dressings, candles and floor mats are all matching ensembles. I’m sure many of you are reeling from some of my suggestions… while some of you men might just be looking for more comfortable amenities in your efforts to redesign your new throne-room. For you brave souls who’ve converted into my way of thinking… might I suggest: The Omni-flush, Self-cleaning, Power-2000, Reclining toilet seat model, (patent pending)their motto: “you might as well enjoy yourself while you’re getting your stuff done”. As you can already tell, Tim the “tool-man” Taylor and I see eye-to-eye on this issue. If your current wash room doesn’t have enough light, install some sunlight… if it gets too humid when you shower, install a big enough fan to suck all the moisture out… if your rest room is not large enough, then pound out a wall and give yourself some legroom! I mean really, why do we painfully torture ourselves day after day. If you rent, I humbly suggest that you move into a place with adequate bathroom facilities or perhaps this is the wake-up call for you to buy your own home… (use my success principals to make enough money to move). We spend soooooo much time in the rest room, why would anyone hesitate making their occupancy in the bathroom as well-spent and as less stressful as possible? If you just don’t have the time or money to remodel your house, and it’s not practical to move… then I suggest you put a small white board up outside the bathroom with a daily schedule calendar.


The final word: if you don’t have a red ring when you stand up after you’re finished, you haven’t learned anything from this article… Where do you think the phrase, “getting stuff done” came from anyway? This article is

dedicated to, Sir Thomas Crapper, the English plumber who invented the toilet. Without him this article would not have been possible.

I welcome your testimonial stories… See you next month! – your new friend and surrogate sponsor  

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- David, I just read the first few paragraphs. Great concept! I always though I was the only one who did this. I guess great mind do think alike. :-) Seriously, I just finished an 88 page book this way. I managed about 2-3 pages a session (sitting). Sure, it took a month, but this is a book I never would have read otherwise.

–         Len Clement’s commented: A Doctor friend of mine just confessed to studying for hours and passing her exams due to her bathroom study’s.

-  Whatever your articles are great, great, great, great, great.......
I liked them very much. There is a big future waiting for you many ways.
That idea with studying in the bathroom I use a lot. It works with everything, self-growth studying, with languages, with anything.
- Cool! You should see my bathroom when I was in Germany... At that time I had only 6 months to prepare myself for a nursing exam, and my German wasn't good enough also. It was fun; I had grammar all over my place. It works.  -Jitka

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            Copyright 19988 - 2010   David Klaybor / PowerLine Systems  - all rights reserved

 Your Business Card could make you RICH !     Designing Business Cards that actually RECRUIT for you and Build Your Sales ....

Do your Business Cards “bite”…?

                                                   By Captain Dave    [email protected]  

Note: Get 250 business cards for free! …at the end of this article I’ll show you how…


If someone tells you that your business cards “bite”, that could either mean that: they’re terrible… or that your cards have clamped-down and grabbed their attention. Lets discover some creative design concepts that will enable your business cards to put some real bite marks in your prospects and competition.


Why are people throwing away your business card just minutes after you leave the room? And conversely, why are people putting my business cards into their wallet or purse seconds after I’ve given them mine? For the same reason I’m excited to watch the new commercials aired during the Super-Bowl each year. Most of these multi-million dollar ads are fun, interesting and pleasurable to sit through during the game. Everyone in the room is focused on the television because these commercials where specifically designed to bite, grab and clamp down on you.  Most human beings hate 95% of the 3,000 advertisements they receive each day… but, they also appreciate and enjoy an extraordinarily good one. We not only buy into the copy writers professionally presented “pitch”, but we’ll actually get out our credit card and buy the product, won’t we? Sure we do. Good advertising works some of the time... great advertising creates record sales. Are you starting to understand why today’s business card had better be a lot more than merely a data transfer mechanism.


Anyone who’s good at marketing, I mean, reallllllly good at it… hates to see mediocre sales tools… and business cards are no exception. What are the reasons the business card was invented and is used?

-         Certainly to pass on vital contact communication data (i.e. your correctly spelled name, the company you represent, your mailing address, all your phone numbers, email addresses, website addresses, etc…) ok this is pretty straight forward stuff…

-         But besides normal intelligent good old-fashion reasons for creating and offering someone your business card… what else should today’s intelligent sales person’s card do for them? There shouldn’t be a hesitation: the card has got to help create SALES! It has to promote some kind of beneficial ACTION-STEP by the person you gave your card to. A business card has got to initiate some meaningful measurable RESULTS.

-         Your business card ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY MUST be designed to show the benefits of your firms products or services. It is vital that your business card be designed to at least “try” to close your prospect.


Start thinking about your business card as a marketing tool.

The business card is a simple, yet very important business asset.


What do you think you could do to make your prospect say, “WOW”, when they receive your business card? Your card has got to say: “Look at me… I’m a great business card as compared to all other business cards you’ve received. I do not want to be thrown out… I want to live, I want to give, I want to survive! I can help you”. If you design your business card in a manner that generates business… it will not be condemned to death in the circular file.


How can you do this?… You have to think of a creative design for your business card. Contemporary just won’t do… even if you own a funeral parlor, run a medical office or you’re a librarian… you absolutely must breaking away from the pack. Perhaps you might start by analyzing what you think other individuals or your peers would want to see in a business card… and do the opposite!   When designing a business card, your goal has to embrace several of the following ideas… it has to:

q       Do whatever it takes to grab your prospects attention in a professional responsible manner…

q       It has to be fresh, alive, new, interesting, different, unique, independent, and stimulating… without offending to many people…

q       You just might have to “push the limits” a bit, or get a tiny bit controversial. Learn to be brave and “go where no business card has ever gone before”…you can always throw them out if they don’t work and try a new approach…

q       Challenge the status quo, strike out and create a new path…

q       Use plenty of adverbs, adjectives and descriptive copy….

q       Use pictures, graphics and odd sizes if at all possible…

q       It’s ok to use unusual type-styles, but make sure you use a font that people can at least read…

q       The proper color selection and the correct use of color is vital…

q       And use the company logo only if the companies logo is a good one… if it bites, then move around it and play to your strengths…

              Copyright 19988 - 2010   David Klaybor / PowerLine Systems  - all rights reserved

Make several types of business cards:

If you can afford the time and the money, this is the best course to take. I hate people who keep defending all the classic design rules like: continuity, symmetrical patterns, matching colors, standard sizes, etc… most of these people are poor or very lucky to have ad work. Clear your mind of all your rules and just design a card that fulfills the strategies stated herein and see what you come up with. And if that means a purple card with pink pockadots with some of the words printed upside down… roll with it. I wouldn’t print 1,000 of them until I tested them first, because you never know what’s going to positively work. And if someone says they do… run for the door! That means they’re regimented in a career filled with cookie-cutter templates they work from… and marketing just isn’t that way on the design side. Then, once you’ve designed a great card that is proven to work, I’d Trade Mark or Copy Right your work if I were you. Because if your ideas produce sales results, you are sure to be copied.  Be sure to invest in protecting your concepts and ideas.


Now lets look at some great ideas you can use to design the best business cards you’ve ever used. I’ll start with the lower cost cards and move into the higher cost cards…


E-mail business cards… if you have and use an email address these are virtually free! Signature feature on the end of your emails


-          Two sided Business Cards: . You want people to hold onto your card until they need it One way of doing this is to incorporate information onto your business card that your potential prospect or client, can refer to now and then. Some individuals tend to print commonplace information similar to calendar’s on the back of the card, weights and measures, and more, that is not in tune with there business…  When in business you must include information that is in tune with your business…  A calendar may seem like a catchy advertisement addition to any individual..  If you’re a professional speaker, you could include a list of your up and coming speaking events…   If your part of an organization that relies on recruiting members into your organization, you could include directions, with a mini-map, that directs potential prospects to your next meeting..  You could include a brief overview of your organization, and give a handful out to your newer prospect….  Or coupon’s to a percentage off of products that your personally sell...   Include a lined section to accommodate notes that you can jot down, while your speaking with an individual and hand it too them.  The personal touch of handwriting can add meaning to your business card.  You could write down prices, a personal phone number a date or time for a meeting, or a name of someone in your organization your prospect could get in touch with…  This possibility is endless…  Don’t waste the back of a business card, use it to its full advantage…


Multi-colored… black on white is the worst… you might as well just tell them that you’re cheap and that you don’t take your business very seriously.
One color ink on any stock of paper  2 to 4 color is much better.

Pictured cards… these cards draw better than cards without pictures, period. Realtors are big on this one… they must have been influenced by all that Tommy Hopkins training.

The “Irresistible Offer” Coupon Business Card: If you don’t know what the term “Value added” means, then you don’t know marketing.         Remember a conventional card is “BLAH” and “BORING” how can it not help but being tossed…  Why not ad an added offer….  AN ADDED OFFER????   One way to do this  idea is to ad a coupon onto your card… An admission to an upcoming event, a discount for a first order or you could use it as a punch card to encourage frequent potential customers…  Coupons, or added incentives, will keep your card in the wallet much longer than a conventional card with passive information printing in a dull and boring manner…      FREE stuff if you reply.

-          Billboard type Business Card Concepts:  Advertise your message to the world, on a 3 ½” x 2” piece of card…  Imagine this your driving down the freeway, bumper to bumper traffic, all of a sudden  you see an eye-catching billboard, and you say WOW and stare at it longer than necessary…  Don’t they say a picture is worth a 1000 words????  Why not a business card worth a new prospect or potential business associate…  Pictures included onto your business card will add color, pizzazz  and can say much more than words…  A quick glance, and you have hooked your potential customer or prospect, to giving your card more than just a glance and fling into the ol’ circular file…  Eye catching graphics or photographs, and a catchy 10 words or less title that will explain your intent and purpose with power,   can lead to having a great little advertising tool…


Odd sized cards… depending on your industry or product or service, spending the extra money to create a custom-sized business card might be your leg-up against your competition. If you sell pizza’s    if you market nutritional products  if you’re pushing automobiles, why wouldn’t you     if you have a great company logo (I mean reallllly great) perhaps your business card might be your firms logo…

Fold-open cards… when you need a lot of room or you would like to combine two to three strategies detailed herein, perhaps this might be the type of card for you.


-          Rolodex Business Card: As we’ve stated earlier, the shape if your business cards are important when it comes to “WOW” business cards designs…  One of the most common shapes besides the 3 ½” x 2” standard rectangular business cards is the Rotary file business card, (great idea)…  It provides an eye catching suggestion to place it where you hope it will do the most good…


-          Adhesive Sticky Note Card Concept: If you don’t have  many opportunities to hand out your business card you could think of alternative ways to use a business card..   The use of a sticker card can be used for many uses besides a plain business card…  you can stick your business card to a package instead of using a label… 


-          Post-it-note Business Card Pads: Have you ever found your just to busy to meet with potential prospects or recruit as much as you would like too…  You don’t need to meet potential prospects or customers face-to-face…  You could use Anonymous prospecting, to anonymous potential leads…  Use a card pad…  IT’S a great way to make connections…  Simply design your cards, in the “WOW!!!!!” format and print them on lighter paper, and have your printing company assemble them into pads…  ANY commercial printer can print them up..  You can attach the printed pad just about anywhere, on a grocery store advertising corkboard, in a church, leave it on a table in a doctor’s waiting room,  put it on a retail counter, anywhere you think individuals that will frequent where your service or product may be needed…

Magnetic Business Cards: email me if you’d like to know where to get them for a goooood price

CD-rom Business cards… (Compact Disk Read Only Memory) high tech is the name of the game in many industry’s, and what better card to say that you are a progressive,   Especially if you have a LOT if things to say… CD-rom cards can hold audio clips, video  clips, and short power point presentations, etc… what a dynamic run interesting way to look better than your competition

Audio cassette business cards… before the advent of the Cdrom cards, the audio cassette tape era ruled.

Video cassette business cards… video cassette tapes are still popular and an aggressive way to get your message out. What a business card this is.


Your company name… the name you use is critical. Down play it if it’s poor and brag about it if it’s exceptional. I could write a whole article on this topic alone. Write me if you need help in this area. Just be sure that you are “marketing”, “selling” and “promoting” your product or service in the title you give yourself. Why waste all that ink trying to get the world to understand who you are and what you do!

Your company logo… same thing here. If you have a good one, use it… if it stinks (and most do) make it small or do not use it much. A logo’s got to tell the world who you are and what you do. It’s not an art contest… it’s not an ad agency award project… it’s real business. You’re in competition with the world and it’s a tough world out there. So for God’s sake, create a logo that sells something. Unless of course you have billions to spend on “image” advertising in order to get people to figure out who you are.

Your email address name… this is just like your company name. You have the opportunity to tell your client something, so why not seize the opportunity. This goes for the ISP provider you select as well. If you work from your home, then my not have a ending to your email address… this makes sense right.

Your individual (personal) legal name…   how brave are you? You can change it for under $500 these days… so people will have cosmetic surgery to improve their career, why not a name change? I’m thinking about it myself. How about: David Youngman… Dave Wellborne… David Powers… David Love?

-          Business Card Checklist: be sure that all the appropriate information is listed on the card. Check with several good editors before you print your cards… there’s nothing more foolish than to hand your card to someone with a spelling error.

q       All Your Phone numbers                                                             

q       Toll free numbers work well to get people to call you back

q       Voice mail, a must.

q       Pager number

q       Fax number

q       Home phone number (when appropriate)

q       Email address, mandatory

q       Web site address, mandatory

q       Your Name, include your nickname if you use one

q       Your Title

q       Professional Affiliations, Memberships, Distinctions, Awards, Citations, etc…

q       It’s a nice touch when a person includes the pronunciation of unusual names

q       Department/division names

q       All address information as required from your local post office

q       Include your Country (USA), you never know where you’ll be and who you’ll meet

q       Office hours and after hour instructions

q       Appointment times,  (leave blank to fill in if necessary)

q       Time zone, when appropriate

q       Map/directions (this is totally a cool idea when you’re asking people to come to your office)

q       Name of your company, affiliates and organization

q       Business description, what benefits do you offer your clients/prospects

q       What Products/Services do your offer and who does this improve the prospects life

q       Special offers, Coupons, Free Stuff, Promotions

q       Invitation’s, can you invite your prospect to an event?

q       Illustrations, use updated ones, not old recycled ones

q       Logo, keep it small unless it’s exceptional

q       Add and use color

q       Always use a picture if you can

q       Mission statement… most are boring, use your if it’s exceptional

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FREE OFFER: To get your free business cards… here’s the catch. I can not legally publish data about another companies offers, but I can tell my friends about a great offer that I’ve discovered on the internet. Soooooooo, you’re going to have to email me directly at [email protected]. Include all the details you want on the card, (name address, phone, company, etc.)... and I’ll get back to you promptly. 

See you next month! – your new friend and surrogate sponsor - Dave

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Captain Dave Klaybor, ATP...  – his goal is to help YOU retire in 3-5 years, earn a free car, go on a free vacation, win bonuses and earn $100k+/yr. F/t – He is Pres. of PowerLine Systems a 22 year old world-class training and consulting firm who manufactures the finest Business Planning System designed specifically for the NWM industry. He is honored to have been voted at the Top Generic MLM Trainer in 03 on a popular website, his name on the cover of 7 books, he’s been on the cover of many publications, and his tools are sold in the largest NWM catalogs. Dave is a Record-Breaking Veteran Builder, Author/Columnist.  - To get a free tape on how to make $100k/yr. in NWM…email us: [email protected]        … Lets Schedule a 3-way or Conference Call Group Training  with your group this week  !    

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30 Meeting Presentation Secrets,  to Building a Large Sales Force        - by Captain Dave   [email protected]


 “30 Secrets guaranteed to make your Business Presentations Profitable”

     -by mailto:CaptainDave%20%[email protected]  2yr veteran builder/trainer, Author, Teacher, Speaker


Learn one of these simple strategies each day for a month… and you’re rich!

And before we get started, even if you’re a veteran, lets remind ourselves of the basics. 99% of us are here for the “residual cash-flow” factor our industry provides its professionals. We’re all seeking the Passive Income that comes from the geometric growth derived from building a group.

One of the best ways to “grow a downline”, is to make as many business presentations in front of the largest number of prospects you can. This is how a person like you is best able to maximize your time and potential. Thus, for most builders, MLM becomes an Events Business.

 If you want to make real money in this field, you have got to tap into the Success Formula of event-dynamic’s.

  Copyright 19988 - 2010   David Klaybor / PowerLine Systems  - all rights reserved

So, you can’t make any retail sales or recruit any new distributors using these events unless there is an audience listening to your presentation, right?! Therefore here are some money-making bullet-point tips you’ll need to get people listening to your fascinating presentation:

1-    Set a basic goal to invite at least one person a day to the weekly/monthly company Business Presentation event (at your local hotel, online webinar or Conf Call – whatever method works for you and your prospect)… it’s not necessary to set a higher goal than a realistic one-a-day… because if you get behind a few days, you can easily catch-up…and you will never get too frustrated, stress-out or pressured to keep up with your attainable goal. Learn to use the 3-foot rule, use your 100 name memory-jogger list, but whatever you do, learn to simply invite at least one person a day to your companies presentation events. In the beginning, new recruits need to think of themselves as a bird-dogs or oyster-chucker’s. It’s not your job to become some big-shot speaker. You don’t have to be a super sales person… just learn to expose as many prospects as you can to your opportunity and funnel them into your organized professional briefing. Don’t pre-judge anyone, think of it as a numbers or sorting game. Even if you screw-up, funneling just one prospect a day is over 300 a year… you can’t miss building a healthy business if you only perform this duplicable simple task. ( if you invite one a day, you might get 1 to attend some weeks, and 25 to attend others…presuming you’re good at the rest of these points below)…

2-   Depending on the prospect, you must learn how to effectively communicate a very pro-active positive theme: your opportunity absolutely has to be exciting, fun, interesting, and/or beneficial to your client. If you can simply communicate this theme to your prospect, they’re going to want to learn more about your offering(or why else would they come?)

Do you know anyone who wants to come to your house party or to a hotel meeting after a long day of work? Not normally… then we all agree… you have to create some fire. You must stimulate your prospect into being a bit excited to come…, right? Thus, you have to learn to use lots of adjectives and adverbs to describe how beautiful and inviting the hotel is (or how tasty your “spread” will be at your home… or how much fun they’ll have meeting interesting upwardly-mobile entrepreneurs… or whatever it is that you can morally say to perk their curiosity.

3-   Use 3rd-party technologies to invite people to your event… this can be a physical upline person or you could use your company magazine, FOD, voice-mail, website or anything that works for you… but whatever you do, do not invite people alone. Using another person on a 3-way call for example works best.

4-   Use invitation cards, invitation email messages, voice-mail messages telling about the up-coming event, etc…… all of these ideas would help you get more prospects to your events, wouldn’t they? Use any and all tools your company, upline or industry supplies.  Be creative and try to “wow” your prospects with special aspects of the event (i.e. maybe you have a special guest speaker or topic this month), and show your clients that you’re different than all the rest of those pesky “mlm people”. Separate yourself from the pack by demonstrating your professionalism. (a good salesman likes to be sold)…

5-   Always use some kind of day-planner to take notes, store flyers and schedule follow-up calls… (why spend a ton of time, money and effort getting the person interested and then drop the ball due to using poor follow-up skills / systems)… I just happen to have designed the best customized Business Planner in the world, email me for more data on this.

6-   No matter what, never suggest that the Business Opportunity Briefing is going to be longer that 45-50 minutes…(unless it’s one of those longer regional training type events)… I might attend your event if I knew I was getting in and out real fast, but I might not come if I thought is was going to be a long drawn-out boring meeting… (i.e. in an attempt to revive a failing church, the new minister started doing ½ hour Sunday sessions instead of the 2 hour events the veteran pastor gave… attendance and church revenues quadrupled in 4 months. Attitudes improved, special activities doubled and his popularity soared…)  Shorter meetings are oftentimes more productive, better attended and more profitable than longer events. Also, a new person says to themselves, I don’t have to give up so much of my free-time doing this business part time and they see themselves working your business because it fits into their schedule better.

7-   Next time you’re inviting a prospect to an event… ask them if they’d like to be picked-up from their house and chauffeured to an entertaining evening out with a distinguished group of upwardly mobile entrepreneur’s? Well guess who the chauffeur is… that’s right, you silly. And the Limo is your finest cleaned-up motor-vehicle… Be sure to open the door for them… and leave your ego at home. Talk about THEM the whole time… their goals, dreams and aspirations…. Not yours ! Find out where they want to go on a free vacation or drive a company car or retire in 2-3 years… ask powerful questions, do not babble about you and your company and what you think they need to do in order to be successful. Let them tell you. (note:  your prospects are more inclined to go if you pick them up)…

8-   Always pick as many prospects at one time as possible so everyone can ride together. Orchestrate a Sizzle Session in the car with interesting conversation that focuses on company… but on your prospects goals, dreams and aspirations… It may also be possible for you to use the “multiple sponsoring technique “whereby you suggest that the first person in the car who registers into the business with you can have all the others in  the car under them !… sometimes this works to accelerate the decision-making process using the “fear-of-loss” factor along with the “the early bird gets the worm” strategy.

9-   How do you get all of your prospects launching into endless meaningful conversations?… by learning how to “ask good questions”… go to my website to read a whole article on this important topic… (when with your clients, be sure to shut your mouth and listen for clues)…

10- Learn to: Dress for Success, but do not over-dress for the group you’re with… lead by example, by do not make someone feel out of place just because they didn’t dress professionally…

11- Try not to drink alcohol at your events and absolutely never smoke in front of the group… when is comes to making business decisions: both of these bad habits are usually a sign of weakness, not strength. You wouldn’t trust a CPA, Lawyer, computer technician or boss that over-drinks. You wouldn’t go to a doctor that drinks and smokes, would you? If you have to smoke, be a closet-smoker, and be sure to use a breath mint and wash your hands after each secret smoke. (being an Irish/German from Milwaukee, I learned this lesson the hard way. Don’t let it cost you thousands)…

12- All distractions are equal. Always have everyone in the room turn off their cell-phones… the presentation event should be treated just like being in church, it must be a cell-phone free zone… If you absolutely must have it on… use the vibration-mode only. And it is very disrupting to have someone talking and walking out of the room to talk to some dummy who’s lost because you were to lazy to pick them up.

13- Even with friends… never use bad language, do not talk about Religion, Sex, politics or talk bad about other mlm operations… (why lose thousands from someone who refuses to sponsor under you because you said something stupid after the event)…

14- Always help out the host at the house party or hotel event… this is very important and Politically Correct. If you do, you will be well-liked, always welcomed into high-level leadership groups and thus, trust me, your prospects will pick this fact up by the way other distributors treat you at the event. Your prospect will always prefer to be with a leader, a winner, and people they think are worth sponsoring under… so go the extra mile and take out the garbage, set-up the product table, be a greeter or some other contributing member of the team.

15- Strive to become a presenter/speaker team leader if you can, but it’s not necessary for your success…. But it IS necessary to participate in the presentation part of the event. So, when a speaker asks a question, try to give an answer. Help the speaker by raising your hand, clapping, laughing or nodding where and when appropriate. Once the meeting has started, learn and teach your group NEVER to turn your head around to see who walked into the room. This is your all-important “show time”… do everything you can to make the event stimulating and not bland. And always help the speaker with burnt-out light bulbs, hecklers, power failures or some other unexpected occurrence that would disrupt the success of the event.

16- Use a short company endorsed video tape for part of the meeting if you can… often times this is a great way to professionally and consistently present your opportunity. A prospect attending can readily see themselves duplicating this type of activity.

17- Remember, the most important time you spend with your prospects will be the 15 minutes before and after the event… learn to maximize your efforts during this time by introducing your guests to others in your success group. Do NOT spend the whole time talking to them all by yourself ! Pass your clients from one leader to another person, then another, then another(you are not the issue)…

18- If you want to really earn money in this industry, then learn at least one simple “closing line”… 95% of us do not know how to competently answer an objection, ask a great question or close an interested prospect at the end of the event. Here’s a few to get you started, email me if you want some more: (i.e.  -“can you get excited about”…   -“can you see the value of”….  -“how do you know when you see a good business oppty., what do you look for”…   -“will you be starting full-time, part-time, or just registering for the auto-ship program today…” etc.… )

19- Never be late for an appointment or an event  (online/on the phone or a meeting event)… always be 45-30 minutes early… never blame others… always at least try to donate money to the host for letting you use his/her event… (even if they’re in your upline)…

20- In an effort to promote respect for your companies products/services… learn how to physically “caress” your company products and materials. If you’ve ever seen a Minster, Priest or Rabbi hold a Chalice, then you know what I mean. Show reverence in the way you maneuver ALL your company items. They are the very things that make you your living. Physically demonstrate your respect for your firm, because if you throw your product around, play with your materials and poke fun at your business opportunity, you will greatly diminish your value to your prospect. (heed this warning)…

Also, for all the same reasons just stated above, learn to adopt Ronald Regan’s 11th Commandment… “Never Say Anything Bad About Another Republican”. You must never say anything negative about any of your team mates. The way you treat others will be readily apparent to your prospect. Avoid negativism at all costs… learn to say complimentary things about everyone in your group. Stay away from forming “clicks” within your company ranks. Eventually, it will eat your organization from the inside out.

21- Always demonstrate your products if you can… the oatmeal/enzyme test… the oil-water/ fat-blocker test… the chlorinated water/OTO test… etc… if you have a service, use a fill-in-the-blank form that demonstrates the savings you provide your clients, etc… (you get the idea)

22- Always try to get your prospect to know a bit about the company via a brochure or website visit before they attend an event. It is also wise for your prospect to consume/use samples of your company products, if you can… this will accelerate their rate of understanding and potential commitment. (If I listened to an audio tape on why mlm is great, before I attended a briefing, I just might sign-up that night… if I just witnessed everything for the 1st time, I am less likely to take action…. Sooooo which course of action would you like to take…?)

23- “Pre-qualifying” your prospects… you have to do it, but it’s a cultivated art … Because on one hand, we’re taught not to pre-judge “anyone”… yet on the other hand, you have to be realistic about spending a lot of time, money and effort on an individual who hasn’t got a snowballs chance in getting in your business. Note: You’re looking for: 1- the people who know they’re looking for a business oppty… and, 2- your also looking for the people who DON’T know they’re looking for a business oppty… just stay away from, 3- the ones who are absolutely positively not interested in any business oppty. even if Jesus and Buddha endorsed your wonderful program.

24- Always show your prospect how they can get their products at wholesale… but, the smart distributor shows their prospects how they can, (with a little sweat-equity), get their items for free. Once they understand this principal, move onto the very critical part of the presentation where you explain the amazing dynamic of geometric growth. Lead them from there into an understanding of long-term passive residual income… and you’ll usually have a new distributor in your group! Prove to them that they are never held back from earning as much money as they work for….and that promotions take place automatically. Never let them go home until they DO !

  Copyright 19988 - 2010   David Klaybor / PowerLine Systems  - all rights reserved

25- A- If they do not see an opportunity with you and your companies program… always get them to tell you why they didn’t join with you… this is how you will sharpen your sword and become better and better over time.

B- Again, if they didn’t join with you, but perhaps they had a great time, even if they do not want to participate with you, they may just give you a few REFERALS! But you have to ask for them.  And you’ll only get referrals from them IF they say to themselves: “would I want my name and reputation to be linked with the experience this person just put me through, to one of my friends/acquaintances”?  Soooo, you’ve absolutely got to show every prospect a good time. If you don’t… you’re NEVER going to get referrals, if you DO, then you’re “golden”.

C- Again, if they didn’t join with you: make sure to put them into your email tickle-file and follow up with them one day in the future. Share with them how much you’ve grown since you last met… and maybe you can re-kindle an interest again. You can always pass this “lead” down to someone in your group who did join with you.

26- Do not dilly-dally when the meeting event or online event is over... you are making lasting impressions on your prospect each second that ticks by. Ask you prospects if they see themselves working in some manner with you… neutralize objections, use your upline to help you close prospects. The theme here is… keep moving forward to an ultimate conclusion. Too many people drag the meeting out for hours and hours after it’s ended. This is not a good signal to show your prospects, because you do not want them thinking that they have to give up tons of time to successfully work your program. You have plenty of extra time with your prospects on the ride home. Don’t push any one into making a fast decision. Get them some samples, schedule a follow-up call… keep them in the fun zone. Remember, at the end of the meeting or online event, they’ve got to feel enlightened, exposed and entertained. Let nature take it’s course.

27- If you’re smart, try to invite the speaker or another leader to lunch so you can pick their brain and learn some secrets they know… they’ll usually come if you tell them how great they are and that “you’re buying”. This strategy could make you tons of money and make the journey a whole lot more fun.

28- Always use a check-list for every mission you undertake… as a former Airline Captain let me assure you, if you don’t, you’ll regret it. Have someone in your group make up a check list for all the important missions you have to undertake as a career professional distributor.

29- ALL web-based online meeting events, and all forms of electronic communications, are run very much the same as when you attend a Hotel Meeting…  it is your duty to make sure that your prospect’s all witnesses a professional presentation of the Companies STORYLINE….  Plus, they also need to be seeing/reading/hearing plenty of  Pro-Active/Positive TESTIMONIAL STORIES.  It is YOUR JOB to make sure you expose lots and lots of QUALIFIED PROSPECTS to your Business Opportunity weekly. This is how you grow your sales organization to larger sizes.

30- Be sure to use ALL the Sales Aids and Company Marketing Tools you have at your disposal. There are tons of them… from your eZine, Company Magazine, Brochures, CD’s, DVD’s, Radio Shows, Tapes, Voice Mail, Website preso’s, etc, etc, etc.. do NOT avoid using them. You will gravitate to a handful… but you need to know all of them… so that you can use the RIGHT ONE at the RIGHT TIME with the RIGHT PROSPECT.  Get it… 

- have Dave explain this whole article via one of his FREE Conference Call Training Events… it only takes 15-30 min’s … and it could boost your sales dramatically !   - Schedule him asap before someone else does   ;-)

In Summary: if, during your initial presentation you do a good job giving your prospect a positive introduction to 1-the industry, 2- you and 3- your business oppty. … then you are going to be shocked at how well your group builds without a lot of your constant time and attention. This is because you unknowingly taught your downline the professional correct way to introduce a prospect into the business. Right from the moment they were introduced to you and your opportunity, they were being indoctrinated into the process of duplication. Just like children often times pattern their beliefs/habits/lives after their parents beliefs/habits/lives… If your prospects LIKED what they witnessed from you and personally experienced satisfaction, then they will attempt to duplicate the method you used with them. It is said that: “First impressions are lasting ones”…. and, “You only have one chance to make a good first impression”. Thus, don’t screw up in the beginning, your poor job will haunt you and maybe even be your ultimate demise.  I hope you enjoyed these Presentation tips. I wrote them in an attempt to contribute some ideas to Jan Ruhe who is completing a whole book on this topic that’ll be out soon. You can get one through me, just email me today.

See you next month! – your new friend and surrogate sponsor - Dave    - ( if you liked this article, email us for more )

Captain Dave Klaybor, ATP...  – his goal is to help YOU retire in 3-5 years, earn a free car, free vacation, win bonuses and earn $100k+/yr. F/t – He is Pres. of PowerLine Systems, a 23 year old world-class training and consulting firm who manufactures the finest Business Planning System designed specifically for the NWM industry. He is honored to have been voted at the Top Generic MLM Trainer in 03 on a popular website, his name on the cover of 7 books, he’s been on the cover of many publications, and his tools are sold in the largest NWM catalogs. Dave is a Record-Breaking Veteran Builder, Author/Columnist. To get a free tape on how to make $100k/yr. in NWM…email us:  [email protected]       … Lets do a 3-way training call with your group today !    



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To Buy LEADS... or not to buy Leads.... that is the Question !     - Dave says you can find leads everywhere for nothing...  and that your COMMUNICATION and Closing skills will determine whether you should participate in this activity - cold-calling skills are a MUST to Succeed at this Business Building Strategy... learn how or don't bother   ;-)

Buying Into… “Buying Leads”… is this business strategy for you? 

By Captain Dave

A Client writes:  Mr. Klaybor, I am constantly being asked to join some kind of “Lead-Supplying Program”… (and I have to admit that I would indeed welcome talking to more prospects about my business opportunity). 

The distributor’s who share their “Lead Generation MLM Operation’s” with me paint a very tempting picture… they suggest that for a reasonable price I can talk to qualified prospects who might just be interested in my business opportunity. They further suggest that anything I do with “their company” will not compete with my “primary mlm company activities”. And, I was shown how I could receive all my leads for FREE if I just got a few others in my downline to buy some leads as well.  So I’ve tried bought into a few of these firms with limited success… what are your thoughts?    --- J.N.  Irvine, CA


Great to hear from you.... I welcome inquiries like yours that are addressing relevant topic’s that will help other distributor’s better-build their personal businesses.... 

Now, regarding the “buying of leads”... here are my thoughts.

  Copyright 19988 - 2010   David Klaybor / PowerLine Systems  - all rights reserved

The Quick Story:

1-      Ask yourself… would you buy a lead if that lead was guaranteed to join your business…? Sure you would IF the price was fair. Would you pay $100- $200 - $500 for a new distributor… some of you might?   And if I sold you a new distributor for only $50, most of you would think this price was a pretty good bargain… right?  So how much should you pay for a pile of “potential” new distributor’s ? ( .50 cents/each… $5 each… $25… ? )  Well to start off, you already know 100’s of people that might join your opportunity already… and these leads are FREE. And all those people know 100’s more… so you really have an endless source of average quality leads that you could start sifting through today, right. Well, if you absolutely feel like you don’t want to bother contacting your free warm-market prospects… and you seriously want to buy cold-market leads… then go for it. Most lead generation operations charge $1 to $25 for a lead depending on many factors. (and you should find out these facts before you buy any leads from someone) … i.e. you would want to know how many times the leads you buy are going to be re-sold to others…  you surely would like to know how old the lead is…  find out the method used to procure each group of leads… find out if the prospect is interested in your specific area of business or just “owning a business” in general… or did they just sign-up as a lead in order to win a free car…? All these factors add up to a more qualified lead or maybe a poorer quality lead… and you’ll unknowingly pay the same for either type. ) All of these issues determine the price of a lead.

2-       You absolutely must develop your Business Building Skill-Sets BEFORE you invest in leads: Whether you decide to buy leads or not, it is critical that you 1st learn “How to actually RECRUIT Prospects”. So learn how to use your company sponsoring system and/or use a well-written PROVEN script from a 3rd party expert. (these are found via your upline leadership or your company). Be sure to consult with your veteran upline leader regarding these matters and absolutely use this person(s) on your 3-way prospecting calls to learn how to work your prospect leads with integrity. Do not go it alone… seek guidance in order to properly learn the companies moral “sponsoring presentation” system. But whatever you do… do not try to call on any prospects without knowing what you are doing. You will just be wasting your time and screwing it up for many other distributors in your area who do know what they are doing.

      ( i.e. if I gave you 10 highly qualified leads right now, would you really know how to convert them into 

      working distributors… or might you blow the opportunity and blow a good opportunity…? )

3-      Do not buy into the promoters who suggest that you have to buy leads to succeed: Many of you should buy leads while many of you shouldn’t consider investing in a program that just isn’t fitting into your style of business building. Please understand that as a professional mlm veteran I must explain to you that historically, there is no mlm commandment that says you have to buy leads in order to grow your business. This simply is not the case. Thus, there aren’t too many reasons for most mlmer’s to buy leads… learn how to make and use your own list of friends, neighbors, family, co-workers and 3-foot rule 1st because all these names are FREE silly. And using your companies “List Creating Strategy” that has been the backbone of 98% our the successful long-term income earners the last 5 decades. Technology is a great tool to use to increase your exposure to these same high-touch warm-market contacts… not to use exclusively to build your business in a high-tech , low-touch manner.  Audio/Video tapes, fax machines, 3-way/conference call technologies, email… all these tools are great ways to better contact your warm-market list of people you know throughout your life. Nothing in the world has really changed… over time, technology will simply keep allowing us better ways to contact our warm-market prospects.

4-      But also understand that there is nothing wrong with buying leads either. Many fine Network Marketing Operations promote company-sponsored lead generation programs. This is an excellent source of new prospects for distributors to seriously consider “working”. Other mlm companies use high-tech computer-based auto-responder cold-market building techniques as the primary source of their company growth activities. These are good systems for distributors who love sitting behind a computer for hours and prefer not to go to hotel meetings or talk to prospects on the phone. These operations are popular in the internet circles, but overall the exception to the rule. I was just on the phone with a man who worked for a few years designing a “closed loop” Lead Generation Program whereby 99% of the work was done by the computer. This is where the ineternet software program actually goes out and procures a lead, moves the prospect through the pipeline until they exit or join your mlm program… and then the computer trains the new distributor via the internet as well. The goal was for a high-tech distributor to design a system that places thousands of people in your downline without you doing much real grunt-work. This all sounds terrific and lets be honest… this is a bit too good to be true, isn’t it? To date few have developed a system that works long term… but maybe one day this will be the norm? Yes I admit that there have been a few operations that have done very well for 1-2 years using this kind of thinking… but long term, there has to be some relationship-building interpersonal interaction human- being to human-being in order to hold an organization together. And I admire many of you who like to pound the internet all the time and have deep-seeded belief systems that state that: a person shouldn’t consider working a modern mlm business without a computer filled with high-tech business building programs… Well, God Bless you all for working your business this way. I will support you, just like I will support individuals who think that the “Party Plan”, “Post Card” mailings, or “Hotel Meeting” methods are the best way to build a business. You’re all correct in your thinking because this method may be very successful for “you”. Thank goodness there are a multitude of ways to build your individual business. Just make sure that the one you pick makes you money ! If it doesn’t… then you should re-evaluate your believe systems and make the appropriate corrections before you starve to death in this industry. Just be certain that the system you teach to others is DUPLICATABLE for “them”! Do not attempt to change a home party distributor into a computer marketing person… this usually doesn’t work.

5-      Building your business GLOBALLY is enhanced greatly via internet marketing. But buying leads overseas brings with it many inherent benefits as well as a few unique pitfalls. It can be verrrrry costly in the long run to perpetuate global relationships with your downline unless you really know what your doing. Again, seek out an upline leader who has a successful track-record of building and maintaining a international downline. This is an area where computer systems can be very useful.

6-      Let me re-state a critical success principal: Always work closely with a Successful Veteran:  The one way to guarantee success in any endeavor is to select a mentor and follow their success principals… if they truly produced results for others… they will assist you in producing results for you IF you follow the recipe. So be sure to work closely with a veteran who has a proven track-record in the method you’re interested in using to advance your business.

7-      Always Sample Test, Measure and Analyze before you buy into a long-term lead purchase plan: And for those of you who decide to spend your hard-earned cash on leads… I beg you not to spend much money up-front until you have “sample tested” at least 100 – 250 leads. If you can not convert the names into cash… then either test another batch or try to find out if your skill-sets are preventing you from converting the names into cash-flow.

8-      Use a co-op group to spread out the costs and learn together as a group.  Why not get 3-9-12 people in your downline to all collectively work together on this project instead of just “winging it”. Most people are not successful in converting leads into cash… so why not get the odds in your favor and bring on another set of eye and few more brains to figure out what is working and what isn’t. This will reduce your learning curve and put you into profitability faster.

9-      Understand that our industry survives due to “high-touch” relationship-building business technologies. The colder the contact-base, the weaker the success-ratio will be witnessed long term.  Email lead buying business have done well due to several factors… A- distributors would rather not pitch their friends and family or pester their co-workers about some mlm deal… B- like most normal mortal human beings, distributors would rather not attend meetings, listen to conference calls and do 3-way calls all week long for a year or more…. C- people would rather not interact with negative prospects who will “reject” their business promotions and hurt their feelings… stifle their dreams and step on their ego’s. Most distributors would welcome allowing their computer automation systems do all the “dirty work”. High technology seems to be the answer to curing all of mlm’s weaknesses and offering a person the chance to simply turn on their computer and then quickly deposit all the money that automatically pours out. And this is just not the case for the majority of us. I have witnessed computer guru’s who have put in tens of thousands of distributors into an mlm firm in record time via internet marketing methods… wow… but the large downlines usually have dissolved within 1-2 years because this long-distance cold-relationship stuff can not take into consideration the “emotional-based relationship factor”. Computers are generally cold, low-touch, two-dimensional and hardly passionate and cause-oriented. Getting excited about something usually comes from some kind of human interaction and intervention. So if you want your computer lead generation systems to flourish (and it can) , then do not ever forget to get personally emotionally humanly involved. Call your prospects on the phone along with bombarding them with emails… meet with them if you can as well… send them pictures of you and your pets/ family… talk about relationship building stuff like cars, sports, hobbies etc… along with your computer-based lead business presentation materials.

10-  Always use a Lead Management System… I recommend the PowerLine Business Planner. Over the last decade this tool has proven itself as a vital system in handling: follow-up, contact management, time management, lead management, etc…etc… all the secretarial-things that help convert leads into cash-flow ! You know you’re business world is a mess… You’ll wonder how you ever worked without it.


( note: 95% of all leads sold in our industry today are born online, but there are many other types… i.e. leads gleaned from entrepreneurial shows, magazine adds, card decks, radio programs, tv info-commercials, etc…)

In Summary. There are many distributor’s who're “looking for prospects to talk to”... thus it only makes sense that there has become a great demand for businesses that’ll supply leads to mlm distributors who’re willing to pay for prospects to talk to. Individuals who’re willing to listen to you “pitch” your business opportunity. Thus there always has been and will be a market for leads.

There are some wonderful lead-generation firms offering quality leads… some mlm some not mlm. And sadly there are a few suppliers offering rather worthless leads.  What makes some leads better than others was: how old they are, how they were procured, how many times they’re re-sold, price, replacement policy, etc...

The newer, more internet-based business builders insist that their web-based business building strategies are the future of Network Marketing. They believe they’re high-tech methods are at the forefront of mlm business building strategies for the 21 Century. They suggest that you should be a part of the “New Era” of working your mlm business.

Veteran purest mlm builders will pull you the other way suggesting to you that the old way of doing the business is the better way. They are passionate that over the last 50 years, the mlm industry survived just fine without internet leads… and that only 15% of mlm distributors seriously use the computer today to “build”… even though 40% of the mlm distributorship base owns his/her computers and use email.  In fact a friend of mine, Mark Yarnell suggested in an article earlier this year that while others he knew were busy blasting emails to thousands of leads (that he suggest had produced only marginal results to show for it)… he had gone out and sponsored 8 people via person-to-person methods that same month… and added that he hadn’t sent or read an email to anyone that period.


So the battle lines are drawn… to buy leads or not to buy leads… this is the question.


-          I admire the distributors that have built some huge organizations in record-time using automated lead generation systems… and I firmly believe that every distributor should use a computer to advance their business building activities. But if you plan on investing in “leads”, just be sure to develop the skills required to convert them into cash-flow. Some of you are going to do well if you buy leads, while other are going to struggle.

-           Always remind yourself that the person trying to convince you to buy his/her leads has a monetary incentive to get you to sign-up. And there’s certainly nothing wrong with a business person making a profit. Just try not let the logical rhetoric steer you emotionally into signing-up for a program you really will not work. For example, if I gave you 100 leads a month, do you really think you could handle contacting them all? Maybe if you use an auto-responder… but you will be certainly hard-pressed to call them all in a month… and then when 100 more leads arrive the second month and third month… what do you do with all these new names? See what I mean… Sign up for 25 leads a month 1st and see how if goes, only after you’ve “tested” them. And if all goes well, you can always buy more leads and/or terminate the service of it’s not working out that well for you.

-           The person who’s enticing you to join their mlm lead program may not really know how the leads are gleaned, so there’s a good chance that many might fib a little and tell you almost anything you want to hear to join them… so be verrrrry careful when signing up for these types of “secondary programs”. Note: you can purchase leads from companies that do not offer a business opportunity… these are a good source as well. I would not sign-up for a permanent auto-billing program until I TESTED some of the leads first…and if they test-out, then go crazy making money with them !

-          Report back to me with your results !    - more laterrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


Captain Dave Klaybor is President of PowerLine Systems  a 25 year old world-class training and consulting firm noted for offering the Worlds Finest NWMing Business Planning System. He is honored to have his name on the cover of 7 books, he’s been on the cover of many business publications, while his Cash-Flow Producing Tools are sold in industry catalogs. Dave is a Record-Breaking Veteran Builder, Author/Columnist, and Speaker. DK recently won a Top Award in 2003 for his training programs... DK’s tools are “Celebrity Endorsed” and also won an “Industry Award” for Product Excellence…email DK directly at: [email protected]  or see his website at:    and ask for his free tape on how to make $100k/yr. in NWM… Lets do a 3-way or conference call with your group this week !    

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10 more Secrets you can learn that can explode your business !

10  Things You Can Do RIGHT NOW To EXPLODE Your Network Marketing Business!

Sluggish? Need a boost?       Want to throw gasoline on your MLM fire?

No action = no results.... Some action = some results... Massive Action Equals Massive Results!   

( where do you fit in ? )

Here's a 10-step Massive Action Campaign that will shock your business like taking a dip in a lake in December!

Take 10 pieces of blank paper and tape them on the wall of your office. You are going to make 10 prospecting calls a day for 10 days in a row. You will write down each call each day on one of the sheets of paper. You decide what you're going to do with each prospect? Perhaps you're going to give them a video, audio, website, fax, or a 1 on 1 presentation?

What ever you decide to do, make a plan and stick to it.  Who do you call?......... Anyone who isn't in your downline yet... You MUST have a Master List!    If not... start making one... this is how NWMing builders build their downlines... so it is a MUST DO ITEM.

Then, get 10 of your best downline members on your team to do the exact same thing....... now we're ALL committed to calling 10 prospects a day each for 10 straight days.  - and yes this means over the weekends and even during the holidays ! Heck, this is when you're bumping into the most people anyway - right.


Be available to do 3-way calls with their hotest prospects. ( note: I AM READY, WILLING AND AVAILABLE TO ASSIST YOU )


Imagine of you did this... YOU and your team will make 1,100 prospect calls in a week and a half!   THIS IS POWERFUL...

Call or email at least 10 members of your upline and tell them what your team is doing. You are looking for upline leadership to be available for 3-way calls and/or conference calls for your team's most excited prospects.

Promote the NEXT EVENT to every prospect that you and your team call. ( IF there isn't a local in person event in your area, YOU HOST one ! Or, get me out there to assist you and your team...)  Or simply use CONFERENCE CALL TECHNOLOGY and we're all together conveniently on the phone for 1/2 hour. It could be a big training conference call with your upline, a special hotel event, or an in-home training at your place? If there is no "next event", remember, YOU MUST CREATE ONE! Tell 1100 people about it in the next 10 days with your team's help. Invite all 1,100 people to be there!


You and your entire team mail "Thank You!" notes to every single prospect you talk to during the blitz. Brainstorm how to write these. Make them curiosity pieces. For example," Dear Joe, great speaking with you last week. Did I mention my amazing new website? Check it out at 


 It's like planting 1100 seeds. Which ones will grow into trees that bear fruit? Only time will tell.


After the blitz is over, do a group conference call with your 10 warriors. Go through each person's list to see who has prospects still in the "pipeline" as a MAYBE. Plan aggressive follow-ups with the MAYBE's in the form of 3- ways calls, upline 3-ways, and get them more information to become either a YES or a LATER.


Make a list of every new distributor who joined your team during the blitz. Send them a personal "Welcome-To-The- Team" letter and introduce yourself and promote the next special event to them.


Call each person in your downline who sponsored someone during the blitz. Congratulate them for a job well done, and make sure their new distributor gets started properly with a solid Getting Started Training.


Write up a short 100-word article about what your team did and talk about the most positive aspects of the results. Send a copy to your 10 upline leaders, and a copy to your parent MLM company. See if their Publications Department will do a write-up of your team for the next company magazine!


Do it the entire blitz again with a new group of 10 people in about 60 days.... Get your downline leaders to do a blitz the exact same way at the exact same time. You will have thousands of prospects contacted and massive growth in your business!  You can do this! Block out all distractions for just 2 weeks and take Massive Action. This blitz may attract the leader that earns you a residual income for the rest of your life.       Short term pain for long term gain....   Until next time,        [email protected]


Start finding the Builders in your Group and get them going !  

..... someone is going to do VERY well next year... could it be "you"... or maybe someone in your downline ?     :-)

See you next month! – your new friend and surrogate sponsor - Dave


!      - ( if you liked this article, email us for more – or get DK live on your Conf Calls ! )

Captain Dave Klaybor, ATP...  – his goal is to help YOU retire in 3-5 years, earn a free car, free vacation, win bonuses and earn $100k+/yr. F/t – He is Pres. of   a 23 year old world-class training and consulting firm who manufactures the finest Business Planning System designed specifically for the NWM industry. He is honored to have been voted at the Top Generic MLM Trainer in 03 on a popular website, his name on the cover of 7 books, he’s been on the cover of many publications, and his tools are sold in the largest NWM catalogs. Dave is a Record-Breaking Veteran Builder, Author/Columnist. To get a free tape on how to make $100k/yr. in NWM…email us: [email protected]       … Lets do a 3-way training call with your group today !    


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CHANGING YOUR NAME could make you RICH:   - it might be an improvement to your career...  could positively change your image... may just positively change your attitude...  may adjust the public's perspective of who YOU are...  might make you a lot COOLER than you are...   could make you more popular and open some doors ?!

Changing Your Name Can Make You RICH !

…Using Your Name to create more Profits’ ?

By Captain David Louis Klaybor, ATP

[email protected]


If you had the opportunity to change your name…  what would you call yourself?


Interesting concept. Have you ever considered changing your name in an effort to build your Career or Home-Based Business faster?  Bob Dylan’s original name was Robert Zimmerman… the “duke”, John Wayne, was born Marion Morison. Why did they change their name… for business reasons.


 To some of you, this may seem absolutely impossible or way too silly for you to ever consider doing… while others of you might seriously consider legally changing your name as a unique strategy to gain the upper-hand on your competition. But consider this idea for a moment… isn’t it very easy for YOU to actually sort-of pick yourself a NEW NAME via your email address? You could even create an additional business name via your creating your own website name as well. ( i.e. you all email me at: [email protected] ) Since I’m a former Wellness Guru/advocate/promoter…   and Capt Dave comes from me having been a former Airline Captain …  and my company name is “PowerLine Systems”… is all about building a POWERFUL DownLine Sales organization (so instead of Downline – I picked Powerline… get it – I practice what I preach herein …….… my name’s are an average example of what I did even before I realized the significance or importance of my web name. Captain Dave is my “handle”… what is your cyberspace nick name? As you read this article, write down a few ideas that might best tell others more about you via your NEW name(s).


 As a reporter, columnist and “Libra”… it is my job to observe and report interesting information to you loyal readers in an effort to make you aware of potential money making tips. Even if they seem a bit unusual at first.

   Copyright 19988 - 2010   David Klaybor / PowerLine Systems  - all rights reserved

Marilyn Monroe was born Norma Jean Baker in Los Angeles, California, on June 1, 1926. She dyed her hair a brighter blonde and changed her name to Monroe, her grandmother's maiden name. These enhancements where most likely suggested to her via her manager/agent in an effort to boost her salability to the public. If you had an agent, what name might they suggest fore you? 


Similarly, most in our society would never ever consider “plastic surgery” as a possibility to increase your opportunities in “romance” or “business” endeavors. Yet tens of thousands indeed do go under-the-knife in an effort to look better, increasing their odds for love, or obtain a better business advantage over others! Both of these very personal modification issues are similar in their motives. (Although the surgery is more painful than a name change…), but both are serious methods to get better-noticed and make an impression on the outside word. In fact, it is interesting to note that many people, like movie stars and musician’s, might use both strategies… changing their name AND doing cosmetic surgery. (i.e.  “Sher”… “Charrow”… Tony Curtis… Monica… etc…etc…)

-         Mae West (who’s maiden name was Mary Jane West Date)…

-         Sting’s original name was Gordon Mathew Sumner    - you get the idea-


At one time or another in our lives, many of us secretly may have thought about living our lives with a different name. Heck, most of us where given nick-names by others… while some of us gave ourselves a nick-name we wanted others to call us.


Well, if you’re not committed to changing your legal name via the court system to a name that might better suite you in business…  how about a SIMPLE, CHEAP, EFFECTIVE, yet VERY POWERFUL way to change your name/identity/status/image… It’s easier than you think.

Here are 5 ways to get it done FAST. 

1-    Get a Business Name you can use as your dba…  (Wholesale Vitamin Distributors of Omaha… Telecommunications Consultants, Inc.… Home Based Business Foundation Six-Figure Income, LTD… Retirement Specialists  )

2-    give yourself a powerful title…  (founder, CEO, President, Manager, Expert, )

3-    then secure a great website name… ( )

4-    as well as a real cool email name…  ( [email protected] )

5-    and finally, some of you might also be interested in changing your real legal name as well!  (David Rockefeller, Jr… David Powers… David Wellman… Captain Nutrition )


1-    Coming up with a GREAT Business name is essential. Be specific and try not to be too cute. Dave’s Economical Lawn Care Service means a whole different status than: Dr. Dave III’s Luxury Landscaping World.  You absolutely MUST USE AN IDEA-SHEET / WORKSHEET and write down pages of names that could be used to describe your business. Include a dictionary, computer search engine, etc. to assist you in coming up with tons of ideas… Then, use your creative juices to stretch your limits. Also include a page full of adjectives and adverbs to add in various combinations to your other word-pool.

2-    Come up with a great title for yourself… CEO, President, Founder, etc.

3-    Get a great .COM name if you can… but understand that if you CAN NOT find a superior “.COM” web-name, there are many other extensions to consider… i.e. .WS, .NET, .ORG, .BIZ, .TV, .CA etc… this is a VERY IMPORTANT STEP. Do not take this lightly or screw it up. A great web-name can really help build your business. It may cost you as little as $15 a year to secure your name… and $50 - $175 a year to host your site. Shop around !

4-    Once you have a great web-name extension, then you’re ready to select a super email name as well. Not only can you have standard names like: [email protected], you could also have [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], etc…

5-    This is the most serious step, certainly not necessary for your business success, but we all know thousands of movie stars, TV actors, musicians and various other public characters that have indeed changed there legal names and most have benefited greatly from this business maneuver.


I have another publication that deals with 1-4. But this article will address the latter issue. So lets have some fun here…  if you had the opportunity to change your name, what  new name might you call yourself ?  (…it could be a fun nick-name or a new professional business name…)


We already know that many people take the liberty to augment to SPELLING of their given name. For example: Cindy could be spelled… Sindi, Cyndi, Cindie, Syndy, Cynthia, Sin, Cin, Cyn… you know what I am talking about. This is a simple take on my message herein.


Some people Ignore their first given name and elect to be recognized by their middle name. Like: J. Edgar Hoover… J.P. Morgan…


Some people use their middle initial as part of their name… i.e.


While others use ALL of their initials…  i.e. J.F.K. International Airport….  E.T., R2 D2, 3CPO,  J.R. the bad boy on Dallas,

-         The G.T.O’s as well as T.L.C. are both great names of two, very cool,  3-girl pop rock bands…

-         E.L.O. (the Electric Light Orchestra) and B.T.O was the great Bockman Turner Overdrive rock band…

-         everyone knows AOL, MSN, GNC, I.B.M, GTE, ATT, NASA, GM, etc…

   Copyright 19988 - 2010   David Klaybor / PowerLine Systems  - all rights reserved

You could use “One Name” names like: Oprah, J-lo, Shaq, Madonna, Cher, Jewel, Galligar,  Roseanne, Tiffany, the Duke, Arnold, Elmo, Pink, Sting, Rosie, Mimi, Buddha, Gandhi, Jesus…. Maybe there’s a one-name name you could go by that would make you better remembered in business?

-         even one name groups came into play like The Beatles…

-         Charlie, from the Charlies Angels, never had any other name…

-         “Mac” for the Macintosh computer company…

-         wasn’t it sweet for the late Dave Thomas to name his burger franchise after his daughter Wendy…


Or maybe a “Two Name” name like: Big Al, who was actually Tom Schreiter, the great MLM author and trainer… there’s Alice Cooper, who was born David Vincent Damon Furnier… Elton John… I go by Dr. MLM in some of my Seminar Workshops. Others include: Dr. J., Magic Johnson, Ice T, 

- Super-Hero’s like: Batman… Cat Woman… Wonder Woman… Superman… Spiderman

- wouldn’t you agree that “Howlin’ Wolf” was a great name for a blues singer

- great names for kids include: Captain Kangaroo… Mr. Greenjeans… Mr. Noodle… Mr. Rogers… Pee Wee Herman…

-         as you can see, the use of prefixes works well here.

-         Darth Vader… Luke Skywalker… were great sci-fi names

-         Even “places” get in on this game:  The Big Apple… The Windy City… The City by the Bay… Motor City… God’s Country… City of Love… …

-         everyone knows where “Cheese-heads” come from…


This NAME GAME has been going on since we learn to communicate. Maybe it’s time you started “playing” with us. So if you really wanted to play this “Name Game” with me, we have many potential choices to deal with…

-         A first name or initial to play with…

-         Potentially a middle name or initial to play with…

-         A last name to deal with…

-         nick-names you already have or want to have…

-         appendix’s or appendages can be used to augment a name like: Doctor Love, III… Mr. Goodman, Home-based business counselor… , etc…


We could then conceptually attach/link them all together to create a  “word-symphony”  or word-blend to create your new business name… a brand new melodic string of well chosen words to re-identify ourselves as a new person!

   Copyright 19988 - 2010   David Klaybor / PowerLine Systems  - all rights reserved

For example:  if you wanted to become more powerful in the eye’s of your business associates, co-workers and friends… you might want to use these words in your new name… Rock Hudson, Prince, Danielle Steel, Austin Powers, Mary Duke, Debbie King, Susan Gold,   …you get the idea.


Maybe you wanted to show people how nice you are by using a name like:  Dennis Goodman, Mike Heartman, Sam Goody, Mary Loving, David GoodHeart… you get the idea.

- there’s a singer called “Vitamin C”… don’t you get the impression that her music is kinda good for you?


First names: (Your Christian or given name)… Unless you use a title in front of your first name, this will be the first sound people make when they call you. And you only get one change to make a first impression, so choose wisely.

You could use a unique strong name like: Duke, Lance, Tonka, Simba, Tarzan… Xena


Last names: (Your Sir name)… unless you add something on to the end of your name, this is the anchor or last sound named when people are trying to get your attention. So choose wisely.

Gentle Spiritual names like: Skylark.. Meadow Blossom… Evening Halo… Morning Star… Soaring Eagle…  Angle Heart…

Powerful names like: Power’s… Steel… Warlord… Lion Heart… Tonka… Destroyer…


Note: Girls have the privilege of using two last names if they like! I.e. Hillary Roddam Clinton…


Middle names: you could use this name to connect your first and last names in an effort to better-define of future expand on your name concept. Sometimes just an initial will do… Arthur C. Clark, W.C. Fields,


Title or Appendix: this includes all riders or attachments that say a bit more about you…Miss, Madam, King, Queen, PhD, Saint, Junior, Senior, the III (3rd), Doctor, Sir, Earl, Duke, War Lord, Captain, etc… now most of you are saying… this is pushing things a bit too far… so maybe I am. But, there are many ways to accomplish something if you realllllllly want to. For example, you could buy a small, out-of-the-way, inexpensive island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and own your own country. You could then, in effect, call yourself a King! A bit unconventional, obscure, remote and doubtful… but far from impossible. People are doing this all the time. Someone just

The Virgin Mary… Saint Paul… Pope Paul III…


… or you could choose the first name you had always wanted people to call you and then pick a last name that supports your hobby or tells us more about who you are emotionally.


Funny names like: Ima Farmer, (she’s outstanding in her field)… Ilene Dover, (wrote a book called “Falling off a cliff” by: )… Justin Law, is an attorney… Seymore Butts, manages a Las Vegas Evening Show…,  etc…

The English inventor Sir Thomas Crapper designed the toilet … now how weird is this?

The more ethnic your origins, the more leeway you can have in this category. Maybe there’s an entertaining combination of words that could better describe YOU and your lifestyle or career orientation?


Nick-name’s: if you wanted to, you could give yourself a nick name and tell everybody to call this from now on. Names like: Stinky, Buddy, Pal, Peaches, , Zit, Bab’s, Rusty, Chubby, Carrot Top, Bean pole, Skinny, Stretch, Shorty, Flat Top, Newt, Lance, Elf, Big Bopper,


Endearments: Little Girl, Sweet Heart, Sweetie, Darl’n, Honey Pie, Love Bug, Teddy Bear, Puppy Nose, Babe, Baby, Lover, etc…

   Copyright 19988 - 2010   David Klaybor / PowerLine Systems  - all rights reserved

You never know what you’ll come up with. You can marry or combine any moral words together. Maybe you could simply choose some of your favorite: people, places, and things to describe yourself as a first, middle or last name… in any order?!  Florence Paris… Marina Venice… Brittany Bluewater… anyway… use the worksheet below to come up with some names that identify YOU and your lifestyle… and then start putting them together in various forms until you come up with something you just love!


List some of your favorite People: _____________________________________________

List some of your favorite Places: ______________________________________________

List some of your favorite Things: _____________________________________________

List some of your favorite Hobbies:_____________________________________________

List some of your favorite Spiritual: ____________________________________________

List some of your favorite Cars: _______________________________________________

List some of your favorite Hero’s:______________________________________________

List some of your favorite Word’s you like to use: _________________________________

List all the things about your business ___________________________________________

List all the things about your career _____________________________________________

List everything about your marketing ___________________________________________

List all adjective and adverbs __________________________________________________


Johnny Cash wrote, The boy named “Sue”… there’s a part in the song where the dad says to his angry son: “… so you ought to thank me for the gravel in your guts and the spit in your eye, because I’m the man who named you Sue”.
Here’s the words to the whole song if you’re interested:


My daddy left home when I was three
And he didn't leave much to Ma and me
Just this old guitar and an empty bottle of booze.
Now, I don't blame him cause he run and hid
But the meanest thing that he ever did
Was before he left, he went and named me 'Sue.'

Well, he must o' thought that is was quite a joke
And it got a lot of laughs from a' lots of folk,
It seems I had to fight my whole life through.
Some gal would giggle and I'd get red
And some guy'd laugh and I'd bust his head,
I tell ya, life ain't easy for a boy named 'Sue.'

Well, I grew up quick and I grew up mean,
My fist got hard and my wits got keen,
I'd roam from town to town to hide my shame.
But I made me a vow to the moon and stars
That I'd search the honky-tonks and bars
And kill that man that give me that awful name.

Well, it was Gatlinburg in mid-July
And I just hit town and my throat was dry,
I thought I'd stop and have myself a brew.
At an old saloon on a street of mud,
There at a table, dealing stud,
Sat the dirty, mangy dog that named me 'Sue.'

Well, I knew that snake was my own sweet dad


From a worn-out picture that my mother'd had,

And I knew that scar on his cheek and his evil eye.
He was big and bent and gray and old,
And I looked at him and my blood ran cold
And I said: "My name is 'Sue!' how do you do! Now you gonna die!"

Well, I hit him hard right between the eyes
And he went down but, to my surprise,
He come up with a knife and cut off a piece of my ear.
But I busted a chair right across his teeth
And we crashed through the wall and into the street
Kicking and a' gouging in the mud and the blood and the beer.

I tell ya, I've fought tougher men
But I really can't remember when,
He kicked like a mule and he bit like a crocodile.
I heard him laugh and then I heard him cuss,
He went for his gun and I pulled mine first,
He stood there lookin' at me and I saw him smile.

And he said: "Son, this world is rough
And if a man's gonna make it, he's gotta be tough
And I know I wouldn't be there to help ya along.
So I give ya that name and I said good-bye
I knew you'd have to get tough or die
And it's that name that helped to make you strong."

He said: 'Now you just fought one hell of a fight
And I know you hate me, and you got the right
To kill me now, and I wouldn't blame you if you do.
But ya ought to thank me, before I die,
For the gravel in ya guts and the spit in ya eye
Cause I'm the son-of-a-bitch that named you 'Sue'.'

I got all choked up and I threw down my gun
And I called him my pa, and he called me his son,
And I come away with a different point of view.
And I think about him, now and then,
Every time I try and every time I win,
And if I ever have a son, I think I'm gonna name him
Bill or George! Anything but SUE! I still hate that name!

   Copyright 19988 - 2010   David Klaybor / PowerLine Systems  - all rights reserved

A friend of mine was born Kimberly Jones… and no, this was not a girl, but a guy. So, as you can imagine, he insisted that everyone call him Ken. He had a hard time during grade school, high school and college… but his first name could have made him weak, defensive and a weenie, but it made him strong. Today he’s a successful businessman and even owns three corporate airplanes… one is a jet.


---There are some restrictions on what you may choose as your new name. Generally, the limits are as follows:

You cannot choose a name with fraudulent intent--meaning you intend to do something illegal. For example, you cannot legally change your name to avoid paying debts, keep from getting sued or get away with a crime.

You cannot interfere with the rights of others, which generally means capitalizing on the name of a famous person.

You cannot use a name that would be intentionally confusing. This might be a number or punctuation--for example, "10," "III," or "?."

You cannot choose a name that is a racial slur.

You cannot choose a name that could be considered a "fighting word," which includes threatening or obscene words, or words likely to incite violence.
The Minnesota Supreme Court once ruled that a man who wanted to change his name to the number "1069" could not legally do so, but suggested that "Ten Sixty-Nine" might be acceptable (Application of Dengler , 287 NW2d 637 (1979)).

Regardless of why you change your name, you will need to notify the appropriate
agencies and take other steps to make the name change legally meaningful. This also applies to Women who change their name as the result of marriage.

          ----------------------------------------- ---------------------------------
note: Check the LEGAL Information About Changing Your Name in your State… so you don’t screw up your life….  This article was mostly for “fun” and to get you thinking outside the box… that’s what writers do sometimes   ;-)   - but, this was a cool message – right ?!

So, what are you waiting for? You might make Millions in extra income from getting all your business names in order. So use all these ideas to stimulate you into getting your worksheet / idea sheet out and start writing down possible names for your:

1-    Business  - DBA -

2-    Title

3-    Website

4-    Email address

5-    ------  what will I be calling you in a few months….?

See you next month! – your new friend and surrogate sponsor - Dave


David Klaybor is President of PowerLine Systems a world-class training and consulting firm who also manufactures the finest Business Planning System designed specifically for the NWM industry. To ask questions, schedule a seminar or get a free tape on how to make $100k/yr. In NWM…  read his BIO on this site… you will be amazed !

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DOES MLM REALLY WORK ? !       ( this article is LONG... but very good - once you start reading it, you won't be able to stop   ;-)  

Does MLM really work… or is it just a silly game? ( an updated Report )

By Captain Dave Klaybor – Author, Columnist, Marketing Research    [email protected]


Please note: mlm distributors are welcome to photocopy and pass this article down to your group in an effort to inexpensively share the mlm career concept with your friends, neighbors, co-workers and family. Let your prospects use this 3rd party research paper to decide if the Network Marketing Industry might be the right career path for them to consider.



If you’re not an entrepreneur, business owner, or part of the free enterprise 
industry, you’re working for someone who is!


And, if you are working for someone else… you are selling yourself at wholesale while your employer is re-selling your services at retail. Which type of person do you think makes the most money and which individual would you rather be ?


Well, when we ask the public to reflect on what they think about the Home Based Business world… most folks want to FIRE THEIR BOSS… Quit their job and become the owner of their own exciting business. And most of these new business owners expect to earn a six-figure a year income. Am I right… and is this you?


So, you already know that “Franchises” are too expensive for 99% of all the people who wish to own their own businesses… Starting your own business from scratch seems way too stressful and complicated for most people… while most folks are a bit frightened of Network Marketing.


If I asked a non-mlmer to describe what Multi-level Marketing is all about… most people will tell me that they know what mlm is all about… yet when they try to explain it to me… they are way off base. They truly do not have a clue what mlm is all about. Most folks still have the mistaken opinion that mlm is a pyramid or Amway type scheme. They come up with many negative ways of telling me why it’s not cool or right for them.

People INNCORRECTLY suggest that Network Marketing is: Selling (which it isn’t). People mistakenly tell me that mlm revolves around the practice of Hustling or hyping friends to buying stuff or some get-rich-quick Pyramid Scheme.

And, yes it is true that a handful of idiots carry out this type of garbage in our industry…

Is this negative perception of our type of “business”, the kind of business that YOU would like to perform personally… I think not.

How do you think most of your friends would feel about working the mlm business… most would say NO if they think negatively as well.


MLM at its core isn’t anything negative at all. MLM is the only home based business CAREER PLAN on the planet (in the history of the world) where a normal average human being can earn the same income as a doctor, lawyer or airline Captain. 99% of all mlm distributors work our home based businesses with integrity, candor, truthfulness, sincerity and share incredible products that have the potential of earning us VULGAR amounts of honest income. We have the ability to drive free cars, earn free vacations... and many of us retire in 3-5-7-10 years!

   Copyright 19988 - 2010   David Klaybor / PowerLine Systems  - all rights reserved

So all of us mlmers have a huge PERCEPTION PROBLEM to overcome with our prospects. The public INACURATELY holds in their minds a large MISINTERPRETATION of what we do.


For example: comedians tell silly jokes about Amway, while the operation moves over $8 Billion in product sales, via millions of distributors in 60 countries. The firm is a mega-successful global operation that is about a half-century old. Many of the Amway distributors are Doctors, Lawyers, Politicians and lots of other upstanding public citizens. So what is this company so huge and why do 3+ million loyal distributors work the program? Perhaps you need to look into this matter and research the industry a bit more before you say that mlm isn’t for you.


Another example is: The public thinks that Network Marketing involves selling stuff… yet this is not true. How many of us mlm folks actually sell anything? A tiny minority. What we ALL do is SHARE or RECCOMMEND unique products and services (normally not offered in stores) to friends and family. Isn’t this exactly what you do when you share a good movie/restaurant or recommends any product purchase to another friend. Of course it is. We just get paid for recommending our items.

And earning a commission from your advice might offend some of you… but with the sky-rocketing cost of homes, gas, insurance, medical bills, education, taxes and everything else we buy… all of us could use a few extra bucks on the side to help us maintain our quality of life.

Why not get paid for the commerce you were directly responsible for generating? We’re all telling people everyday about the positive experiences we had with some real estate agent, some car dealership that gave good service, some worthwhile cruise we went on… or hair dresser we use. We even un-promote poor services we receive from a phone service, bank, mechanic or restaurant. Most of our recommendations could be classified as “transfer buy” situations whereby… instead of a person buying some particular product from the mall, an Amway distributor simply recommends to others that they might consider buying a similar products from the Amway catalog.

This is really simple… it is not a big deal at all. You didn’t have to actually inventory or sell anything. All you had to do was maybe: send a friend to your website, give someone an audio/vhs tape, give someone a CDrom, hand them a brochure, or tell someone about a conference call they could listen to from the comfort of their home.

Most of the “over-40” buying public relates mlm to “direct selling”. And these two methods of marketing are VERY DIFFERENT. If some mlm person tells you that you’re going to make a LOT of money via joining their vitamin mlm company… most people are going to directly assume that they are going to have to SELL TONS of product in order to make all that “big money” – right? And this couldn’t be further from the truth in mlm. Amway has millions of distributors who CONSUME Amway products. They do not have millions of sales people. MLM is a lot of normal people (just like you and me) all consuming, and indirectly, marketing a little bit of product. Direct selling companies survive using a much smaller number of “sales-type people”, who have “quota’s”, and are more hard-core about selling stuff. This is NOT what mlm is all about. A Million dollars in sales in D.S. = 100 people selling $10,000 worth of products… whereas, mlm = 10,000 people consuming/marketing $100 of product. Get it… huge difference. You can do mlm. You don’t have to be a salesperson.


Well, After 17 years of personal experience and practical research… my fellow mlm veterans, along with many of the finest independent authorities, all have discovered that the Network Marketing Career Path really does work for most people. 


And this is no exaggerated sales pitch. We know it’s the truth because tens of thousands of the mlm’re who have mastered the craft are indeed “living the lifestyles” we were promised many years ago when we were prospects /novices /beginners just like you. 50 years if historical data can’t be wrong.


So why is this important for YOU to know?

Because I’ll bet most of you would like to:

-         Stop the stressful bumper-to-bumper, lung-polluting commuting you go through for hours each day to your job. This benefit could reduce your travel-related expenses… and with gas going to $3/gal… this adds up.

-         A home-based business will free-up more time for you to spend with your children, spouse and your hobbies… Having MORE TIME is a huge benefit.

-         perhaps you’re interested in paying $5k to $10k less in taxes this year… The tax laws have 2 main goals… one is to cause, promote and raise taxes to run the country… while the other side of the tax laws are designed to actually reduce the tax burden on business owners. You deside… you can keep on paying more and more taxes as an “employee”. Or you can participate in the legal tax reduction programs offered to independent business owners like mlm distributors. Do NOT overlook this point. What would you do with an extra $5k to $10k per year?

-         I know you’d like to get a promotion, make more money, drive a free company car, go on free company vacations, and discover ways to earn “royalty income”, ( the moral path to early retirement )… and I right so far.

   Copyright 19988 - 2010   David Klaybor / PowerLine Systems  - all rights reserved

Isn’t it interesting to reflect upon the fact that: just two weeks before an mlmer ever signed-up for their 1st business opportunity… had someone told any of these folks that they were going to be joining some kind of company like Herbalife, Shaklee, Avon, Mary-Kay-type marketing company. Most of us would have told you that you were crazy, out of you mind!  I wasn’t ever going to be one of those Amway-type people.


Most entrepreneurs that get involved in the Network Marketing Industry, never thought that one day we’d be an mlm distributor. None of us ever set-out to market diet systems, water filters, vitamin supplements, telecommunications, cosmetics, jewelry or legal services. Few of us ever knew what mlm was all about… and if we did, just like most folks, we didn’t have a positive opinion of the industry. And we certainly didn’t ever consider mlm as a viable real CAREER.

Heck, I was a former Airline Pilot… now that was a career worthy of sharing with the public, not mlm. But I discovered that pilots are the first to be fired in a recession and that aviators never stayed in one flight officer position for to long. There was always a bigger, faster more complicated plane to fly somewhere as we built-up more flight time moving our way up the ladder towards the coveted “airline job”. But my dreams where dashed the day I was let-go by United after years of climbing thru the system. Here I was in life, a man with an Airline Captain’s title… but no work. The industry went “flat” for years. I had to find another career… what was I to do? I didn’t even consider Network Marketing as a remote possibility. Little did I know what the future might bring. And the same thing could happen to YOU, know matter how skeptical you might be about mlm today.


Innocently and quite by chance… one day, an mlm distributor found each one of us and shared the BRILLIANCE behind the mlm concept… a tale about a new career opportunity that for most of us, “blew our minds”.

Most of us didn’t sleep for days once we discovered the absolutely OUTSTANDING BENEFITS offered to people brave enough to get involved in an industry our mothers naively told us to stay away from. We all uncovered a career that offered us “average people” the real opportunity to complete financially/socially with doctors, lawyers and corporate executives.

We all uncovered a rags to riches new reality filled with hope. Once you figure out that the mlm industry is your friend… your goals/dreams (that are most likely forgotten, stifled, crushed), will be re-awakened and re-ignited. Your passion for life will blossom. And this is not a lot of hype… this is truly what happened to all of us who courageously believed in the mlm dream. This is why we’re all so darned excited. Why do you think all those Mary Kay girls are standing on their chairs and shouting at the top of their lungs. Why do you think over the past 50+ years, there has been a “home party” or hotel meeting going on in virtually every city on the planet each week promoting one of the 2,000 different mlm opportunities? Because then industry is booming… the mlm world is quietly making millionaires out of average people annually.

Sure tons of people fail at mlm… but a majority of people fail at every aspect of life. MLM is not a guaranteed success formula… and this is not my claim herein. MLM is simply a super career opportunity whereby a normal person has a real chance to increase the quality of your life. You don’t need to be a genius.. you don’t need a lot of up-front cash to invest.., you don’t need to be a Tony Robbin’s type person… you don’t have to be from a good family or look like a model. You can be fat or thin… quiet/shy or outgoing… brown/white… old/young… mlm gives all people a global opportunity to dramatically enhance you life.

Network Marketing is misunderstood. Don’t make the mistake of not giving mlm a look or maybe even a try. The odds at succeeding at mlm are a billion times better than the lottery!


If you’re reading this article and you think that you’re a bit suspicious, skeptical, pessimistic, cynical, distrustful about the mlm industry… join the club. Most of the 10-15 million mlm distributors worldwide that are already “in”, ALL felt the same way you are feeling!

…Including me!

Heck, I bought $25,000 worth of water filters my 1st day in the industry back in ’88! Perhaps you’d like to know why I feel that joining the mlm industry was the best decision I ever made in my life? Those of you who know me, clearly understand that I have not had to work very hard the last 10 years because of the residual income that keeps showing up, year after year. I’ve been living the in Mountains about a decade now and semi-retired. Oh, I do plenty of Business “stuff”…  but I haven’t’ set the alarm-clock in a long time… I wake-up after I am done sleeping… I golf when I want to and have a pretty darn good life.  I am BLESS – thank you Lord   ;-)


Once you learn how mlm works, and then MASTER the craft… your personal and financial life keeps getting better and better. The stress and pressure in your world will decrease significantly as your money-problems drift away. Work-related woes virtually disappear. Hobbies become a reality. You can truly spend lots more time at the gym. And, when someone asks you to go golfing, hiking, boating, cycling or traveling somewhere cool… you can say “sure”… because you OWN YOUR OWN LIFE!


 I am blessed to be a part of the mlm industry. Many years ago, I was able to move up into the mountains of southern California (above LA) where there are no stop-lights in town (because there’s no traffic up here to speak of), thus we mountain folks don’t get stressed-out due to traffic jams all you flat-lander’s embrace daily. Bears truly walk down the quiet peaceful lane I live on… eagles sail on the clean clear air I breathe… fish play in clean Lake Arrowhead water I drink (and you buy in the store for $2/gal.). I am so lucky to be able to get up when I am finished sleeping… and play racquet sports 4-5 times a week. My mountain bike really gets used. I store my golf clubs in my truck just in case someone invites me play a round at short notice. And if you asked me to come to your city to put on a seminar workshop and go sailing, I can.

   Copyright 19988 - 2010   David Klaybor / PowerLine Systems  - all rights reserved

Remember, few mlmer’s were “looking” for an mlm opportunity... heck, none of us knew what it was until IT FOUND US! And 98% of us were very SKEPTICAL about joining. None of us wanted to take out our check books and sign a distributor application. Few among us wanted to “market anything”. Rarely do you run across someone who was excited about talking to friends, neighbors, co-workers and family members about some “business deal”… especially an mlm opportunity.


Yet all of us signed-up with some mlm distributor… all of us spent our hard-earned cash to participate in building our own home-based business… all of us learned how to “share the mlm concept” with others… and most of us made enough money to stay in the industry for years. Few among us who become exposed to the mlm industry, ever get the “mlm bug” out of our blood! Why? Because we now know it works. One day we just FIGURED IT OUT.

If all our prospects could know what we know, and have seen what we have witnessed, and experienced what we’ve experienced… they’d all sign-up with us in a minute! We were ALL exposed to rags to riches stories. We all got to personally witness average, normal, mortal people (just like us) acquire “nice things”, while living a quality life, while earning a good living. Most of us became friends with people who got to drive free cars, go on free vacations, and some of our buddies even bought new dream houses.


But the price of benefiting from all these things is… we have to call ourselves an mlm distributor. We have to admit proudly to the world that mlm is our career.


The Network Marketing Concept is going to be 70 years old soon… The industry could not have survived if the underlying fundamental business principals where a sham. If the mlm career concept was weak, ineffective, and was an unstable business model… it would have been revealed long ago and over time would have died… kind of a Darwinian thing.

While clearly:

- more and more people have joined the industry decade after decade…

- more and more respected big business entities have joined the ranks of participants…

- more and more launches are introduced…

- more and more innovative products continue to immerge…

- more and more magazine reporters write pro-active articles…

- more and more celebrities feel comfortable enough to lend their reputations in backing companies participating in the industry…

- more and more States Attorney’s General’s and other governmental agencies are working constructively “with mlm operations” rather than “hassling them”… while legal litigation has continually proven positive outcomes “for” the industry…

- more and more Political Power is gained each and every decade…

- fewer and fewer folks are anti-mlm…

- more and more people are succeeding in their home-based mlm business…

- and… industry gross sales keep soaring.


All of this good news would not be possible unless the industry was indeed: viable… worthwhile… and delivered on a majority of it’s promises to most people who get involved.


We all know someone who failed to reach their goals at building a successful mlm business… heck, there are 19-29 million human-beings participating globally at giving mlm a whirl! Many are not going to do what it takes to MASTER THE CRAFT. And, just like all other industry’s/concepts…

Either an mlmer never was trained properly…

or they failed to implement a proven dulpicateable success system…

or they were to apathetic or non-motivated enough to succeed at any home-based business venture they undertook.


Humans fail at all aspects of life… at saving money, at their marriage, and their diet. Human beings are sinners, procrastinators, they watch to much tv and are basically lazy creatures looking for a short-cut. Normal, mortal, average people are internally programmed, conditioned and prone to all sorts of negative behavioral or habit patterns. Most of us are prone to: putting things off, are guilty of blaming others for our weaknesses, have poor habits, tend to procrastinate all to often, we’re lazier than we would like to be, most of us delay all sorts of important stuff, 90% of us are lethargic regarding most business endeavors, we have poor behavior patterns, we’re apathetic, and all to often we show indifference towards critical business issues, etc…etc…


I am sure you would agree that this is why most businesses, marriages, and diets fail.  This is not an mlm issue… this is a life issue! And once you introduce a normal average human being to a home-based business opportunity… things can go sideways easily. And it is easy to blame the mlm industry… especially when you’re dealing with friends talking to friends, family, co-workers and placing ads in the paper.

As in ALL SALES endeavors… the truth can be stretched… claims can be exaggerated… predictions can become overblown… etc. And in all the excitement of trying to get some prospect recruited into buying some product or joining as a distributor in our organizations… fibs sneak into some presentations and some feelings get hurt. Unfortunately, some financial indiscretions can emerge. A few unhappy emotional events will crop up. I’m not perfect and have been guilt of stretching the truth  ;(

   Copyright 19988 - 2010   David Klaybor / PowerLine Systems  - all rights reserved

But lets not take our eye’s off the prize. It is clear that mlm has produced:

Average people just like you: who’ve earned $500 to $2500/month part-time

Average people just like you: who’ve earned (full-time) more in one month than most folks do in a year!

Average people just like you: have retired in 3-5-7 years…

Average people just like you:  have managed to stop all their stressful commuting on the highways…

Average people just like you: wake up when they are “done sleeping”…

Average people just like you: go on company paid vacations…

Average people just like you:  drive free company cars… etc… etc…


Network Marketing is simply misunderstood. And once you understand the AMAZING BRILLIANCE of this career concept… you will indeed take a closer look.


Tom Schreiter suggests… until you start receiving monthly ROYALTY INCOME CHECKS in the mail… you won’t appreciate this benefit of long-term passive income completely. But once you keep receiving these types of checks month after month… year after year… believe all of us, you are indeed going to become hooked for life on the mlm career path!

Ask any musician, actor or author… receiving royalty check income is the ONLY WAY TO GO! Why would you work any other career when you could work an mlm compensation pay plan ?


The answer is… most prospects simply just do not understand the “mlm concept”. And once an intelligent person does, this individual is going to seriously re-consider any skepticism they currently have about joining. 

- Most prospects “perceive” the mlm industry as one whereby a distributor must get involved in: “selling stuff” when they don’t see themselves as being a sales person type…  (and we already discussed that fact that mlm is not a career specifically designed for sales types).

- most non-mlmers think they have to hype products or income claims in order to work the business, and most folks don’t want to be a part of this type of perceived activity… (we already covered that fact that we don’t have to engage in this type of activity).

- most prospects believe that they need to hassle all their friends, neighbors and family,  and who wants to pitch uncle Joe on some business deal when you already owe him $500…  (we clearly stated that you don’t have to engage in this type of behavior)

- many prospects feel that they need to give up lots of time and money to run the business, things that most folks value and don’t want to give up… (this is not required)

- most prospects feel that there’s a negative pyramidal-type stigma surrounding this career path and do not want to be a part of anything illegal or immoral… (mlm is a long-standing legal business model… mlm is not a pyramid deal).


So mlm prospects have a long-standing perception problem regarding these issues that must be overcome and cured through education-based marketing programs.

It should give you confidence to know… that, 20++ million distributors, working within 1,500+ mlm companies, throughout 90 countries… producing tens of Billions in sales… over the past 7 decades – can’t be all wrong.


The MLM CAREER PATH is working just fine… the industry just needs an informative explanation of all of it’s AMAZING BENEFITS… and then more people can see themselves joining your team based upon an “informed decision”, grounded upon real hard facts.


For example, most working folks would love to learn how to make long-term passive income at their jobs? (This is royalty type income that musicians, movie stars, and insurance agents make from the hard work they put in one day and  then get paid for decades thereafter !) Most non-mlmers do not understand this concept in the beginning… but once you understand the HUGE financial differences you can make engaging in work-related activities that earn a person royalty-type income vs. the standard method of “trading time for cash”… a worker would never go back to the standard salary type job situation. The mlm pay plan is a MEGA-IMPROVEMENT.


“Residual income” is exactly HOW YOU ARE GOING TO BE ABLE TO RETIRE in the next 3-5-7yrs. The goal of most mlmer’s is to work hard for several years and then retire on the product of their labor via royalty income.

You can’t do this in the normal business world. And even if you have a retirement plan at work, to many companies end-up laying thousands of people off, or going out of business, or losing their pension plan… leaving loyal employees in dire straights. Most of you will agree that there is no more security in the average workplace. That is a major reason why most folks want to become a part of the “home based business revolution”. Are you one of them?


Do you wish to get up early each day year after year in order to commute to the job you dislike, just to get paid enough so you won’t quit… and you never have the ability to save enough money to retire on your own. So you hope your house value goes up with a plan that one day you can use your real estate to retire on. And even if you have a retirement plan at work, who’s to say it won’t disappear like it did at Enron and other large companies that looked stable.

   Copyright 19988 - 2010   David Klaybor / PowerLine Systems  - all rights reserved

MLM leaders want YOU to share in the wealth with us. We’ll share everything we know with you because the more you make, the more successful all your teammates become as well. We all make money together as a team!

This is the magic of this industry as compared to the oftentimes “stifling nature” of the corporate world.

We don’t want to hold you back from anything… we want you to advance and be promoted as quickly as your talent can achieve. Note: the secrets to becoming rich in mlm are all hiding “in plain sight”, and gladly shared with any entrepreneur who wants to learn how to make a comfortable income via mlm. Remember, we benefit if we help you achieve your financial dreams. This is the opposite of most aspects of a persons life. So it can be hard to comprehend in the beginning. But this is a very good thing for you and your family… as well as all the people you expose to the industry!


When was the last time your boss or co-worker shared with you how concerned he/she was in assisting you in making all the money you wanted to earn?

Never, I’ll bet.

Instead of holding you back from promotions, its my job to help you advance. Its my job to help you drive a free company car or go on a free exotic vacation! Why wouldn’t a normal person want to learn more about this type of opportunity… heck, reliable studies have indicated for decades that 70% + of all working people want to own their own business. They’re hoping one day to earn a lot more income while enjoying all the perks that come with becoming financially set for life.

Most working folks understand that they are selling themselves at “wholesale” so their employer can sell them at “retail”. The cost of gas, insurance and taxes is rising to unbelievable levels… bumper-to-bumper freeway congestion gets worse every year… the sound of the alarm clock has never been more annoying… people at work never seem to appreciate all your worthwhile contributions… you never have enough time at the end of the day to spend on things YOU want to do… you’re getting fat because you can’t work-out in the gym like you used to… you’re always tired due to lack of sleep… the stress and pressure of your families rising debt is constantly hanging over your head. It is no wonder that the home based business revolution is booming.

Are you one of the folks that want more control over your life? You know you don’t own much of your life now!

Are you tired of paying more and more taxes, while business owners are given preferential tax treatment by the government? Do you want to get some of those favorable tax benefits offered to business owners. We all know that you most-likely want to be your own boss… but we’re also clear that you are afraid of the associated risks.


Captain Dave’s biggest passion is to help distributors and owners to boost retention, grow sales and reach their recruitment goals. Why not email him now at [email protected]  to set up a free 3-way/conference call training with your group. DK has been blessed over the last 17 years to have become a record-breaking business builder… he has designed many award-winning business tools that are designed to make you more money, he has his name on the cover of 5 books, was voted top trainer in ’03, etc… what can he do to help you?

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===================      Part II     ====================


Does MLM really work… or is it just a silly game?  ( an ’10 updated Report …)

By Captain Dave Klaybor – Author, Columnist, Marketing Research  [email protected]


Please note: mlm distributors are welcome to photocopy and pass this article down to your group in an effort to inexpensively share the mlm career concept with your friends, neighbors, co-workers and family. Let your prospects use this 3rd party research paper to decide if the Network Marketing Industry might be the right career path for them to consider.


In the 1st part of this article we discussed the perception problems associated with the mlm industry and how to overcome them. We clearly established that the historical facts indicate that the industry is a viable career opportunity for most folks once a person is exposed to the true benefits they can acquire. Please review the past article notes… and now lets move on to the other benefits the industry offers.


If you discovered a “short-cut” path to some destination, surely you would share this time-saving benefit with all your friends. Furthermore, if you uncovered a mutual fund that paid 20% interest, you’d also share this with all the people you cared about… right?


Well, what if you were exposed to a new career opportunity whereby you had a real potential to:

-         Save $5k to $10k/yr. because you qualified for extra tax benefits just for joining! ( note: most distr.’s receive these tax benefits even if they don’t have much actual success in their new venture )… The point is, a majority of Network Marketing Distributors pay less taxes than the average working public. This is huge benefit of joining the industry that is oftentimes overlooked.

-         What if your new career gave you the opportunity to really earn a six-figure f/t income your first 18 months, while working from HOME !…   ( or $500 to $2,500/mo. p/t ). The UNLIMITED INCOME potential of the mlm industry is another huge point to consider. No matter whether you are fat/thin, Buddhist/Christian, White/Brown, old/young… there are no salary cap’s or ceilings forced upon you. You can earn what you’re worth. Average folks can get paid as much as a doctor, lawyer, or corporate executive… just by mastering the art of a Network Marketer. Isn’t this what most people are looking for in a career… I think so! You’re not getting this type of pay plan in your current job are you?

-         What if you discovered a career path whereby you had a rock-solid chance to retire in 3-5-7 years while continuing to continue receiving most of your income stream… this would be amazing – right?! Once an average normal person starts receiving ROYALTY-type INCOME, they never go back to working the standard 40 hour/week job method. There is virtually NO COMPARISON… mlm wins hands down in this career area. ( most prospects do not understand this retirement income concept, because they’ve never received “royalty income”…) You need to find out more about this payment method, don’t you?!

-         What if you came across a new career path whereby you were given a chance to qualify to drive a free company car as well as being given the chance to also qualify for free exotic vacations…  this would be a huge benefit – right?! How much does your family spend on auto-lease payments? How much does did your family spend on your last vacation… (or maybe you didn’t get to take a vacation?). Tell me if you agree… if you received these two benefits for free… that’s a huge financial gain – right!?

-         What if you found a career whereby your boss would let you work from your home so you didn’t have to drive in bumper-to-bumper traffic, thus freeing up 2 extra hours + a day for you to enjoy your hobby or do something fun with your spouse/kids. Would this time-gaining situation be of benefit to you? Sure it would. Gaining more “quality personal time” is one of the biggest reasons why many folks choose mlm as their new f/t or p/t career.

-         What if you didn’t have to quit your current job and could start your own home-based business part-time, as an mlm distributor, so you could then build your mlm income on the side via a non-risky method? And once your mlm cash-flow grew as high as the salary at your job… then you could tell your boss, “ I quit ”… and walk away as the President of your own growing home based business! Everyone I know wants to do this.

-         What if you were a stay-at-home parent and wanted some kind of “flexible career path” that allowed you to work when, where, and how YOU wanted… wouldn’t this be a great career path to embrace and then share with others? Sure it would.

-         What if you didn’t have to be good looking… or be a good speaker…. Or be a salesperson… or know lots of people… or invest a lot of start-up capital… or be from the right side of the tracks… wouldn’t this be convenient. Average folks can earn vulgar amounts of success once you MASTER the CRAFT of an mlm professional.

Are you starting to better understand how truly grand the Network Marketing Career path might be for most people! And if you found out that all of this information was accurate, wouldn’t you then want to share this extra-special business opportunity with others?     - most of you would!


Due to mlm having a perception problem and being so miss-understood… it has become one of the best kept business secrets in the world. To some, perhaps this all sounds to good to be true. So maybe you would like to further study/investigate this career situation a little more? Your goal would be to find out if the mlm CAREER CONCEPT is a bunch of propaganda… or maybe an mlm career is for real, and then maybe something for YOU? Email us at [email protected]  for more information to investigate this matter completely. I can recommend tons of additional tools you can use to make an informed decision.

Once you perform your research, I am convinced that you will find out that an mlm career opportunity could: reduce stress, be lots of fun, become exceptionally rewarding, is very convenient, and might dramatically improve the financial position of you and your family.

I also encourage you to interact/interview several mlm leaders who claim to have already benefited from the mlm industry. Ask them what they do in their career? Then, should you decide to join the mlm industry, over time I am convinced that you’ll create your own personal “success story” from the new “mlm career path” you discovered…

Network Marketers who understand and benefit from this career path oftentimes are guilty of bugging everyone around them about joining their home-based business. Why, because they want to share with others about the potential of them EARNING in a month, what they used to earn in a year. Since they’ve witnessed the power of  “RESIDUAL INCOME”, their mission is to lead others toward this career passageway. They want to guide others down the path to RETIRING QUICKER. MLMer’s understand the power of “Geometric Growth” ( 5x5 does not = 25, in mlm it’s  = 3,956 ).

All of us Network Marketers were scared and skeptical in the beginning. But we were lucky and blessed that one day we just “understood” the mlm industry with all its benefits. NONE of us wanted to be an mlmer... we just can’t leave the industry anymore because the overall concept is soooooooo good.

It’s not perfect, but it is the best compensation pay plan and career path for most normal moral human-beings we know.

So if you can sing like a bird, or throw a football 60 yards hitting your receiver on the run, or paint like Picasso, or have an IQ  over 185, if you were born rich, or you just need to have the (ever-decreasing) security of a j.o.b.… then you don’t need Network Marketing. But if you’re a normal person like me, maybe you ought to seriously consider mlm as a moral career option for you.

   Copyright 19988 - 2010   David Klaybor / PowerLine Systems  - all rights reserved

So the next time you run across an excited mlm distributor, (acting like a puppy),  and maybe trying a bit to hard to communicate their new-found career secret to a skeptical prospect (you)… give them a break. Now you understand why they’re behaving the way they are. They are working hard to win a new car, go on a free vacation, retire in 4-6 years or earn a nice sized “royalty check”. And they just got a little excited talking to you  ;-)   Give them 5 minutes of your time and listen to their story… you just never know.


Sometimes prospects who are witnessing an mlmer’s enthusiasm can be a bit “turned off” by the process. I was indeed “turned-off” the first time an Amway person over-pitched me on their deal. And this was too bad, because I WAS indeed looking for a better career path in life at that time… but I didn’t know it!

Years later I re-discovered the power of the mlm industry from some other distributor who I listened to and joined with them back in ‘88! That 1st year I was blessed with record-breaking performance, reached the top rank in the company, and made myself and my sponsor a lot of money. I went on to share the concept with tons of other folks over the years and we all earned our personal share of the 30 billion dollar mlm industry. These days I am blessed to drive what I want, live in paradise, go to the gym almost daily, travel all the time, get up when I feel like it, have no debt, lead a stress-free lifestyle, I do not have to commute in heavy traffic like many of you, I enjoy many hobbies, and most likely pay less in taxes than most folks.

I can live this type of lifestyle only due to my passive residual royalty income.

Please understand that I am not an exception to the rule… I am a normal career professional Network Marketer. Everyone who masters the craft, earns the rewards… no exceptions… no small print. And please note: if you decide to just fiddle/play around at your mlm business like it’s a game or hobby… then you get very little out of it. It is the “net- work” marketing career opportunity, not the “net- play” marketing business.


For many of you… you are just months/years away from completely running, controlling and OWNING YOUR OWN LIFE.


If you are dissatisfied and fed up with your current career situation…

If you are committed to making a serious change…

Then I welcome you to email me and I will assist you in changing your life in a meaningful, fulfilling way in the very near future.


You deserve to travel… you deserve to live in your dream house and drive a nice car… you deserve a promotion and a raise… you deserve to stop commuting… you deserve all the tax benefits that the big-shots receive… you deserve a career path that enables you to receive Royalty-type income that will enable you to retire as quickly as God has planned for you…

- you deserve all of this – right?!


It will be hard for most of you to get over the INACTUARATE MIS-PERCEPTIONS we all have deep down inside that mlm is Pyramidal… it’s a sham-type deal… you have to bug everyone you know in order to succeed… you have to be a salesperson who sells stuff all the time… that you have to be a hustler convincing people to do stuff they might not want to. This is NOT the industry. It doesn’t mean that this doesn’t happen in all aspects of life. But it is not the design of the mlm career concept. And remember from the 1st part of this article… do not get mlm confused with the Direct Sales Industry. MLM is 10,000 people consuming/marketing $100 in products = $1M in sales… vs. D.S being 100 salespeople selling $10k = $1M in products. Both move $1M in stuff, its just s huge difference in the way each business model performs.


Clearly the 10-15 million multi-level marketers globally are convinced that they have a viable solution to everyone’s “financial freedom” via the marketing of some very unique product lines and services.


MLM survives because the products and services NEED some explanation… they need some education-based marketing methodology. Personal testimonial success story’s help a lot in order to sell the products directly to the consumer market via “word of mouth” advertising.

MLMer’s are “Paid Professional Story Tellers. This is our job.. this is our mission.

As a business model, the mlm industry works by simply TRANSFERING most of the costs paid to middlemen that are involved in normal product movement, and then paying all the middleman money to its independent distributors via worthwhile cash commission royalty checks.

We get paid for moving the products from the factory, directly to the consumer base. And, over the last 60 years, this industry has grown mega-powerful… the industry produces “tens of billions” in gross sales dollars. The industry utilizes tens of millions of participants to market all the unique products/services throughout almost every country in the world. That includes China, Russia, Korea, Mexico, Canada… its huge in Japan, booming in the Philippines, growing nicely in Australia, etc… etc… Many mlmers receive income from local as well as international sales !

How would YOU like to grow a global business from the comfort of your home office sitting on a lake in the middle of Montana, Oregon, Texas, Florida, NY or Colorado?


If you are still holding onto the old-fashioned mindset that the mlm industry is full of maniac’s who can be affectionately know as: garage-filling, soap-selling, pyramid-building, over-hyping, junk-peddling Amway-type people… then you are WAY OUT OF TOUCH.  ( note: Amway boasts millions of distributors, in 70 countries, producing around $8 Billion in sales annually… so even with all their public stigma, Amway is a mega-mega huge success ! )


The industry has grown up right under your nose. A Network Marketing Career has become “main stream”, very legal, clearly legitimate and a real occupational option for most folks. It’s even cool with generation Xer’s.


We can’t re-state these points enough: - mlm distributors really do save lots of money on their taxes… and the mlm industry actually is a historically documented proven winner. Doesn’t it give you confidence to know that the Network Marketing Industry is noted for making tons of millionaires out of “average people” like you and me. The mlm field truly enables single parents to work from home and spend more time with their kids. It provides full and part-time incomes large enough to keep enticing an ever-growing base to constantly promote the benefits of the Network Marketing CONCEPT. Tons of distributors (just like YOU) become qualified to drive new cars and travel more often… gobs of folks have been able to quit their jobs and stop commuting… huge numbers of distributors have gained financial freedom and all that comes with this lifestyle!

MLM is one of the best career opportunities on the planet in our lifetime. Do not dismiss this claim. MLM is real and it can be your ticket to financial and personal freedom.


And if you’re one of the people who are still “not a fan of mlm”… or perhaps you haven’t updated your memory banks on this subject in several years… or maybe you had a few friends who tried mlm and didn’t succeed… please re-read this article and re-do your homework on this topic… because this industry IS EXACTLY WHAT MOST OF “YOU ARE LOOKING FOR !

- Richard Brooke says it this way: Most of the network marketing prospects in the world aren’t the people who know that they love or hate mlm… they are the people who don’t know that they want to be involved in the mlm industry” !


- All of us veteran distributors were scared in the beginning… all of us thought the mlm field might be a scam… but most of the participants who mastered the CRAFT, found out that the mlm industry was the best career we had ever uncovered… most of the CAREER PROFESSIONALS in this industry could retire on their earnings, yet most remain active because we LOVE WHAT WE DO and want to earn more ! Being an mlm leader is FUN. We get to travel and share this amazingly wonderful message to anyone who will listen. My life is a BLAST… why would I quit altogether.

   Copyright 19988 - 2010   David Klaybor / PowerLine Systems  - all rights reserved

- Perhaps you would agree that it’s fun speaking on stage, and maybe you’d like to become a teacher as well?

- Maybe you would agree that it’s fun to qualify for tons of tax benefits while most people with normal job’s pay much higher taxes… are you paying too much taxes?

Do you want to qualify for $5k to $10k in additional write-offs each year?

- It’s fun traveling all over the nation and internationally building our businesses, do you like to travel?

- Its rewarding helping others achieve financial freedom, would you like to help others in your group gain all the benefits our industry offers?

- It’s a blast making friends all over the world, and growing as a person. MLMer’s do lots of self-help sessions… is this something you’d like to get involved with?

- It’s very enjoyable sharing (not selling) all the unique life-changing products, that the public can’t buy in stores, thus it’s a bit easier than you think to market products the public wishes to learn about and buy.   

- It’s great living in a home and driving vehicles that are completely paid for… I hate paying mortgages and leases, what about you?

- AND BEST OF ALL… it is super cool to receive on-going mlm royalty-type commission checks in the mail each and every month regardless of whether I’m traveling, getting some procedure performed in the hospital, visiting relatives or working my butt off building my income… RESIDUAL INCOME IS THE MAIN REASON WHY MLM IS THE Bomb !


I hope you agree that I have proven my point throughout this material… and if you need more data, email me at [email protected] so you can find out for yourself if my data is true. You owe it to yourself… so DO YOUR HOMEWORK on this critical financial matter… once you research this career concept completely, you are going to write me and thank me this material. You are going to be indebted to me like I will always be to the man who introduced me to the industry back in ’88.


I have received countless wonderful benefits over the years... and you will receive them as well all because you read this incredible life-changing information.

What would I have done or been had I not discovered the mlm industry? I would have spent thousands of hours commuting… I would have spent hundreds of thousands in additional taxes… I would have shortened my life due to all the added stress and pressure I would have received… my golf, squash, tennis, and racquetball skills would be much weaker… I never would have traveled as much or helped as many people achieve their dreams. If I wasn’t in mlm, I’d have tons of debt to pay off instead of being debt-free… I wouldn’t be able to live in the wonderful Alpine Community high up in the mountains of southern California… I’d never have written any books, made any tapes or been a presenter on stage. I would have had to have paid for my own car and paid for my own vacations. I never would have had time for all my hobbies…Ooooooh… I might have had a very average life. Thank goodness that I found mlm. To bad I didn’t find out earlier!


Deep down in your mind… you always knew that mlm was a smart idea… you just weren’t ready to take the plunge. Perhaps the timing is better for you now.


3-5-7 years from today you could be RETIRED !!! If only you will ACT in the near future and take it upon yourself to see if this is all a bunch of BS or if maybe… just maybe mlm has come of age for YOU.


Most of you consider yourself open-minded… you consider yourself a person who supports “out-of-the-box thinking”… you’d like to think of yourself as having an open-door policy towards most matters… well then, take your square head out of the sand and really look into what is happening all around you in this industry.


People you know, right now, are having tons of fun growing wealthy via Network Marketing. It is time for you to study, learn and then implement effective actions to finally take control and actually OWN YOUR OWN LIFE via the mlm business model.


Admittedly, the mlm industry will always have some of the problems always associated with money, greed, power, etc… you can’t get away from this. Even some TV evangelists succumb to the pressures of these issues… and they claim to be a representative of the finest product in the universe… God. So please do not point out all the bad parts of mlm, we all know that they are there… but lets focus on the millions of success stories.. and lets get you on track to be the NEXT ONE !


When was the last time a co-worker wanted to help you: get a promotion or qualify for a hefty raise? When was the last time your boss showed you ways to: retire in 4-6 years… get more sleep… spend less time polluting your lungs on the freeway drive to the office… help you find more time to spend with your friends, church, family, or hobby… - when was the last time someone in your office really showed concern for your future and your success? Hardly ever, that’s for sure. My boss never helped me, they always held me back.


In the mlm world, helping others reach their goals, dreams and aspirations is part of our mission. This is our way of life. This is why we join. Isn’t this a noble career?!


Write me with your questions or success stories… perhaps you have a brochure, tape or website for me to review that promotes mlm as a career… keep me posted.


See you next month! – your new friend and surrogate sponsor - Dave


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Captain Dave Klaybor, ATP...  – his goal is to help YOU retire in 3-5 years, earn a free car, free vacation, win bonuses and earn $100k+/yr. F/t – He is Pres. Of  PowerLine Systems a 23 year old world-class training and consulting firm who manufactures the finest Business Planning System designed specifically for the NWM industry. He is honored to have been voted at the Top Generic MLM Trainer in 03 on a popular website, his name on the cover of 7 books, he’s been on the cover of many publications, and his tools are sold in the largest NWM catalogs. Dave is a Record-Breaking Veteran Builder, Author/Columnist.


To get a free tape on how to make $100k/yr. in NWM…email us: [email protected]     


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MLM Expert Dr. Joe Rubino Uncovers some Powerful MONEY MAKING, Business-Building Secrets during his Interview with another MLM Expert, Dave Klaybor, that will certainly help YOU to RECRUIT MORE LEADERS, SELL MORE PRODUCT and MAKE MORE CASH - fast -


Dr. Joe: I would like to introduce you all to you a friend of mine David Klaybor whom I’ve known for over a decade. Lets explore some of his CASH-FLOW BUILDING Teaching Technologies that I just know you want to use to reach your goals.


My friend Dave is the owner of “PowerLine Systems”... a well respected NWMing Training/Consulting Operation that specializes in developing and then “INSTALLING” new Success Principals into the lives of Direct Sales Distributors.

Dave calls this: “Reprogramming your HABITS for Success” ! 

David insists that by simply altering/modifying a few small aspects of an entrepreneur’s weekly behavior patterns… DRAMATIC POSITIVE CHANGES CAN BE REALIZED in ways that truly INCREASE RETAILING and RECRUITING.  (thus, more money is made faster)

I like interacting with David because he primarily deals with all the “mostly overlooked” Business Building Principals of running an MLM Distributorship Business like a REAL BUSINESS needs to be run !

Issues and items that most of us seem to over-look in our efforts to grow a part-time or large Networking Business.


David’s focus is on the “How To” SKILL SETS we all need to improve upon. We’re talking about issues like: lead management, follow-up, referral management, event management, , time management, organization, using a check-list, closing techniques, communicating with your prospects/distributors, downline management, etc… etc... you get the idea... lots of verrrrrry important “business detail stuff” that most all network distributors ignore.

We all know that we must improve upon most of these “Skill Sets” if we truly plan on:

-         earning a 6-figure passive income… or,

-         winning one of those wonderful cash bonuses… or,

-         winning a free company vacation trip for your family… or,

-         perhaps driving a free company car… or,

-         maybe having your “Success Story” featured in the Company Magazine… or,

-         buying your dream house.

   Copyright 19988 - 2010   David Klaybor / PowerLine Systems  - all rights reserved

Captain Dave has a legitimate claim to being the worlds-expert in the very specialized area of designing: “Business Planning Systems” for NWM Professionals... this is where he learned about all this Skill Sets Stuff.

Lets find out some secrets we can use to “sponsor a handful of people, over the next few days”!


Joe: As a 15 veteran to the  NWM industry, what are the top 5 problems you see facing the serious NWM entrepreneur...?


Dave:  I’m honored that you’ve asked me to contribute to your new book. I’ve got 14 things on my list... but lets cover just a few of the biggest issues right now, and we’ll get to the other group in subsequent publications or training events.


Well, from my point of view, I see things a bit differently than most sales trainers... expert trainers like yourself cover the more pressing “macro-issues” NWM  distributors need to understand in order to be successful... I tend to see things from a more “micro-perspective”... in other words, I focus on the dirty little details that most entrepreneurs want to ignore like: Time Management, Organization, Lead Management, Event Management, Follow-up, etc...

Just reading these words tends to make most people feel a bit “uncomfortable”, am I right? Sure I am... but all these issues can really be FUN to perform, especially when you see that with a little effort in addressing some of these areas, you can witness real gains in your CASH FLOW! I personally dislike most of these areas myself… and that is one of the main reasons why I had to learn to do them better than I was. And once I address a few of these items, I saw an improvement in my INCOME… and that is what drew me into getting better and better at these issues until I became a record-breaking industry leader like yourself. And all of the sudden, follow-up, my sales communication skills and lead management, etc… became a lot more FUN to perform and do.

You can either get into a down-word spiral: getting worse or not caring about your follow-up habits… your closing techniques… and/or getting worse at all the other IMPORTANT Issues that Build a leaders Business…   OR,

You could DESIDE TO GET BETTER AND BETTER at just a few of these items. Instead of not having any proven “techniques” to assist you in CLOSING your prospects… what if you just learned ONE Closing Line every other month ?  You’d CERTAINLY close MORE PROSPECTS monthly, wouldn’t you !

Lets start with “prospecting”:


·        Every individual who wants to become a career professional at this business learns the importance of “Creating their Prospecting LIST”. Many distributors attempt to contact their friends, family, co-workers or place ads to uncover leads. But almost all of these hard-working individuals do not use any PROVEN “Prospecting System”. Dr. Joe, I’ve listened to your training where you stress the importance of “picking up the phone” and attempting to actively talk to a few prospects each day/week... but mlm distributors need to learn to implement some kind of format to use in order to move their personal contacts/leads through a PROVEN prospecting pipeline so a distributor can continuously share their products/business opportunity EFFECTIVELY with new people every day/week. Some distributors use a computerized Contact Management software program to keep track of their prospects, while others use a Manual System (Day-planner type of Lead  Management system). Whatever you do, stop shooting from the hip or flying your business by the seat of your pants, and start running your business like a business... you’ve got to change your old habits of writing on scraps of paper, putting information on post-it notes, and creating various stacks of paper all over your desk... and utilize the power of a client management system. (more on this later)


Joe: good point, I’ve always taught my students the value of maintaining a good prospecting system ... then what should they focus on....?



·        Next, lets talk about “Follow-up”- if I asked you to rate yourself on a scale from 1-10 on how good are you at following-up with clients, tasks and to-do list items... what grade would you give yourself... and more importantly, what grade would the people who know you - give you...?  Most NWMer’s get a score well under “5”... and this is not a very good indicator of the persons future income potential now is it...? Most of us are horrible at returning calls, making our appointments, sending information we promised... and most us are the absolute worst at getting back to people on the promises/commitments we made. You have a few choices regarding this matter... either you ignore this problem and “settle” on you mediocre’ performance... or you hire a secretary to do all the things you’re not going to do anyway.. or you start using a Business Planning System that will assist you in keeping your word regarding your business matters. You hate it when people do not do the things they promised they would do for you , right... so why have others feeling that way about you... there’s no way you can follow Randy’s instructions, or your company training program without improving your skills in this area.


·        Joe: I’ve heard you talk about “Event Management”, could you share a bit on this topic...? 


Dave: The network marketing business is known as the “events industry” for a very good reason... much of our hard work goes into driving our prospects into our home party events, our 3-way call/conference call events, our opportunity presentation hotel events, our product demonstration events, our training events or our large company regional/national events... there’s always some important future event coming up that you and your group are working towards, isn’t there...? You bet... so using a system that helps you keep track of all these dates/times/places/phone numbers, etc... etc... is critical to any professional NWMing distributors game plan. So if you are not using your company events to build your business, you’re going to have a very hard time making the big money with your opportunity... and I strongly suggest that you tap into using the “herd” to support your efforts, and you had better have some kind of system in place to manage your activities in this critical area. You need to implement some form of “Event Management System” so you know what’s going on, where is going on, who you’re bringing to the event, and what next step to take with these prospects...


·        Joe: Finally, why don’t you tackle the issues of Time Management and Organization-  


Dave: first I want to tell you that I believe time management and organizational skills are vital to any entrepreneurs success... they are critical to building a large sales organization... heck, I’ve probably researched this topic more than anyone else in the world regarding this topic for the NWM industry...  so lets be honest with one another... everyone who hates time management, raise your hand! ... I mean, who really enjoys planning out the goals to reach each year, or planning out all the months activities, or setting up what’s suppose to happen during the week... and then pre-planning each and every day... yuck! Sure these tasks are very important, but I could interview 100,000 NWMing distributors and not find one entrepreneur who’s been consistently performing these tasks for years... these “machine people” do not exist in “our world”. Sure you can pay a secretary $20/hr. to do this work for somebody... but normal mortal human beings like you and me need some other kind of time management formula to use. God Bless Franklin or Day-Runner for their time management courses... they’re doing a fine job for the corporate world... but us entrepreneur-types are a whole different breed of business person... we hate pre-planning or prioritizing anything, am I right...? I love “winging it” and being spontaneous... we hate controls, limits, regulations, schedules and sticking to anything that was set up beforehand. That’s why we joined the industry, to get away from all the corporate rules and become a free spirit... but this is a huge weakness that is preventing most of us from winning company bonuses, am I right? So, knowing we’re fragile in this area, you still need to implement some kind of organizational system in an effort to improve in this area. Every person must have some kind of time management planner and use it religiously. You’ve got to establish a proper working area in your home or office where you can effectively get some work done. You’ve got to get rid of the piles of paper on your desk, get all the junk out of your drawers and stop throwing your business marketing materials all over the back seat of your car.


Dave continued…  It hurts just thinking about cleaning up all the clutter around you, but you know I’m right... and after you’ve completed this project, you’ll feel like a huge weight has been lifted from your shoulders, your self-esteem will improve, and surprisingly you’ll starting getting a lot more accomplished in a lot less time. You will be amazed that you’ll even have some time to put together a workable “to-do list”... and that you instinctively gravitate towards prioritizing items and amazingly you start stumbling forward and reaching your goals! It’s the dirty little details that are holding many of us back from wealth and prosperity... we all hate doing this kind of stuff... but trust me, you’ll be paying yourself thousands of dollars an hour when/if you follow my advise. So, that’s about all we can cover today, more on “productivity management” issues next time... good luck to all of you and email us with your feedback and success stories so we can share them with Joe’s readers in subsequent publications. --------- Here’s to your success !  Thanks again Joe.


Joe:  thank you Dave for your valuable insights... I always enjoy discussing leadership training topics with moral veteran builders like you. I trust many of our readers will use your suggestions to enhance their businesses.... and just in case you didn’t know it, I have been recommending David’s unique NWMing Business Planner for almost a decade now because it is the finest customized planner tool available to the professional NWMer who is serious about building his/her sales organization. It’s called the PowerLine Business Planner, we market this system at a savings to our loyal customers/readers... and trust me when I say that you really need this product and won’t believe how you worked your business without it... - it covers all the specialized tasks and activities any NWMer would need and more... thus it isn’t a mystery when I tell you that it’ll pay for itself in weeks... and it will make some of you tens of thousands over time if you simply use it. The planner is a great compliment product to all my teaching materials many of you are already using. Find out more about this useful tool by


Captain Dave Klaybor was voted one of the TOP MLM Trainers 2003… whether you’re f/t or p/t DK will help you Recruit more leaders and Make more Money. David is an Author, Columnist, Spin-Doctor who is best known for his research in studying how to “install” critical information into a distributors life that measurably changes a persons habits so they can earn a f/t income. He is a skill-sets advocate who has shared the platform with the industry’s greatest speakers, he’s a record-breaking performer offering “Celebrity-Endorsed”…Award-Winning Sales Tools. Mr. Klaybor has written for tons of industry publications, has his name on the cover of 7 books…   and speaks to thousands each month delivering his unique mix of “edutainment”… for more information email DK personally at:   [email protected]  or visit his site at:


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ENTREPRENUERIAL TEST... are you qualified to be a Home-Based Business Owner...  is MLM right for you and your prospects ?

Asking your Prospects the Right QUALIFYING Questions Creates Big Results !
Take this test to find out if you should become an Entrepreneur: Answer the questions down 
below to identify which group you should belong to?' Is it in your best interests to remain 
an Employee or become a potential business owner? … that is the question.
 Making a decision whether or not your prospect should join you in working your network 
marketing business opportunity should be an easy decision for your prospect – if only you 
would make the process just a little bit easier.
It can be quite overwhelming for a new prospect to make the leap into join your NWMing 
business based upon your meager attempt at trying to “convince them to get in”. Most people
 do an average job at best in communicating their business opportunity. By the time most 
folks get through stumbling through their presentations about the company, the founders, 
the mission statement, the products, the complicated compensation plan and your entire 
upline support strategy… most prospects decide NOT to join with you. Am I right?
It’s because you never said what you realllllly wanted to say. As you’re driving home from 
your prospect appointment, you brain starts screaming at you all the important things you 
should have shared… the valid points you might have made… if only you weren’t so nervous 
and pressured by all your clients questions, thoughts and concerns. And heck, what were 
those objections about anyway?
However, you can make your prospect's decision much easier by showing them how it makes a 
lot more sense to join your company than not to join your company. It is possible that you
 could actually communicate this way without memorizing Zig Zigglar’s 6-cassette tape 
series ? !    (ps-  they’re called CD’s now )
  Just use any of these easy-to-understand mini-statements to show the prospect why he 
should join your company… NOW. You will be amazed at how much better the conversation/
reception is from your friends, neighbors, co-workers and family members you share your
 business opportunity with.
Be up-front when you share these questions with them. You can read your questionnaire to 
them over the phone… or fill out a little worksheet together with them?
Here’s how it goes… you ask them some or all of these questions either word-for-word or 
paraphrasing them in a casual conversational fashion:  (this takes at least a small amount of practice)
 There are generally two types of people in the world:
ð    Those who get paid to take free vitamins, while reducing their biological age… preventing
 disease, gaining more energy… looking younger, feeling younger and having to share all of this with others !  
ð    Or, do you prefer being one of those people who don't take vitamins (or pay a lot for the ones you do)…
 you really do not believe “you’re going to get any kind of disease… you look older than you actually 
are due to all the stress and pressure that comes from getting up early and driving on the polluted highways
 every morning going to the job that you hate… 
     Which group would you like to belong to?
There are generally two types of people in the world:
ð    Those who are working in a career systems whereby they have a great opportunity to 
retire in 2-4 years with a healthy passive income 
ð    Or, are you satisfied in working year after year at your job, with no real job security,
 no real chance for making the really BIG money and having to work for 20-30-40 years in order 
to retire on Social Security checks and a little savings?  
     Which group would you like to belong to?
 There are basically two types of people in the world:
ð     Business owners most of whom are getting very wealthy from the products of their labor, 
ð     and People who work for these business owners, making the business owners rich.
         Which group would you like to belong to?
  There are two types of people in the world:
ð     Those who make a lifetime of car payments, and
ð      Those who drive a free company luxury car… Which group would you like to belong to?
  There are two types of people in the world:
ð     Those who have to set their alarm clock day after day and never seem to get enough sleep, and
ð      Those who wake up when they feel like it, work whenever they want to, enjoy being with 
their friends and family often and making their own work schedule…
      Which group would you like to belong to?
  There are two types of people in the world:
ð     Those who pay too much income tax, and
ð     Those who use simple business strategies to save $2,000 to $10,000 minimum on their taxes 
annually…. Which group would you like to belong to?
  There are two types of people in the world:
ð     Those who work in a systems with LIMITED INCOME, and
ð     Those who are offered a Compensation Plan with UNLIMITED EARNING POTENTIAL and Automatic 
Promotional Rank Advancements…  Which group would you like to belong to?
  There are two types of people in the world:
ð     Those who rarely ever get a chance to go on long fun vacations, and
ð     Those who go on several FREE exotic company trips annually….
     Which group would you like to belong to?
 There are two types of people in the world:
ð     Those who do not have to set their alarm clocks and go to work everyday because they receive
 PASSIVE INCOME, ( ROYALTY-TYPE monthly bonus checks in their mailbox each month) from their 
ð      Do you choose to take orders from your boss…  at a job you don’t like… building someone 
else’s dreams, while having to drive in traffic-jams… for people who’d lay you off in a second without a thank you….
          Which group would you like to belong to?
   Copyright 19988 - 2010   David Klaybor / PowerLine Systems  - all rights reserved
 There are two types of people in the world:
ð     Those who care about hanging out with health-conscious people who plan on living a 
looooong productive quality life, and
ð      Those who’re slowing down while getting fatter and fatter each year… losing more hair… 
losing their eye sight… ignoring the potential for getting some serious disease… and complaining 
to the doctor all the time who’s prescribing more and more pharmaceutical drugs, because they’re getting sick all the time...
         Which group would you like to belong to?
 There are two types of people in the world:
ð     Those who pay retail for their long distance phone service… vitamins… cleaning 
      products… skin/hair care… etc… etc…. and
 You get the idea?  Make it easier for prospects to join rather than not to join your business.
It all in the presentation and the quality of questions you ask of your prospects.

 Until next time, happy prospecting

EMAIL DAVE if you found this article/information worthwhile… send in your TESTIMONIAL STORY so we can use it online   - you’re welcome    ;-)

[email protected]  is President of one of the finest NWMing Training and Consulting firms.  Read his BIO online… its one of the finest in the world… and this man is available to help you for FREE on Conf Call’s and webinars…. How cool is that !

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is it important to get in an mlm oppty EARLY ...  or ?         - by Dave Klaybor

Re: an article/interview with NWM leaders about:

 "Dispelling the myth that a NWM distr. needs to be in "early" in order to be successful or make the big money"

David Klaybor's point of view:

- here's the facts as DK see’s it -

- lets not sugar coat the fact that being in early in a business deal can "sometimes" lead to huge financial gains... this is a reality of the business world. i.e. buying stocks in Wallmart, Microsoft, IBM, AOL, Rexall, Herbalife, NFL, Amway - etc. when they were under $5/share would have provided you with huge profits.

But it's the word "sometimes" that is the key word here... for every McDonald's or Avon success story, there's tens of thousands of unsuccessful companies who tried and failed. Thus the metaphor: "the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward". Another way of looking at it is, for every multi-million dollar lottery ticket winner, there's billions of losers globally. Sooo, for every big winner, there are zillions of losers - why do you think you have what it takes to win?

Why do people feel that they have to be in a deal "first" anyway...?

- well, there definitely a lot of social pressure from other distributors to do so. The #1 product of the industry seems to boil down to "money"... and marketing inflation has taken the acceptable income goal for the average distributor joining the industry from $100k/yr. in 1970... all up to $100k to $250k PER MONTH in 2000...

There's way to many people who think they have to make 6-figure PER MONTH incomes in order to be "anybody" in this industry - and that's just wrong. And if you know what I'm talking about, then it's clear why most people are tempted, lured, and seduced into the myth that they must sponsor into a start-up program.


So if you're dead-set on joining a deal early - it comes down to two issues:

a- how "lucky" do you feel... or,

b- do you have what it takes to be in early and still have a good chance of winning.


Here's the SHORT-LIST of some of the skills you need in order to: see if you have what it takes to be one of the .005% of distributors in the world who could handle this assignment/task/mission.


1- you need to be able to pick the right company... and this is no small task. You need to know all about the owners past track record and the intimate financial business plan information about the company... do they have the millions it takes to launch a business opportunity these days...

2- You need to know a lot more than normal about the manufacturing process, where/how your items are made, what the true quality is, are they sellable, who your competition is, etc... and then can you take your companies "product mix" and weave it into a tasty storyline that distributor's will hear and then want to dedicate their lives to following...

3- are you a "general" type of leader. Will people listen and follow you into battle? If you get in early, you absolutely need to have all the tremendous skill-sets demanded from a professional NWM leader...

4- for example, are you an expert at marketing and sales... are you a super copywriter... and do you have a proven track record of experience in building a large sales force?

5- can you organize events where hundreds of prospects turn out to witness your business briefings in different cities..?

6- can you host a professional conference call and arrange to have lots of people there listening to you...

7- can you set-up a fax-on-demand program, are you a dynamic speaker at the front of the room, do you have thousands of personal contacts to access to prime the pump and get the momentum started, do you really know how to utilize the internet to sponsor new recruits, do you have the sales communication skills sharp enough to actually "close" someone like me into your brand new deal...

8- do you have the money it takes to fly all over the country, pay for huge phone bills, pick up the entertainment tab when recruiting distributors, give away samples, etc... and in some cases doing all this without receiving much income from a regular j-o-b.

Well, how do you rate so far... if you still think you've got what it takes to handle a start-up then either":

- you're an NWM junkie who's a compulsive risk taker...

- a "Rambo" kinda person who thinks they can always defy the odds and succeed while all other fail... (we call normal people who try to do super-hero tasks -fools)

- a gambler... think you're going to be very lucky or you're the kind of person who always likes to bite off more than they can chew.

- a beginner who doesn't know any better and is talked-into joining a new company by one of the above...

- or you're a really multi-talented, highly-skilled NWM veteran leader who knows how to perform all the professional missions slated above.

Trust me when I say that there's only about 5,000 leaders (very kind) in the world who have this kind of ability. These individuals are highly prized assets and should get in "early" in order to maximize their earning potential.

Now, lets also be honest regarding another valid point,  a talented person can join any company (mature or new) and do well... at this level, a professional "anybody" can pick and choose their career paths... but DO NOT BE FOOLED into thinking that just because you know "some of the secrets" the hitters know, that this means you should try to get into a deal that's over your head.

I watch soooooo many of you trying to "fake it until you make it" by trying to be a mini-John Fogg, mini-David Sage, George Haber, Randy Gage, Bob Butwin, Dave Klaybor, Mark Yarnell, Jeff Combs,  etc...

Stop trying to be such a mini-Tony Robbins, and just be proud of who you are... you're doing fine in the current deal your working. The grass is not always greener on the other side... grass is grass, is grass. Whether your in Amway or some new program, you can go to the top by developing your skill-sets and becoming a career professional NWMer.

You're just a work in progress just like all of us. Stop trying to hit home runs and start learning to get on first or third base.... the rest will take care of itself and fall into place. There's way to many people who think that they either must or deserve to make $100k/mo. in our business... heck, what's wrong with making $100k/yr., if I recall, that puts you in the top 1% of the world's income earners... and that's only $8,333/mo. - not $83,000/mo.. Dreaming is fine, but setting realistic attainable goals is more important. In order to make the reallllllllly good money in this industry, the rule is absolutely clear... select the perfect program for you... and then focus and stay in that ONE PROGRAM and work it like a pro for as long as it takes to attain your goals. By following this strategy, you will not be lured into looking at some new deal every week/month... and then the question about whether you need to be in early into a deal becoming a mute point. Keep stumbling forward, keep honing your skills, keep hitting base hits... and one day - you'll know when it just might be the right time for you to "get in early". Until then, enjoy the ride, it's the only trip you're going to make this lifetime.

Captain Dave                  [email protected]  


SKILLS vs ATTRIBUTES ... knowing the difference can make you RICH !

Understanding the deference between “Attributes” vs. “Skills”... can make you Wealthy !

Network Marketing Tips: by Industry Leader: - Dave Klaybor

“Attributes” vs. “Skills”...

....  which one do you think is more important to a distributors overall success? 

There are a lot of great “motivational” speakers and trainers in our industry. Many of them sound a bit like our Pastor, Rabbi, or Minister by demonstrating their unique ability to show an emotional, passionate, almost religious zeal about their topic.  These are the visionary people who “sell the dream” of the potential of our “living the good life” sometime in the future - and they teach that if only we’d apply ourselves to working our Home Based Business, we could live in our dream house, take long vacations, drive a luxury car and live a great life.... am I right? Sure I am.  Every Network Marketing or Direct Sales Company has secured the talents of at least a handful of some very inspirational presenters who lead the sales force using this kind of reasoning. I’ll bet you could name several of your favorite speakers who have energized you to take action within your business opportunity at some personal level...  this kind of dynamic leadership follows the simple (KISS) principal... and most of these fine instructors tell their students to focus on the qualities they insist are the keys to each individuals success... qualities like: persistence, belief, aggressiveness, hard-working, dedication, commitment, pro-activity, positive outlook, integrity, loyalty, passion, honor, out-going, tenacity, determination, resolution, faith, sharing your story, caring about the clients or your downlines best interests, always smiling, being a team player, being a great guy/girl, etc... etc... these personal development teachers subscribe to the program of developing an individuals “Attributes”. And rest assured, I agree with these teachers - for the most part.

But “Attributes” are only 1/2 of the overall Success Formula for a distributor... NOT the whole plan.

Most distributors get good grades in the “attributes” category... I’ll bet you’re committed, loyal, honest, hard working and positive... but how would you be graded if we tested your networking “Skills”? After 14 years in the industry as a trainer, trust me, most of the attendee’s I interact with in my seminars are very poor in the performance of the skills of their trade. These qualities would include: time management, organization, follow-up, using a planner, sales phraseology, closing techniques, getting referrals, business presentations, speaking at the front of the room, putting on events, goal-setting, reading body language, product knowledge, understanding your compensation plan and how it works, lead generation, voice mail, FOD, internet, appearance and writing copy, etc... etc...


Yuck- it hurts just to see these words in print! Yet these are all the dirty little details that enable you to run your business like a business, aren’t they... these are all the issues we procrastinate about doing, - so we put them off until later, and later never comes. We over-look or ignore most of the items listed above.. and that usually means we don’t make the “really big money” in our company, we don’t get a free company car, go on a paid vacation, win the company bonus pool or receive invitations to get into the company magazine... I’m right again, aren’t I. Thus most well-intentioned distributors find themselves clapping in the audience for the handful of people who decided to become competent in these skills-sets areas.


Rest assured, anyone who’s making any serious money in this industry is either: 1- very lucky... or 2- they’re competent in the Attributes as well as the Skill-sets area of this business... do not buy into any argument that suggests otherwise. I know tons of leaders in this industry and I’ve worked with most... and they are all indeed: highly “skilledin their trade ! So stop over-looking your skill development program, and start working on several of the skills listed above. It may take you 3 - 6 - 18 months to make any noticeable progress, but why struggle along getting frustrated at your lack-luster performance, when you know you have the talent to make it big in this industry... you’re just as intelligent as the big-dogs... you just haven’t installed many of the “skills” you need to succeed yet. How could you expect to earn money in any other field of endeavor without developing the proper skills required to do the job....? It’s amazing that many of us still hold on to the old belief that this industry is “simple and duplicable” and that you don’t need any talent to get rich... look around you, if this was the case, we’d all be wealthy. Thus, we call our industry NetWORK Marketing... not NetFool-a-round Marketing ! So go to work, and you’ll get the money... you just need to learn EXACTLY “what to do” (skills) and then you’ll start having a lot more fun in this business.


Well, help has arrived for all of you who want to become “Career Professional Network Marketers”! Each issue of MMM will now have this “Skill-Sets Development” column...  where each month I will share another handful of nuggets of wisdom for you to share with your downline in an effort to help you communicate more effectively with your prospects, close more deals and build a large sales organization. If you’re reallllllly serious about making an honest living in this field, I strongly suggest that you take a few of these ideas, and install them into your sales presentation each month, and you’ll be shocked to the increased success rate you’ll have... and remember, you can always email or call me with your questions, thoughts or contributions. Look for this column each month and photocopy this area and pass it on to your group as well! (or they could just get their own MMM subscription for only $20/yr!)

Here’s a few Great Questions / Closing Lines to use:  (learn one of these and look for more next month)

- Can you see the value of...              - Doesn’t it give you confidence to know...

- Can you get excited about...              - How would you spouse feel about what we just shared...

- Did you see an opportunity here with your company tonite? Will you be starting f/t, p/t or just

   using the products today?

Answer to Objection’s: (look for a few more next month)

Prospect:  I’ve got to think about it...

You: (Something is bothering your prospect and you need to find out why they’re stalling or procrastinating, don’t you?)  So say something like: What is it that you need to think about... just to clarify my thinking, what part of my presentation is it that you need to re-consider... was it the price, the quality or __? that’s preventing us from moving ahead?  Where did I drop the ball... would you be kind enough to critique the presentation of my business opportunity and offer me some suggestions on how I could better serve my clients?

Prospect: Money is not important to me...

You: Thanks for leveling with me... you must have some very interesting hobbies or interests that make you say this, could you share a bit about what interests you so much...? What is it that’s important to you about... (whatever is consuming their time/attention).  I know you would never have a fear of making a lot of extra money... so what would you do - or who would you help if  you were in a position to help others financially? Perhaps I could show you a way you could help others have as much fun and free time as you by helping them become part of the in-home business revolution...

- Captain Dave Klaybor, ATP...

Author-Writer-Columnist… Speaker-Teacher-Trainer… Mentor, Expert Consultant on Business Building Techniques… PR… Spin Doctor… Marketing Research and Testing to boost sales - his goal is to help YOU retire in 3-5 years, earn a free car, free vacation, win bonuses and earn $100k+/yr. F/t – DK is Pres. Of  PowerLine Systems a 24 year old world-class training and consulting firm who manufactures the finest Business Planning System designed specifically for the NWM industry. He is honored to have been voted at the Top Generic MLM Trainer in 03 on a popular website, his name on the cover of 7 books, he’s been on the cover of many publications, and his tools are sold in the largest NWM catalogs. Dave is a Record-Breaking Veteran Builder


David Klaybor has dedicated his life to teaching. He started at age 18 as a flight instructor and has since established himself as the worlds-expert at MLM time and event management systems... has built 6 huge downlines… his tools have been on the order forms of huge mlm operations like: Quorum – Rexall – Enrich – FreeLife –Arbonne…etc, etc…. and has designed the most unique business planner tailored exclusively of MLM career professionals. He’s worked with tens-of-thousands of distributors representing hundreds of companies in 12 countries. David’s unique teaching technologies have earned him feature articles in countless business publications. As a Mentor/Consultant, Mr. Klaybor will analyze your distributorship or mlm company operation and give you real solutions to your problems. David has shared the platform with most of the greatest leaders in the industry. Mr. Klaybor was honored to be included by his peers at many powerful industry events


To get a free tape on how to make $100k/yr. in NWM…email us: [email protected]


Lets schedule a Conf Call training event    – or -  do a 3-way training call with your group today !    


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Do Girls have an advantage pitching the Business Oppty... or is it a handicap. - is being a woman a hinderance or has no effect at all ?

Girls… Girls… Girls…!

By  [email protected]   (with comments from many leading lady networker’s )

As a businessman, professional NWM trainer, columnist and reporter, I have had the pleasure to work with hundreds of professional lady’s. In this report I wanted to ask some of the tougher questions to a few of my long time lady-friends. And as this man found out first hand, there are a wide variety of opinions and many women are very passionate about their beliefs.

Should a man (like me), write an article about women NMWer’s? The answer from the lady’s was a hesitant, yes…  I have to admit that a few women were not completely pleased with my initial direction… but with some proper coaching (I am still teachable), I was able to relay the majority’s point of view. I anticipate receiving emails because both men and women have some deep-seated opinions regarding this topic. And although all leaders will disagree regarding various topics, I admire and respect the opinions and historical track records of all these successful businesswomen. The first thing that was apparent to me, was the fact that business women wanted to be respected as individual entrepreneurs who stood for working their business with integrity.  There was a resounding theme that there’s a difference between sexuality and femininity…  Most woman felt comfortable using her femininity in business, but were not as comfortable using her sexuality to advance her career. So I asked…

Dave:  Should a woman use her sexuality in business?

- All the lady’s concurred that accomplished women are successful in all areas of their life – which includes a high moral value placed on her sexuality… most referred to it as using their femininity.

- Naomi:  Says no.  The best business decisions are always achieved with clear, relevant and straightforward facts.  Manipulation in any form reflects back to your own self-esteem and lack of belief in yourself and the business you represent.  A pro will quickly recognize this and pass you by.

- Cheri: says Yes. There are definite advantages to being a woman. I can get meetings a man can't. I am not perceived as a threat by other women that will schedule an appointment or be more open to my presentation. It is about representing yourself as confident and strong. I am single, but do not represent myself as available. It is not about sexual innuendo or suggestion, but I think it is ok to be feminine. If you sit in my office and listen to me on the phone, you probably can tell if I am talking to a man or a woman just by the tone of my voice. Girls can usually be perceived as Non-Threatening in a sales-type environment… and this can be used as an advantage.

-Helen: I believe in coming from a place of integrity in all situations, business or otherwise. I expect  this type of behavior from a man so why should he not expect the same from me? If a NMW has to play games such as removing her wedding ring in order to "rope" a male prospect then I would question her true motives. Is it long term success or short term cash? I have found being a strong, confident female in this industry to be an absolute advantage. Men find me to be motivating and will usually "step up" to the challenge in order to not "let me down." I can challenge them from a male ego point of view, i.e., "I'm just a Mom out here earning all this money, imagine what a big, smart guy like you could do." Women tell me they want to have more spunk and confidence like me. I don't find that I offend anyone with my leadership attitude, male or female

- Stephany, a long time friend, single mom, and fill time networker in Canada told me… that there are advantages to being a woman. But the truth is most women in business want to “partner” with men. They want to be taken seriously not treated like a sex object and will avoid anything too risqué so as not to complicate matters. Women know that their femininity can sometimes get them in the door, but this is not what makes or breaks a lady business leader. All women have first hand experience that proves that, in the end, sexual implications are detrimental to long term partnership and the success of the new business builder. 

   Copyright 19988 - 2010   David Klaybor / PowerLine Systems  - all rights reserved

Dave:  Should a woman put her picture on a business card or website?

- Linda: Yes. People are curious and a picture makes you real. 

- Helen: . My picture is on my business card and I put it there for a couple of reasons. One is because I am attractive, neat and professional. Secondly, I've always felt that it took quite a bit of self esteem and confidence to have your picture on a business card. I have always admired people who had their pictures on their card so I thought, "Why not?" I wanted to send a message to my prospects and perspective customers. The message; "I feel good about me and you should too". Before we developed our seminar/training company and were marketers in networking, my husband Jeff and I used to call everybody, (prospects) who had their picture on their business card first. Those individuals were usually some of our best marketers. They did have a lot of confidence and leadership abilities!

- Michael and Linda : (successful 25 year industry veterans), put their picture together as a couple on their business card… she is clearly a beautiful woman and this fact stands out and gets noticed…


Dave:  What kind of clothing should a woman wear?

Jane:  As a former model and designer, I love fashion.  I still have the “model figure” and I don’t dress frumpy. Again in business, my motto is “dress for success” and NOT for a sexual encounter.

Lisa: When it comes to dressing as a modern 21st century gal, I wear what I feel my best in. Usually nice, shorter than corporate America type skirts, heels and a suit jacket in a bright, bold color. I look polished and professional but not stuffy. Low cut blouses and lacy things are not proper attire for any woman who wants to be taken seriously in a business setting. I save those types of outfits for evening or for non business related functions.

Dave: the phrase “dressed to kill” didn't come from thin air… perfume use it or lose it... and should a woman’s hair be up or down... glasses or contacts....

Debbie: Dress for success! If you've got it flaunt it with professionalism, discretion and class. Short skirts are fine, but not toooo short, low cut is ok, but not toooo low cut. Using the gentle tone or softer phonics’  of a woman's voice can be used to effectively to get some ones attention and gain control of the conversation.

Dave: Is it ok for a woman to act feminine…use her femininity ?

Debbie:  Again a woman shouldn’t use manipulation or sooner or later it’ll backfire. I don’t want to “control” the situation.  I’m not looking for “impulse” buyers.  I use “posture” which is the external expression of my internal belief system and one of the great many benefits I enjoy as a successful networker is that I work with like-minded partners. But of course a woman will use her femininity – that’s who we are.  Let us not mistake femininity with sexuality.  

Patti: There will be those whose minds are set on the sensual appeal -- as I have been requested by a "guy leader" to go give a presentation in my tennis skirt. I didn't follow his advice, but it does show that some may think that would make "the difference".

Cheri: (who’s worked both sides of the industry, first as a successful distributor, and for the past 8 years has been one of the geniuses who make a NWM company function. )… she says: Let’s face it, sex sells. So if some business strategy gives you a competitive advantage, why not use it. If a woman feels she has “sexuality”, she should use it to retail, sponsor, and train – so long as it is done with taste and dignity.


Dave:  How about a few “Single Mom’s” – tips and tricks.

Naomi:  Hire your children and their friends to work in your business.  This teaches them entrepreneurship (something they don’t get in school), commitment, work ethics, and allows them to be a part of building the dream. Today, I would match my 20-year-old son and his friends (latchkey sons) to any networker out there.  What a multitude of blessings!  Also is a great tax write off.

Dave: Children, should they get involved or stay at home with the baby sitter or husband… can a woman use her children (in a positive way) to assist her in her business....

Debbie: most definitely, children should be involved in your business. Children do what you do, (not always what you say). The best way for children to learn the basic steps in life, Relationship building, Friendship making, and Partnershipping, is to follow their role model.

Dave: would you allow your daughter to ask someone to purchase something... is this permissible or wrong....

Debbie:  very permissible, it teaches the child communication, the art of selling, and how to handle the rejections.


Dave:  One-on-one presentation – do’s and don’ts.

Linda:  Simple – the same presentation for everyone – if my prospect in anyway gets off focus – I immediately address it and say something like this, “this is about me interviewing you to see if we can work together, we could stop right here or we could continue the interview, which do you prefer?  I’m looking for business partners that will go into my future for the long haul.  I establish this truth right up front with my prospects.

Patti: The relationship building process must be based on honesty, integrity, and ethics or it will crumble built on sand. There will always be an underlying subtle “appeal” from one sex to the other. There is no need to take that further than that natural appeal. Some men truly prefer to work with women, to be prospected by a woman, and to sponsor women. With absolutely no ulterior motives, that natural “appeal” from one to another does come into the picture of relationships. Sometimes, there seems to be territorial-type competition between 2 women or 2 men when working together where you don’t see this as often with a man and a woman. When I’m working with a married man I like to involve the wife ASAP so she won’t feel threatened by my phone calls or time spent in training. The husband/wife team is very valuable to their business as well as to me as the sponsor. We need to protect that relationship. Some men won’t listen to a woman who is prospecting them for her business because they are only “impressed” with other successful men.  A man and a woman CAN work together with NO male/female relationship. My business partner is a man and we are NOT involved in any way outside of a business/friendship relationship. 

   Copyright 19988 - 2010   David Klaybor / PowerLine Systems  - all rights reserved

Dave: What about women who make more money than husbands or boyfriends….

Cindy:  I make more money than 95% or more of the population – so what!  It’s not how much money you’re making; it’s what kind of person you become!  My motto – Character is who I am when no one is looking!

Naomi: I "had" a husband once who disliked me being in network marketing. He really felt threatened when I began working on myself from a personal growth stand point. I felt like a kite he had on a string. Once I realized how high I could fly he did everything in his power to pull me back down. I finally had to say, "This is my life and I will not be sabotaged by you or anyone else." He threatened to leave if I didn't quit network marketing. I didn't quit and he moved on to find a new kite to hang on to.


Jan Ruhe: (noted NWM leader, author, trainer ) says  that her husband loves the fact that she makes more money than he does. In fact, during the years the children were still at home before they left for university, he was the chef, the chauffeur, went to the grocery store, took her out to dinner, hired the housekeeper, took care of keeping the house in perfect shape, paid all the bills, did paperwork, anything he could do to relieve her of those tasks so that she could concentrate and free up time to build her business. The result? A partnership, now they travel the world, enjoy each other's loving companionship, both know the same people and love their life together. Bill is able to take off now, after his years of support and play golf, travel all over the world with me, meets me for long lunches and feels he is a big part of my success (which he is!). I dated several millionaires and every one of them would not have been as supportive as Bill is. Their egos were huge and their old fashion, "the man is the only one who can provide" was too much for me to take. I could have had that lifestyle, more than once. However, I have always heard that you pay for every dime someone else gives you and I wanted to make my own money. I could not be where I am today if it wasn't for my life partner, my man, my husband, he might not have provided me with paper money, but he is the main person who encouraged me to go for greatness, when I doubted myself, he pushed me to take risks and to become the woman he knew I could be. He is proud of me and is by far the most important man in my life. He has no fear that I travel on the road or have men emailing and calling me everyday. When a man loves a woman... and when a woman loves a man... For men who do not support women in building a Network Marketing business, maybe you might want to rethink your position. You might be attaching fear to the wrong value. What if she doesn't build a business? What if she doesn't become the woman she wants to be? how unkind is that? What IF you supported her in other ways than "traditional men" and jump in there and really see what you could do to free up phone time, reading time, seminar time and help your wife in those ways, I bet you would have a happier home life and certainly a more loving spouse. In this day and age, we all know that Women's Lib just didn't work, not only are men making less, but now it takes sometimes 2 people to make ends meet. Tolerance is low when you start a Network Marketing company and you have to invest (i.e. spend money) on a kit, on training, on books and tapes and travel and phone bills. Yep, that's so true. I borrowed money to get started. In my own name. I didn't NEED my spouse at the time to support my expenses. I didn't depend on him to give me working capital, after all the banks have money to loan. I paid all the loans back. Hmmm......if I did it so can you. Take a risk ladies, you never have to ask anyone if you can buy a diamond ring, take your children on safari, get new furniture, take care of your aging can do it and you can do it all, it's simply a matter of choice. The smart men help their precious love one to achieve HER dreams. They aren't jealous, they trust their spouses, they encourage their wives and get enthusiastic and take interest in what she is doing. When a woman truly loves a man, she won't walk away easily. If a woman grows past her husband ini personal growth and development, watch out! Thank God for smart men, you are the real stars. Smart men keep personally growing as well. I hear more and more about mid-life crisis, depression, pills, defeat, unemployment, good grief, there IS a better way! Network Marketing has made us a fortune. It's OUR business, not MY business. If I didn't have my loving husband, all my wealth would not have meaning. I love being able to jet off to Zimbabwe or Botswana, a week at a spa to surprise him with a private party in New Orleans, sailing in Vancouver, football games in Alabama, exciting trips to anticipate to Dublin and the UK. It's out there for you as well. On a silver platter. It's all about choices. Take the time to sit down with your spouse and share your dreams. You can shrink your dreams to match your income or you can expand your income to take care of your dreams. Have you heard of W.H.O. ladies? Stands for Wear Him Out. Think about it. Don't wait for your ship to come in, swim out to meet it. Dream beyond your dream. Why not you and why not now? Fire Up! and stay fired up no matter what for as long as it takes. Never give up on your dreams, never let anyone kill your dreams. Life is short, take urgent action. Remember to tell your spouse often, "Everything is going to work out ok baby." All the best, happy networking!


Dave: What about husbands or boyfriends who dislike the industry…

Jane:  Anyone that makes a lump sum judgment about an industry that includes 100’s of 1,000’s of people around the world - each with their own stories of defeat and triumphs – has a hidden agenda whether they are conscious or unconscious about it.  Usually low self esteem is at the root of this.  My approach is to empower this person by highlighting their industry and simply expect (demand) you get the same empowerment.  If this is not possible – I walk!


Dave:  Are women more emotional than men?

Sahara:  No – I believe men have just as many emotions as woman. Facts – physically as a woman, I am vulnerable to “high emotion” on a monthly cycle.  Is this an excuse for me to be rude, disrespectful or damaging to another – of course not!  It saddens me how our society disgraces this natural phenomenon – same as kicking someone when they are down.  Think of what it would be like if instead, we were honored and even catered to at this time. As a woman, I know that I would give 100 fold back the rest of the month!  As CEO in my business, I simply take time off – I can afford it.


Dave: where should a woman meet a man...

Debbie: women should always meet men - single or married - in a public place, and always take a business associate with you. This is not only for safety, but also teaches a duplicable formula to others in your organization.


Dave: who should buy lunch/dinner breakfast!?...

All ladies: the bill should be split, however if the man insists on paying it, then let him.

I highly recommend also reading Eleen Silva’s wonderful article titled: “How to prospect to the opposite Sex”…  email me and I’ll help you get in contact with her or any of our other lady’s. 


Patti Roney, ( USANA) and Speaker at the 1999 International Convention Women’s Conference. Patti also has a background as a Trainer for Rhythmic Aerobics, Founder and Teacher of “Challenged Women”, Head of the Radio Program, “Challenged Women”, and former owner of an Art & Craft Boutique Show. Her background also includes 23 years of nutrition study as a “layman”. She is the mother of 6 and considers motherhood her #1 joy and responsibility. (Raising the children alone)…


 Jan Ruhe, (Discovery Toys), Best-Selling Author, Business Builder, Powerful NWM Generic Trainer, she has a useful NWM ezine and website, mother of 3 grown children, blissfully married to her soul-mate. A beautiful person inside and out and a friend…


Cheri Petersen  (Health-Maker/Body-Electric)…single mom of six who has worked as a distributor in the field and now works in the administration of NWM operations. A petite 4’11” powerhouse who runs a tight ship at work but is a great person to have fun with after hours…

   Copyright 19988 - 2010   David Klaybor / PowerLine Systems  - all rights reserved

Debbie H, (Market America)… a good dear friend, a relentless giver, beautiful inside and out, a single mom of three great children, who earns a full- time income in our industry…this girl is going to go far.


Stephany Crowley, (Enrich) single mom with a beautiful girl: Author, Speaker, Business Builder, she’s a real super person and a friend. She has a useful website and understands the Canadian market better than most.


Article Dedicated to: Marci Paulson… a truly beautiful person, incredible human being, a dear friend who was a hardworking entrepreneur, a gift to the human race, a role model for men and women alike.. she loved God, she was blessed with beauty and a hear/soul of an angel. The world will miss you and never forget you.


See you next month! – your new friend and surrogate sponsor - Dave


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Using POWER for Good or for Bad intentions ...

      Understanding the difference between…

Good Witches… and  Bad Witches…

                                             - By David Klaybor


Once you get a good person interested DON’T LET THEM GO !!!!

Are you a good witch or a bad witch…?

Are you looking for an individual who possess the ability to build a large sales organization? Sure you are… We’re all looking for that superman or woman who’ll change our fate overnight. All of us are hoping that one day we’ll stumble unto that Grand Poobah / Starship Commander” person who sponsors into our program and drives sales volume through the roooooooof, aren’t we? Well folks, this article is going to help you find that perfect leader you’ve been hoping to find all these years.


So whether you’re the owner of a Network Marketing operation who has placed ads in search of top leadership… or whether you’re a professional mlmer’s who’s looking for an opportunity… or you’re a distributors who believes that one day soon he/she might be qualified as a big-hitter... this message is for you.


I could have titled the article: Understanding the difference between good distributors and bad distributors… but, you wouldn’t have gotten this far, would you? But I am certain that most every person in the world has seen the movie, “The Wizard of Oz”. Do you remember to two witches in the movie?


One was a youthful beautiful angel-like character. She had long golden hair, a longer flowing white lacy gown, and she talked with an authoritative, yet tender sweet voice. Her demeanor was gentle, kind and welcoming… yet she clearly possessed leadership traits. She seemed concerned about the plight of others, she wanted to help those in need and emitted a genuine warmth of character. You felt you could trust her. She was a mother, a sister a friend to all people. We were happy to see her when she floated down unto the screen because she was the person who lead us to feel faith, hope and the chance for opportunity and possibilities. How many of you would like to sponsor her into your downline? Yahoo.


The other witch was dark, cold and scary. She had long stringy black hair, a crooked nose attached to a bony face, pointy hat and plain black gown. Her screechy voice, anorexic appearance and hairy warts frightened me as a child. She was demanding, selfish, greedy, uncaring, and was willing to hurt anyone who stood in her way to getting what she wanted. I’m certain that she played cards with Attilla the Hun, Scrooge, and Darth Vader on Friday nights. We were glad to see her melt away, weren’t we? Now imagine for a moment that she was in your downline. Yikes.


Well finding professional network marketing leadership isn’t as easy as taking notice of whether your potential prospect, (who’s suppose to be a big-hitter type of distributor), arrived by floating gently down in a bubble or riding in on a broom. Anyone of us who’s been around for awhile in this industry know that’s it’s pretty darn hard to find a “good witch”. Here’s the problem…


Modern-day “Bad Witches” disguise themselves as “Good Witches”. They found out that poor hygiene, dressing in all-black and talking like a gangster all the time was not as productive as changing their image…

Money makes you more of who you are

Captain Dave  - 2.5 decade MLM LEADER… Author – Teacher – Trainer – Business Builder – Marketing Research – Expert Consultant - PR          [email protected]

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I Hate Time Management !

I Hate Time Management !

or, The Repugnance of Prioritization, Lists, Organization and Time Mgt...


By [email protected]   (with contributions by industry geniuses:

 Mark Yarnell, Jan Ruhe, Bob Butwin, Tom  Schreiter, Jeff Combs, Randy Gage and Uma Outka)

In an effort to make this usually bland topic fun and exciting, I’ve asked 7 NWM Genius friends of mine to offer you their secret tips on how to overcome the business building obstacles associated with organization, follow-up, and time management.

Yuck… just hearing these words makes most of us cringe… so why should you read this article and pass it on to your group? Well we all know we need to get a lot better in these areas in an effort to increase sales and/or build a large sales organization, don’t we? You know I’m right. So here’s the deal.  I’ve added a lot of humor (see below) and brought in a ton of celeb’s secrets to add some fire-power… now you know that that’s the best deal you’re ever going to get on this topic… so lets discover a few nuggets of wisdom that will help you “Recruit 10 people over the next 10 days”… or perhaps you’ll let me share a few tricks that will assist you in, “Earning $750 in the next 72 hours!"  This article is sounding a bit more interesting, isn’t it? Let’s continue…

Why is it that most direct sales people and network marketing distributors seem to dislike the topics of organization and time management? Because deep down, entrepreneurs are the types of people that like to do anything other than perform follow-up, organizational and time management-type stuff… right?  Right. Most of us are running away from all the corporate business stuff, not moving toward it. We hate all forms of regimentation, restraints, limits or controls like: checklists, rules, regulations, reading directions, pre-planning our months activities, etc… We are free form spirits who like doing what we want, when we want to do it… we prefer winging it, changing directions on-the-fly, editing our plans, moving or breaking down walls, and adding ingredients without following a recipe book. We are irreverent towards corporate business policies and procedures. – Aren’t we? This could be the definition of a purist “Entrepreneur”.


Let’s face it, if a time management guru like me spent a week with (most of) you, I rather doubt that you would get an “A” in time management, organization, and follow-up. Am I right? … you know I am. Except for a handful of you, your work area looks like a battlefield… (and your side lost).  Whether you run your business full-time in an office environment, or you’re cacooning as part of the in-home business revolution… the workspace that you have selected is normally pretty disorganized… and this mess is costing you a TON of money. You know it, I know… yet most of us ignore the fact that a little application on our part, might yield millions, yes millions, in returns over time.


Lets start at the focal point of your business building world, your desk. Your drawers are a war zone… there are power bar wrappers overlapping mustard packets that are strewn around various collections of now meaningless, once-important documents. Defunct coupons, old tickets and last years receipts lie alongside a picture of your 5 year old niece (she’s 9 now). Expired rubber bands strain to hold together the coveted business card collection we’ve gathered at the zillions of events we’ve attended. These “tiny data cards” represent years of our dedicated commitment to our craft.


Most of your desks have piles of dusty papers integrated with various manila folders that are scattered all over your work area. Lots of multi-colored post-it-notes are sticking to the walls bearing messages dating back several years. Discolored faxes overlap unlabeled floppy disks that are covering unopened months-old mail. No one is ever sure about what’s at the core of this mess… but I’d guess that somewhere near the bottom you’d find the VCR remote control unit you’ve been blaming everyone about, an UN-cashed check, your DMV license renewal information and a few partially used note-pads. The closer you get to the center of the pile … you discover some old information packages that where over-nighted to you by some competing distributors who’re trying to lure you into their “more lucrative” business… as well as a few more business expense receipts and several old magazines. At the epicenter you’ll find a few books you promised yourself you would read… one even has the yellow high-lighter still wedged inside.


Author’s Warning: Take it from an expert who’s witnessed organizational disasters of an unprecedented magnitude. If you don’t sort through and clean-up your “pile(s)” today, the column teetering on the edge of your desk may become “unstable” and (like an avalanche) it may topple-over spilling your collectibles over the floor creating a mess of nightmarish proportions. There is an art to stacking paper piles on desks. Some of us are masters at it and can pile things up so high it can be measured in “feet”.  A genius stacker can be designated by his/her ability to incorporate odd sized items within the piles of infrastructure, and still maintain a solid ridged pillar. The mega-genius is the entrepreneur who lives in California where the pillar’s architecture must remain stable while absorbing the brunt of an “earth quake”. To date I believe that there’s only been a couple freak casualties directly due to pile spillage.


But even one casualty is too much for me. Thus, I have dedicated my life to preventing these disasters, and in the process/ by default I’ve become the worlds expert authority at organization and time management for NWM entrepreneurs. I humbly submit that, “no one”, and I mean no one, can claim that they have preformed more research or in-depth analysis on this awesome subject than I. Sooooooo, lets explore some entertaining, useful solutions to cleaning up our messes and following-up on our promises and getting more things done in a day… all in an effort to retire in 3-5 years with a health residual income.


Here’s a real time saver for you builders. Always put as many people on a phone call or in a room as possible, because no matter what you’re doing… there's a group of others that need to hear the same thing. So cut down dramatically on the number of trainings and opportunity briefings you do by performing group sessions rather than one-on-ones. Why think 3-way, when you can link 4,5 and 6 just as easy. Always train the 80%er’s in mass and the 20%er’s in one-on-one sessions.


All distractions are equal! Learn not to look up or make eye contact with people, who walk by.  When you do, you invite them to communicate with you, and 80% of the time they will take you away from something important you were accomplishing and innocently steer you away from your mission.


Shame on you if you’re not tapped into the web. This is a potentially a huge time management, organizational and follow-up tool. BUT, you must learn to use the Internet making sure not to let the Internet use you. The web can help you save tons of time… or it can soak-up every ounce of your energy with little measurable results. Search engines like: Google, Bing, InFind, DogPile, MSN or yahoo will all assist you in solving problems, locating people and finding business information very quickly. Email marketing efforts, Ezines, address books online, and banners are good tools to get the word out quickly, but converting leads into cash is not an easy business. So, this success strategy comes with a warning, beware of becoming addicted to meaningless surfing, joke sending, adult sites, chat rooms and other computer related time wasters. Some of you spend most of your free time in front of a computer screen. You are the distributors who are trying to build your business on the web. This is not a business building strategy that should be embraced by every NWMer because if you do not know what you’re doing, you’re going to get farther off-track than on-track. I’m currently writing an article on this topic soon – if you want to be quoted, send me your pro/anti web comments to [email protected] .


Next, learn to always hire the best company or find the most competent individual to get anything you need done or completed. Oftentimes we take the simple or cheap route to getting things off our to-do list… and the task only comes back over and over to haunt us… and it also winds up costing twice as much as well! The carpenter’s rule holds true for time management issues: “measure twice, cut once”.  (get it)


Try to do several things at the same time… this is called “multi-tasking”… but beware MT strategies aren’t for everybody. Some of us can not chew gum and walk at the same time. Sooooo – this time management success formula should only be embraced by individuals who can successfully focus on many issues at the same time and accomplish the mission with all fingers and toes intact. This doesn’t mean, do brain surgery while dancing and singing “Born in the USA”… but I suggest you re-read Jan’s section above where she suggests that we learn how to: clean up the children’s toys, while… getting the soup going for dinner, while… washing a few loads of laundry, while… listening to your mother’s 30 min. sermon on the speakerphone.


   Copyright 19988 - 2010   David Klaybor / PowerLine Systems  - all rights reserved

Jan Ruhe says: You can remember the day you got into Network Marketing… but nothing really happens until the day Network Marketing gets into you. Once it gets inside of you, you can't help but begin to rearrange your time to free up more time to spend on your business. Here are a few time management strategies I’ve used to become a top producer in the industry. When I was just getting started and had three young children at home, I didn’t have time to be the scout leader, the PTA President, the Sunday school teacher, etc. My priorities where my children and growing a NWM business. Learn to say "NO" to almost anything that distracts you from building your business, there will be tons of time later in life. The second strategy I use is to do many things at the same time. I get up early to get the laundry going, plan dinner, get myself ready for the day, before my children ever were up in the morning. Additionally, here's what bothered me a lot through the years, the drain people. Do you know what that is? Are you one? The drain people are the people who talk, talk, talk, and never take action. Ugh! “Life” time is of great value to me; you can never get back time. It's easy to bless and then release critical people in my life; they are drain people as well. There are reasons why people succeed and only excuses why they don't. I navigated around and through tough times and kept a great attitude no matter what. Tough times never last but tough people do. Capture all those names in the Powerline organizer and follow up, follow up, follow up… Fire Up! 


Mark Yarnell has an interesting perspective… I hate time management so I got involved in network marketing.  The beauty of our industry consists partly in the fact that we need only manage three hours a day while most other professionals have to go create structure for ten or

twelve.  I recruited a huge amount of front line distributors in my first six months by managing one hour each morning from face-to-face prospecting, another hour each afternoon for an in-home presentation and one hour each evening for telephone follow-up support.  The rest of the day was flexible, unmanaged time during which I dealt with whatever arose.


My goal each morning was to approach 20+ individuals in one of four different locations with a simple question:  “If you knew for sure that it were possible to earn thirty to ninety-thousand dollars a year and retire in three years at that income level ... is that a business you would at least want to investigate?"  I got the business card from each person who said, "Yes," and

moved on immediately.  It was a solid, uninterrupted hour of prospecting.

Those whom I could get to an in-home presentation were scheduled for one of my 2:00

weekday appointments during my evening telephoning times.


In MLM no one needs manage every hour of every day so as long as they are

seriously willing to work hard when they do workFlexibility is the key.

If you need to compulsively manage your time I suggest you go to work for

some corporation.  


Tom Schreiter says: Following up is critical! When you buy a product, here is the deal… you give them $30 and they give you something in return. That's it. No long term commitments, relationships or entanglements. However, when you sponsor prospects into your network marketing program, here is the deal: I pay you $30+ for a kit, then you want me to buy monthly on auto-ship, then you want me to give up evenings and weekends, and then you want me to commit to a long-term relationship with you as my sponsor -- etc. It's hard to get this level of commitment from a one-time meeting. You need lots of follow up to build a strong enough relationship for your prospect to make this decision, and then you need more follow up to help them build into something worthwhile. That's why follow up is so important in network marketing. Look at it this way. If you wanted to ask someone to marry you, what would be your success if you only asked strangers on your first contact? Not very good. However, if you have several meetings with repeated follow up, you will build a strong relationship. This will increase your odds of your business marriage proposal being answered positively -- and increase your odds of successfully sponsoring prospects. Thanks for asking. “Big Al”.


Bob Butwin says…  Here are some simple yet important strategies that have helped make me financially independent for life. First, get yourself a professional NWM Business Planner and use it! Next, never put off for tomorrow what you can do today, unless you can delegate it to someone who is very qualified. You can get tons more accomplished if you stop piling up stuff you have to-do and just do it right away and get it over with.  You’ll get a lot more accomplished in life when you learn to give others some responsibility and learn to delegate whenever you can.


Also, stop whining, stalling and procrastinating about getting things done. To-do items rarely ever magically go away. So follow Nike’s slogan and “Just Do it!” Additionally, another huge time waster is talking negatively about anything. When did you ever make more money or get something done faster, when you: made excuses, justified or defended a stupid point, fibbed, shouted at someone, pouted all week, frowned all month, etc. All this kind of stink’n think’n drags you down, wastes your time, costs you money, destroys your business, disrupts your family life, pisses-off your best friends, and makes you die sooner.


Randy Gage takes the hard line by saying that Financial Freedom comes from discipline. I’ve worked with RG for a decade now and professionalism and higher business standards are his credo. He says it this way, I don’t like to make my bed, but I like coming home to a neat clean organized home… he said that as a distributor, he didn’t like to prospect, but he was determined to live the lifestyle residual income provides. He admits to being old fashioned in this regard. He adds that the use of his to-do list is the focal point of his life…. and he insists that prioritizing items on his list is critical.


Tim Sales says: Have an IN, PENDING, and OUT basket. IN means you've never seen it before. Pending means that you can't take that task any further right now. OUT means that you're done with it and it needs to be sent out or filed. The toughest rule but one that must be followed is to ONLY touch it ONE TIME. The biggest time management killer is double and triple work because you don't handle it the first time you pick it up. Here's an example: You get an email that comes into your IN folder and you "read" it to see what it is. You don't handle it then because you don't "have" time. You then come back to it after lunch and re-read it again (you just doubled your work - extremely unproductive). That was a very simple example, now that I've alerted you to it, watch how often you do it.


Jeff Combs says…  As a top producer I have found that the secret is that success is not a pay off, it is a process. Only while in the process do you ever collect pieces of the pay off in the early stages of your networking career. It is imperative that you learn how to make time work for you, rather than against you. Most people spend their time getting ready to get ready, intellectualizing the process and figuring out how to become successful rather than taking the necessary action in order to achieve the success. The proper steps to becoming successful are, Action! Action! And more Action!  You are in the business of collecting decisions (yes & no’s) and the more decisions you collect the better chance you have of getting a few yes’s.  It is through this process that you begin to develop consistent action over a period of time so that you will eventually see consistent results.  Remember that building a strong organization of top producers requires the willingness to go through the process. After all, this thing called success is a marathon, not a sprint.

   Copyright 19988 - 2010   David Klaybor / PowerLine Systems  - all rights reserved

 A few more quick Time Management Solutions

When working at home or in an office, create a work environment that promotes working your business like a business. Only 10% of you have actually designed a sophisticated work area. Here are some ideas: put up a mirror on the wall directly in front of you so you can see yourself while you work. Next, use a computer and a professional NWM Business Planning System to keep track of all your business activities and contacts. You need both! You’ll need a fax/copy machine, VCR, corkboard, white board, tape recorder, and all the other misc. tools you need to operate a real business. Try to enclose the area so you can shutout the rest of the world to prevent distractions. Some of you might be handy enough to use a large closet, basement or attic area as your business hide-a-way. There are tons of other issues regarding this point alone, so write me for more. P.S. don’t forget to modify your bathroom as well. I read 80% of everything I have to read there to save time. So have note pads, high lighters, a phone and cassette player there to assist you in your endeavors. What else do you have to do there anyway… why not convert the potty into a revenue generator?


Dress for success, believe it or not, it is an absolute fact that you follow-up more, get places on time more often, lose less phone numbers, remember more things and prioritize items more effectively when you’re “dressed up” for doing your business. The rule is, dress one or two notches above the peer group you’re with. So if you’re in farm country, a suit and tie is out. If you’re in a home, dress smart but casual. When you’re at the Ritz, dress to kill. This includes “dressing up” your car and house as well. You don’t have to have a new car or huge house to impress people, if you use some ingenuity. So, even if you’re driving an ’85 Escort, a car can be painted for $399, special wheels can be purchased from discount newspapers in the used-parts section for $50 each, seat covers are under $300… so for under $1000 you’ve got a new-looking automobile. The same strategy can be used at the hardware store to dress up the house and yard. All you need to do is invest some sweat equity and in a few weeks, you’ll be living in a palace. Now when you go to pick up your prospects and invite them to a home party… they’re impressed instead of depressed! Additionally, toss everything you haven’t used in a year or more… give anything of value to Goodwill and earn a tax write-off… Dress-up your complete life, start showing the world that you’re neat, clean and organized… aren’t people who behave and live this way the type of people that you most respect and feel the most comfortable with? Sure they are… so why not become what you expect in others. This is all pretty common sense stuff, isn’t it? And believe it or not, this all helps dramatically in saving time and spending time wisely.


Learn the Red time/Green time rule. It’s simple to understand and easy to use. If you were employed, your boss would tell you that he owns the hours between 9am to 5pm. He/she expects you to only perform moneymaking job-related issues during the time he pays you. You would own the red time before and after his 9-5 green time. Since you’re the CEO of your own NWM distributorship business, what red and green times do you set up for yourself? Whatever times you set up for yourself, you must tell your friends and family members to leave you alone and not bother you with tasks and issues unrelated to building your business and reaching your financial dreams during your NWM green time. Learn to stop fooling around doing meaningless, unproductive “stuff” all the time. We all hate doing the business, until the business starts doing things for us… then all of a sudden it’s fun to get up early and stay up late doing things that make your business blossom.


I’ve saved the best for the last. So if you’ve read this whole article, here’s the big pay-off. If you want a time management trick that will help you save 10-30 years of screwing around, then implement “Dave Klaybor’s Secret #5” which tells us to find ourselves a “Success Coach” who will help us stay on track with all the strategies noted herein. At one time or another all through our lives, there’s always been someone that kicked us in the butt all the way across some finish line. For some of us it was our teacher, brother/sister, mother/father, grandparent, friend, minister, etc. This individual usually was a pain in the butt, telling us to do something that we didn’t want to do, but once we did it, it changed our lives and helped us grow ten feet taller. Who would be a “Success Coach” that was/is in your life that helped you accomplish something great? Call them now and thank them – I know you want to do it, and I’m being your success coach right now by insisting that you do it – you know I’m right. I have an in-depth article on this subject on my web-site if you’d like to learn more about finding and using a “Success Coach” go to


That’s all the time we have today… I’ll leave you with this thought: Time: Ask an older person what time is: They will tell you a secret!  It’s your only non-renewable resource.  To waste it is a crime.   To manage it equals accomplishment. To have more of it, you must first give some up.  What will you do with your remaining time on earth?  How much time do YOU have left?  Do you have a written plan for its purpose? Fifteen minutes planning each morning saves years over time. Do you have a plan for the remaining time you have on this earth?


Captain Dave Klaybor, ATP...  - President of a 24 year old world-class training and consulting firm who manufactures the finest Business Planning System designed specifically for the NWM industry. He is honored to have his name on the cover of 5 books, he’s been on the cover of many business publications, and his tools are sold in the largest NWM catalogs. To get a free tape on how to make $100k/yr. In NWM… Dave is a Record-Breaking Veteran Builder, Author/Columnist, Speaker, Marketing Expert...

DK’s tools are “Celebrity Endorsed” and have recently won an “Industry Award” for Product Excellence… Captain Dave Klaybor is President of PowerLine Systems email:  [email protected]

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