Captain Dave is blessed to have decades of Direct 
Sales Success.. and his experience enables him to
teach you the SECRETS Entrepreneur's need to 
Suceed at their Home-Based Business 

-his unique "Skill-Set" Training will Help you to:  Get your
Bio in the Co Magazine, Win Award$ and Bonuse$, Retire
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WHO SHOULD READ THIS SITE ? David Mentor's Entrepreneur's who want to: - Drive a FREE Company Car...       - Enjoy FREE Company Vacations...   - Pay off ALL their Debts within 1-2 years...   - Retire within 3-5 years...       - Earn $500 to $2500/month part-time, or a  6-figure Full-Time Income...       - have their Profile displayed in the Company Magazine...    - Build their Dream House...      - have the $$ to send their kids to a great College...      DO YOU WANT TO STOP setting the alarm-clock for 5am to drive in bumper-to-bumper traffic... breathing Polluted air... going to a job you hate...  earning an average salary...  and never having enough time/money to enjoy your family and your favorite hobby   - -

You work HARD... yet others earn much more than you do...  you're smart... yet your debts are high and your bank account is small ?  You're trying to do things right...  yet you don't seem to be living the lifestyle you deserve 

You seem to be smart at all of the things that don't make you rich !    ARE YOU READY FOR THE SECRETS to SUCCESS... you're in luck... your search is over. 

Captain David Klaybor has the missing link that helps you TURN YOUR KNOWLEDGE INTO CASH & become a craftsman at your Direct Sales/NWMing trade. We don't teach hype or focus just on just "motivation", there are plenty of fine individuals with inspirational systems that will get excited. But few companies ever discuss or focus on INSTALLING the Skill-Sets side of the equation. We pride ourselves as being the only EXPERT Consulting-Training Operation that specifically teaches individuals how to work the day to day items necessary to succeed in the network marketing or direct sales industry.


Our unique CASH-FLOW-PRODUCING Systems - Techniques - Technologies are SIMPLE to implement... and they are Proven and you WILL witness RESULTS ! 


- AWARD WINNING TRAINING: Schedule a 3-way call - Conference Call - Regional Seminar Workshop or online Webinar ... our job is to BOOST RECRUITING, Grow Retail Sales, Increase Revenues... help your Members Grow their Home-Based Businesses ...  email us, you will be ASTONISHED at what we can do to help your business expand !

- AWARD WINNING SALES TOOLS:  Capt Dave is the designer/creator of the Industries Finest MLM Business Planner System - the PowerLine Master Series Planner... ask for the free tape, call DK directly or email for more information. DK's tools were sold on the Co Order Forms with huge mlm operations like: Quorum, Enrich, Rexall, FreeLife, Arbonne, Conklin, etc, etc, etc...  find out WHY !   DK's tools are PROVEN... and they WORK to increase sales !!

- World Class Business CONSULTING ...  if you want to launch a new MLM Operation or Re-Build the one that’s not producing ... if you require MARKET TESTING, Mktg Research, PR, or Spin Doctor Activities...  you will be AMAZED at what we can do for you !

- INCREDIBLE Relationship Counseling Services:  Arbitration...  Inter-Personal Relationship Challenges in the field or in the office environment...  help with any Personality-Type Challenges ---- you will be shocked at what we offer our clients... and how well we perform at solving problems that are costing you millions !



READ THIS SITE if you need to:  - Significantly INCREASE RECRUITING .....   - Dramtically BOOST SALES .....      -  or,   you need to figure-out WHY YOUR BUINSESS is so Stale-Flat-Weak ...   - How do I make my Oppty Fresh, Alive, Exciting and Interesting....      -  you need TRAINING that produces increased Cash-Flow...    - you seek to design/launch a NEW MLM Company ...   -  you are TIRED of all the BS, and are committed to making Serious Changes to IMPROVE YOUR INCOME ...   you want to drive a FREE CAR, go on FREE VACATIONS... RETIRE in 3-5yrs... Earn a 6-figure Income... pay-off all your Debts ASAP ......  - - -  if this is YOU .... then lets form a STRATEGIC ALLIANCE BUSINESS PARTNERSHIP  ! 

--   The COLOR TYPE BOOK is David's Best Work....    you absoluetly NEED to install this information into: YOU and  your entire sales force  ASAP ...     you will wonder how you ever did business without this vital information    --



 Schedule a FREE Conference Call TRaining Event right now... and test Dave to see if he's as brilliant as he seems...  we guarentee you that you will be amazed at who he is and what he can do to assist you in reaching your goals !

 Mr. Klaybor's World-Class "Teaching Technologies" are: Fresh, Alive, New, Interesting and Different... you have NEVER witnessed a Menor/Teacher Like this man before....    HE WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE


.....     GET Dave on your TEAM   .....

   EMAIL DAVID RIGHT NOW:         [email protected]

be sure to read DK's BIO and see all this pictures...  get a pic with him !

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