Captain Dave is blessed to have decades of Direct 
Sales Success.. and his experience enables him to
teach you the SECRETS Entrepreneur's need to 
Suceed at their Home-Based Business 

-his unique "Skill-Set" Training will Help you to:  Get your
Bio in the Co Magazine, Win Award$ and Bonuse$, Retire
Early, Pay-Off your Debts, Drive a FREE CAR, Go on FREE
Co. Vacations, Earn MORE $, Sponsor more Distr's, Retail
more products, SMILE MORE !  +   EMAIL  NOW  p[email protected]

please see our Sister Site at                                                            This Section is designed for:   -   MLM Owners   -   Executives   - Administrator's   -   and some Top Distributor Leaders ....... we will talk mostly about BACK-OFFICE Issues.....    and primarily about the most important topic that RARELY gets discussed .......    the  "Company Design" - Product-Mix  - the Companies "STORYLINE"

This Section is designed for:   -   MLM Owners   -   Executives   - Administrator's   -   and some Top Distributor Leaders ....... we will talk mostly about BACK-OFFICE Issues.....    and primarily about the most important topic that RARELY gets discussed .......    the  "Company Design" - Product-Mix  - the Companies "STORYLINE"  - - - - - why will YOUR Oppty Succeed, when 96% of them WILL FAIL within 2-3 years    - - - - - Capt Dave KNOWS THE "Insider SECRETS" to Survive, and to Thrive in a very Very TOUGH Business Environment !       - - - you had better get DK on Your Leadership TEAM to increase the odds of your success  - you DON'T want him on your


Lets communicate to potentially consider forming a  "STRATIGIC ALLIANCE BUSINESS PARTNERSHIP" together...  to maybe think about maybe adding DK to your "Insider Leadership Team"  v-  or perhaps adding DK as a Consultant v -v or maybe as a MUSE to the owner ...

 ...  let's find out if we have the "chemistry" necessary to create some real SYNERGY TOGETHER.

Captain Dave is blessed to communicate with more Direct Company Owners/Leaders than most Industry Experts in the world... 


Every week, some Industry Leader, (huge and small), will contact David and ask him to help them to:  

-  SOLVE a Very Important High-Level PROBLEM...   - Aid them in Overcoming some Critical Insider Challenge Confronting them...  

-  Help Them Choose/Make a Critical Decision...  - Arbitrate Solutions with the Field...  - put out some administrative "fire"

-  they ask DK to help them Hire/Fire staff, and then find a quality replacement employee...  

- they call to discuss Product-mix issues... or help them to discover/find an exciting new cutting-edge Product/Service for them to introduce/add into their productline...

- DK deal with RAIDER's all the time !  Owners contact Dave when they feel that some of their Top Leaders are planning to LEAVE and maybe even STEAL much of the Sales Force when they migrate to another Oppty...  - this is a critical area to deal with - don't screw-up in this area

-  DK is often asked to help an owner modify his Compensation Plan...  edits in this area can make-break the confidence the field has in the Company Administration...

- they ask DK to discover if a VENDOR is honest or a creep before they engage in a Long-Term Business Relationship with them... 

-  DK is often asked to perform SECRET Research regarding Confidential matters... thus DK has performed a lot of Clandestine DETECTIVE WORK for some of the biggest companies in the world

- David will be called in to help an Owner overcome some horrible PR problem... some issue that could damage the companies BRAND, the owners Reputation... or the public's Perspective / Governments Actions or some other potential momumental catastrophy ... call DK BEFORE you get in trouble..... DK will help you STAY OUT OF TROUBLE - before you get IN DEEP and it costs your firm MILLIONS or more !

- DK will help an owner/exec to design a TRAINING PROGRAM... Distributor Kit Design... or create SALES AIDS to boost sales

- DK provides Owners and Top Leaders with Confidential REPORTS all the time...    this is what DK does...   and if you do not have an outside the office environment "go-to" guy you can trust, then maybe DK is your new CONFIDANT

- DK helps re-build stalled or failing operations...  this is one of his best talents.  Let DK analyze/research/study your operation... and find out what is holding it back from moving forward. Let DK find your landmines and remove the cog’s clogging-up your machine... isn't it time your company started growing by at least $1M/month every 18 months - we think so   ;-)

 DK is often asked to install many of his WAR ROOM Strategies to assist operations in:  GROWING SALES...  - BOOSTING STOCK PRICES...  - Increasing RECRUITING LEVELS...  - Increasing the average /$/mo per Distributor...  Increasing the "Activity Ratio"...  - Decreasing Fall-Out Ratio's...    and other issues related to Growing the company


So, if you want or surround your inner-circle with "YES PERSONs"... you won't be working with DK, because he is a "TELL IT THE WAY IT IS" consultant.....  like a friend who takes away your keys when you've had to much to drink at a Pub... DK will deal in a STRAIGHT FORWARD Manner...  DK uses the Tough Love Method when necessary...  So  Don't ask DK a question if you are NOT prepared for an HONEST ANSWER. 

DK will not sugar-coat the issues...    DK will not tell you what you want to hear...  and thus, DK hand-picks his clients and  doesn't have a Celebrity Status that other Consultants have.  DK doesn't need your Business... and won't compromise on his reputation


SEE IF YOU QUALIFY to work with Capt Dave...

- you MUST:   

-  have the real COURAGE TO ENBRACE CHANGE ... 


-  if you are cheap - forget it / if you're broke and still want to do things the correct way, we can still talk ...   

- you must be a Leader who IS TEACHABLE ... 

- an Executive can not be POMPUS, ARROGANT, have a HUGE EGO and think they are right all the time... you won't get along with DK. 

- You must be, and want to promote:   INNOVATATION  -  CREATIVITY  -  Open-Mindednes  -  your whole team must be "Teachable"  while having a very  Positive Attitude  - your group needs to be  Pro-active   and allow DK to contribute in big ways. 

DK's nickname is “Captain Dave” because he was trained as an Airline Captain... and thus, he will behave in this leadership manner ... so if this doesn't fit your MOLD, then find another consultant...  But if this makes sense to you... and this reasonates with who you are and how you want to build your operation, while solving problems... then we should share and learn more.   There's a TON of material on this site to help you better-understand the Character - Resolve - Integrity of David's method of doing business.

 After all of this being said, Do you want to work together... ?  If YES, then put your story in an email and fire it off today   ;-)



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