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 Phase I         - - - How to become a Career Professional Networker                        - - - How to earn a 6-figure annual income.......       - -  -                    - - - How to become a CRAFTSMAN at the MLM Trade !

Phase I              

How to become a Career Professional Network Marketer


I- DECIDE TO BECOME AN MLM PROFESSIONAL: Take this oath: "For richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health... for at least 2 to 5 years...  I  (you) promise to stay on course..." You must start internally with the serious commitment and goal to become a professional Networker! This will require an attitude adjustment. (ware the

"Attitude" pin on your cloths makes you money!)

            - MLM'ing is really a Craft / Trade... 50 year history. Have FAITH

-          MLM's a Career, not a hobby... run your bus. like a bus.

-           MLM works, do you?... Get in, Stay in. Be a part of the “process". Success is not a place, it's the    

     "journey". Never quit before the "compound-factor" kicks in.

            - Explain the bamboo story:

            - What's the earning potential atop of any career/profession?

            - Is knowledge Power? Y/N... What does Napoleon Hill say?

            - What's listed on your Resume  vs. What's on your bank statement

-          You need a System to bridge the gap between what you know and where you want to go... PowerLine training IS A SOLUTION

            - "Being Human"... you'll make mistakes, learn to stumble forward

            - All out Massive Action... f/t or p/t. You only get 1 first month

            - the beginning a new distr. must focus on the 70% WHY / 30% HOW


II- BECOME A STUDENT... MAKE A PLEDGE TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL FOR 9-12 MONTHS SO YOU CAN RETIRE IN 3-5 YRS. /W A $50k/yr. PASSIVE INCOME: You must commit to changing your life. This means that you are willing to REPROGRAM YOUR HABITS, to role-model and pattern your life differently than you live it today so you can perform tasks all career professional Networkers do to achieve success.

            - Mirroring / patterning... are you willing to "pay the price"?

            - Finding a mentor that's right for you

            - Retailer, business builder, f/t, p/t, etc...

             - Change is inevitable... be open to change because it can either be positive or negative... why not

                make it a positive one! Positive change is paramount and equal to success… it takes courage to

                 listen to others ideas and embrace change

             - remove negative people from your life... surround yourself with positive, pro-active, dynamic and                  growing  people.

            - your friends and family might be the biggest draw-backs to your success

            - learn the Serenity Prayer:

            - it's some peoples jobs to be negative, it's what they do.

            - all new concepts go thru these steps:

                        1- ridicule: airplane, people say it won't work- 3% of the population gets involved...

                        2- opposition: people don't like change- the transition period whereby people move from

                           opposition to acceptance...

                        3- self-evident: established market demand- 97% become involved.

            - just commit to being there 5 years from now!


Understanding this principle will enable you to keep your commitment to reconditioning, rebuilding and reprogramming yourself to become a career professional network marketer.



       RE-TOOL yourself to perform the strategies Network

Marketing Leaders perform... you will have to acquire the knowledge you need to become the craftsman/woman you want to be.

            - Understand the process: 1st, become a good student, then work hard to become a great student... then you'll become a good teacher and with lots of effort, finally become a great teacher!

            - Build a library of self-help or personal development books/tapes

            - Attend as many seminars as possible

            - Seminars  vs.  workshops

            - Attending  vs.  participating

            - Only buy tools from leaders who've accomplished what you want

-          Do you see the purchases of MLM materials as an INVESTMENT, or as an EXPENSE? Know the

      difference! Are your tools tax deductible? You know your mind-set is correct when you gladly acquire

      the tools you need without hesitation.



            - What business and personal development data do you currently have installed now?

            - Why is it that you know things you did not study or attempt to learn?

            - "Delivery Mechanisms"  TV, Radio, Publications, word of mouth...

            - Stink'n think'n... Do you need a check-up from the neck up?

            - Books/tapes/seminars don't work unless you do

            - How can you install the data you need to succeed? Only

              REPETITION can "make you learn" what you need to know. Methods:

                        - studying like you did in school to pass a test, co. sales aids, co. mag's, company training


                        - participating in many 3-way calls, conf. calls

                        - listening to tapes over and over

                        - role-playing, practicing sales activities

                        - "participating" in company or upline training events

                        - using David's "success commercial" strategies whereby you learn without studying! (post-


                        - using the PLS planner as a delivery mechanism that provides you with the very data you



V- Now that you acquired the knowledge, and even though you're attempting to install that data... ACCESS TO  INFORMATION IS CRITICAL TO YOUR SUCCESS: the concept of placing vital information, "where you      need it... when you need it" is vital for all distributors to communicate effectively with their prospects. You must implement this strategy "before" you will become capable of using the wisdom you acquired in the steps above. Accessibility to data is the only quick and certain way a majority of you will be able to effectively communicate with your prospects in the field... (without using your notes).

            - "fake it until you make it"... learn to keep stumbling forward

            -  name a few reference books... (Bible, Encyclopedia, Dictionary,   Cliff notes, Computer…)

            - do reference books work? Y/N

            - where is your "note grave yard" ?





REVIEW: Before we move on, lets recap David's success formula thus far:

    a- DECIDE TO BE A PRO: You decided to make a Career in Network Marketing...

    b- COMMIT TO REPROGRAMMING YOURSELF FOR SUCCESS: you are prepared to do whatever it takes

        to change.

    c- INVEST IN INFORMATION: You must literally "Pay the Price" to buy the tools you need to do the job.


        the millions of other individuals who have purchased self-help tools and let them rot in their closets... you've made a commitment to INSTALL AND USE the data you've acquired.

    e- Now, how do I take action regarding the information I've so painstakingly acquired?  Lets continue.....



   Copyright 19988 - 2010   David Klaybor / PowerLine Systems  - all rights reserved


VI- ACCOUNTABILITY:... THE SECRET BEHIND YOUR ABILITY TO TAKE ACTION !           Everything up to this point has been to make you ready to TAKE EFFECTIVE ACTION regarding all the fantastic MLM material you've been installing. David teaches us that unless we are an exception to the rule (a very self-driven person), we need to be accountable to others in order to physically perform tasks we need to perform in order to retail, sponsor and train others. It is almost impossible to learn the MLM business quickly without someone pushing, prodding and working with you every step of the way. David calls this person your "Success Coach".

            - Finding and choosing the right SUCCESS COACH... who will be yours?

            - Can I have more than 1 success coach?

            - Give your "written goals" to your success coach to have/hold


VII- TAKING ACTION PRODUCES RESULTS: Said a better way... if you make the

right decisions and take the correct actions often enough, you will achieve the results you had hoped for. Whether you are trying to lose weight or make money, being pro-active untimely produces a positive outcome.

            - What kind of results would you like to achieve in your health or business?




means you’ll start building a sizable group. Everyone wants to pattern after and follow someone who has achieved what they want to achieve themselves in life. It's a very simple success principal.

            - It is easy to sponsor and retail product once you have started producing results.

            - SUCCESS is a MAGNET... it attracts others who want to become successful

-          FAILURE also acts like a magnet. It's dual polarity repels successful people and attracts other failures. Misery like company.

            - you only get ONE 1st month


IX- DUPLICATION IS A KEY TO ESTABLISHING MOMENTUM: Teaching people to teach people how to teach.

-          is the MLM business a simple and duplicable training business or is it a complex sales training business? 

-          What is the watch story?:




            - Rich people do what poor people won’t

            - a leader is a sign-post for people to pattern after, not a warning sign for others to avoid

-          leaders are human beings too... expect them to make mistakes. The difference is, unlike non-leaders, they learn form their mistakes and improve over time.

Misc. ideas/notes:

You need a duplicable "System" to help you bridge the gap between  PowerLine is the solution... introduce the business planner formula

- problem: we are all Disorganized, lack / Time Management...


              -  Copyright 19988 - 2010   David Klaybor / PowerLine Systems  - all rights reserved


 Phase II  Training - - - “Reprogramming Your Habits for Success”

Phase II  Training    

                             “Reprogramming Your Habits for Success”

               Prerequisites:  You should have already attended or received instruction in the following areas

               before attending this workshop.


I- You’ve gone thru Mr. Klaybor’s getting started  program... therefore,

            1- you’ve ordered your (properly designed and worded) business cards,

            2- you’ve opened a business bank account and retained the services of an accountant...

            3- you have 3-way calling hooked-up and use this technology with your upline weekly...

            4- you regularly consume therapeutic doses of your companies products...

            5- you’ve subscribed to the companies telecommunication systems and use the services weekly...

            6- you’ve scheduled your airline reservations to attend the next company convention...

            7- you have read your distributor kit front to back and listened to all the company’s audio or video 

                tapes, therefore you can present the business opportunity to your prospects and know how to

                present the products to a retail customer...

            8- you’ve filled out your memory-jogger forms and work your 100-200 name prospecting list...

            9- etc...  etc...  etc...  etc...


II- You’ve attended Phase I training  whereby you’ve made a decision to commit to the next 5

     years to become a Career Professional Network Marketer...

            1- you’ve acquired new tools to help you build your business...

            2- you’re using delivery mechanisms in an attempt to install information...

            3- you’ve picked a success coach so you’re taking action more than you’ve done before

            4- you’re making progress in a few areas, and people are starting to notice your personal results...

            5- etc... etc... etc....


III- You own, or have been exposed to, the PowerLine Business Planner. You’re using an event management system to keep track of 3-way calls... the information you mail to prospects. You are logging the names and numbers of all the referrals you receive, the samples you gave away, the conference calls you participate in, the upcoming company events you need to attend, etc... etc...


IV- You’ve made a solid commitment with someone with the goal of  becoming Accountable for operating your Networking business like a business. You’ve decided that “winging-it” or treating your business like a “hobby” is a non-productive use of your time, money and efforts. Due specifically to you’re interdependence and interaction with the new “Success Coach” you’ve chosen, you are taking more effective action than you ever have before. This has enable you to produce more results than you have in a long time. This means you have recruited a few new team members since you last attended David’s “Getting Started Program” and “Phase I  training”.


V- You’ve written down your goals and have given them to your success coach . You  have read your goals within the last 5 days and could show your written goals to the group today. You own and use a time management system, preferably the PowerLine Business Planner, to schedule appointments, follow-up with your prospects and register all your other business activities. Another way to put it, you operate and “Events Management System” in conjunction with a time management program.                         ( David Klaybor /  PowerLine  Systems own the complete Copyrights to this material... [email protected]  )



David Klaybor’s  7 Habits (Secrets) of  Highly-Effective Network Distributors


Secret #1- Become a product of the product: Learning why consuming your company’s

                   products and services is vital to your success.


          - “How am I using the products to say”, why this phrase is worth millions to you.


          - Why you must understand and ingest  “Therapeutic Doses” of your companies products

             and services.


          - How to get yourself to consume your products?  Get a “Success Coach” to help you. Use

            your PowerLine Planner... Post-a-notes...


          - “A small error in judgment, compounded over time, can be devastating to your health”,

              this phase can remind you to consume all the products necessary to achieve results.



Secret #2- You Need to Develop Your Own Personal  “Testimonial  STORY” asap!

                   This is your strategy: Talking your way into a fortune ! You are a Paid Story-Teller !

          - Could you tell a bedtime story to a child to put them to sleep?

          - Learning how to tell your story to prospects...  What is your 2 minute story?                          











          - How to have access to story’s to tell while you’re working in the field... create worksheets

            that have testimonial stories on it, carry your PowerLine Planner with you, use 3-way

            calling, use the company publications


          - Why you need to get your story in your company magazine and how to get it there:




          - You only get one 1st month.... how to apply the strategy called “all out massive action”

                   - Can you do a-o-m-a part-time? __________________________________________



Secret #3- COMMUNICATION:  MLMer’s are Paid Professional Story-tellers. If you

                   don’t learn how to communicate effectively you’ll starve to death in this industry.


          - telling   vs.  selling  the business opportunity......   - sharing  vs.  selling  the products


          - What is the real difference:  _________________________________________________






          -  What is your presentation on the companies products? ____________________________




          - What is your presentation on the company business opportunity? _____________________



                             (see separate  opportunity and product  benefit worksheet form and fill it out now) 



Secret # 4- Career Prospectors are masters at  Asking Powerful Questions


Our bodies are designed with 2 ears and 1 mouth.... that was God’s plan to urge us to listen twice as much as we talk!  How do we shut up and listen more? 

Learn to Ask  Great  Questions !  This strategy really works and will improve your business dramatically.


David stresses that: “He or She who asks the best questions WINS! Life is a matter of Choices... we make life changing choices thousands of times a day... in fact, we are the embodiment of what we have decided to do up until now in our lives, aren’t we? That was a question, wasn’t it? Every time a person asks us something, we have to re-think a thought we’ve already processed before. That means we have to internalize the matter and make a choice on what action to take.. or decide how to respond to the question, don’t we? This rather “deep” process is what makes or breaks a sales encounter. It is your job to ask your prospect the proper questions that will enable you to solve a problem or need that your potential client  needs taken care of. Doctors and Detectives ask probing questions to resolve the matters at hand. You to must also learn to again become a “Master Questioner”... like you were when you were a child.

 Isn’t it true that children question everything they encounter? In re-kindling this old habit, you will gain the power to lead your prospect down the win/win path to making a sale or recruiting them into your business. They get what they want, you get what you want... and the world is a better place for it.


Your goal is to use 3-6 declarative sentences in a row, and then inject a question to make sure the client was listening to the sentences before! If I ask you to chose something and make a decision... when you give me an answer... who’s idea was it now? Yours of course. Using this process, you are not trying to sell anyone something, you’re just asking what they want and you’re fulfilling a need. If  I have the product that solves your problem... I’ve made a sale directly due to your choice. 


Questions make the conversation 2-way , rather than 1-way... questions forge interaction and solid communication... and isn’t that your goal?  Learn to become a Master Detective. What are some great questions you can use to recruit, retail and train? Here’s a few questions to get the workshop going...

                - Can you see the value of... _______________________________________________________________________________



                - Would you get excited if... _______________________________________________________________________________



                - Doesn’t it give you confidence to know... ___________________________________________________________________



                - Would you spouse enjoy hearing about that... ________________________________________________________________



                - How do you know when you see a good bus. oppty... __________________________________________________________



                - Will you be starting f/t, p/t, or just using the products today...   



          - _________________________________________________________________________



          - _________________________________________________________________________



          - _________________________________________________________________________



          - _________________________________________________________________________



Secret #5- Network Marketing Professionals are  “Master Prospector’s”.


- Professional Networkers do not take a “no” personally... they handle “no shows” at meetings by

  politely calling to reschedule another appointment. What do you do when someone says no?






- Describe the Oyster-Chucker Story: _____________________________________________________________________________




- We are Paid Professional “Talent Scouts”....  Remember you mission is to Sort, not to

   Sell or Convince your prospects. Talk to some people and you’ll make some money... talk to a lot of people and make a lot of  money!


- Working Your Warm Market, it is critical for you to succeed

          - Memory-Jogger: How many names should I start out with? Make a list of at least 100

             to 200 people right from the start.  The memory jogger or prospect lead

                   sheets you create should become one of the main focal point

                    of your business !  How can you build a business without an active list?


                   - How many prospect leads are you currently working with this week? __________                  - How many leads did you write down when you started the business? __________

                   - How many people do you suppose you know? ____________________________

                   - How many people do they know? ______________________________________


                   - Product Buyers: make a list to the top 10-20 prospects who would potentially

                                purchase your products or  services at retail. These are individuals who are

                                dissatisfied with their health, (or whatever your co.’s services are)... and,


                   - Business Opportunity Seekers: make a separate 10-20 name list over potential

                        entrepreneurs. People who are dissatisfied with their current financial situation


                   - Referrals: How do you get 100’s of them? If your prospect enjoyed the “process”

                     you took them thru to show them the products or the business opportunity, then they

                     will offer you referrals. If you are not getting referrals from you people you expose

                      your business to, then the problem is the that they do not like something about the

                      system you are using... the method you are using to approach them, or they do not

                      like something about “you” personally. Work on you and your approach methods.


          - Working the “Cold Market”:  Building your business the hard way...

                   - Should you do Trade Shows? _________________________________________



                   - Define the 3-foot rule: _______________________________________________




                   - Ads in Publications: This is one of the toughest methods of building a business.

                     You’ll need to be able to answer some pretty tough objections and overcome many

                      sales-type concerns. (See the PowerLine Ad Call Tracking Log side B for more

                      details on how to successfully navigate this endeavor) Other concerns include:



-         Why should someone sponsor under you? __________________________








Secret #6- Network Mktg. is an Events Business.. you’re in the Events Industry!

                   Learning how to attend, participate and promote events is critical to building a

                    downline. It is your job to sell events!


          - Events means using & implementing the 3rd-person technique. Do not work the business

           alone... it may work for some of you, but it is vital that you demonstrate to your downline

           how to benefit from introducing your prospects to others already successful in the business.


          - The purpose of all of your prospecting conversations is to get your prospects participating 

             in an event as soon as possible.


          - Why put on & participate in Events?  Because this method makes you work smarter, not

            harder... Doing 1-on-1  and  2-on-1 events takes lots of time as you make 100’s of 30-45

            min. presentations year after year. Doesn’t it make sense to make one presentation to 100

            people? This is a better use of your time.


          - What constitutes an “Event” ? ______________________________________________





                    3-way & Conf. calls, End of the Month Promotions, Oppty Mtgs. in-home / Office / Hotel /  Restaurant, Conventions, Regionals, Speaker       Phone Events, 2 on 1’s, Testimonial Story’s, Sports Club Mtgs., Athletic  Events,  Civic Events, Association Events,  Trade Shows, etc..

          - What is “Herd-Effect” ? ___________________________________________________




          - Create as many events as possible in your local area.  What are some event issues?

                   - Lets design a proper sign-in sheet. (use the back of this sheet)

                   - How should the room be set up? Class room style.. meeting style.. round-table.. panel-type..

                   - What should the temperature of the room be? _____________________________

                   - How many chairs/tables do you set up? __________________________________

                   - What kind of music should be playing? __________________________________

                   - What does the “emergency person” do? __________________________________

                   - What do greeter’s do? _______________. Like ushers at a movie theater they....




                                    - greet people,             - assist them to be seated,      

                                    - turn down the lights,

                                    - replace light bulbs on over-head projector,        

                                    - replace broken marker pens

                                    - act as the emergency-person, assist in making audio video and the microphone

                                        equipment work properly, 

                                    -  help the speaker erase materials off the white board,

                                    - encourage people to get back into the room after breaks,   

                                    - passing out materials

                                    - assist people in finding their guests,                        

                                    - carry in products for display

                                    -  keep the door from banging open and closed during the event,    

                                    - make sure vhs works


                   - What does the MC and host do? ________________________________________







                   - If asked, you must be prepared to give a professional, Benefits- Driven

                     “testimonial”. What’s your quick pitch version? ____________________________














                                                                    (use the back of this sheet to properly write down 1 or 2 versions of your story.)

                     - How would you introduce your upline or a speaker? ________________________












          - Are you willing to commit to attending events... weekly, bi-monthly, or ? My absolute

            commitment and goal is to: __________________________________________________




          - How can distributors gain access to information on how to participate in events?




                  (voice mail, magazines, newsletters, computer bulletin boards, Internet web sites, local leaders, training dept. head, etc...)


          - What if there is no company sponsored events in your area?  _______________________





          - When is the next BIG company event ? _________________________________________




          - Do you have tickets and hotel reservations? Why would you go... why would you miss it?




             _________________________________________ (see PL advanced training manual for more details)


          - How do you get a prospect to an event? ________________________________________





            - (See the PowerLine Planner, News/Events/Awards tab side B, ... also see Opportunity Meeting Log Sheet on top and other areas of the planner for more details on Events.)

Secrets #7- DUPLICATION:  J.Paul Getty said: “I’d rather have 1% of a 100 people rather than

                    100% of my own”. If you re-invent the wheel and work the business your own way,

                    you are not duplicable. Only the System is duplicable. Good habits make duplication



          - What are the qualities of a good teacher? ________________________________________









          - Become a good student, then a great student... then you’ll become a good teacher, and one

            day become a great teacher!


          - The speed of the leader determines the speed of the pack. So, as you do, your group will

             follow your actions. Scary thought. Sometimes it’s almost like the blind leading the blind.


          - When have you duplicated yourself? When you are 3 leaders wide and 3 leaders deep.

             You could have 9 people in your downline, or you could have as many as 1000 people in

             your group. Your goal is to recruit, train and attain a 3 x 3 leader group architecture. Note

             these 3 phases:

                   - phase I... you and your upline teach your new front-line distr. what you both know.

                                    This is the foundation of your leadership nucleus. You could have many

                                     more than three people in your downline at this point. Only count leaders!

                   - phase II... next, it would be wise for you to help the person you sponsored, to

                                      properly recruit another new distr. using the “system”.

                   - phase III... you help your 1st & 2nd level distr. recruit a new 3rd level deep distr.


          - What is the duplicatable system you use to sponsor? _______________________________






          - Define a pre-approach package:  _____________________________________________







          - What is the duplicatable system you use to retail? _________________________________










What qualities do you look for in a person you want to recruit?
















What’s holding you back from becoming a professional Networker? _________________________



















Copyright 1988 – 2010     - -   David Klaybor / PowerLine Systems   [email protected]


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So it is agreed… you pledge to purge yourself of most of your bad habits (the very ones that are holding you back)… and you further promise to try realllllly hard to modify/re-program your habits/behavior enough to start making more cash… this is the only way you’re going to improve upon your current situation. In order to get the most out of this day, (and this event could potentially make a few of you “teachable entrepreneur’s” very wealthy !)… I strongly suggest that you take plenty of notes… pay close attention to the materials… participate when I ask the audience a question… and remain pro-active and positive at all times.


This might be the event that changes your life forever!    [email protected]


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I am lucky that I was taught (and learned from personal experience)… the real secrets to building a LARGE SALES ORGANIZATION. I’ve used this data to build 5 organizations over the last 17 years.


I’m honored to be here today to share this “insider information” with you so you can build “your personal dream”. I can help you get that new luxury car… buy that fun boat… or enchanting mountain cabin… win that company trip to Hawaii… or just pay off all your bills and get out of debt forever. I humbly submit that I am indeed a very accomplished mlm veteran who’s built many large sales organizations using the very information presented to you today. And I will tell you exactly what you need to do to make a 6-figure income within 6-18 months from today.

                                     ( you’re welcomed to review DK’s incredible BIO online…)


                         ==============    - So lets get started…   ===================


Are the mlm leaders you know:

-         Better looking than you…?   Certainly not.

-         More intelligent than you…?  This isn’t true either.

-         Born with special mlm talents that you don’t have…?  Although this may be true in a few cases, the vast majority of mlm winners started out just like you and me, normal in every way.

-         Are all mlm big-shots successful over and over because they keep bringing a big downline with them to a new deal…?  Although this is true once in awhile, the vast majority of moral mlm leaders use their skills to bring in new contacts into any new programs they work.


Well, if an mlm leader doesn’t need to have the I.Q. of a “rocket scientist”, look like a “movie star”, or talk like they were born with a “golden spoon” in their mouth… what makes them so successful?


Trust me, we’re all smart enough to earn the big-money. We just haven’t learned how to:  “convert our knowledge into cash-flow” yet. That is why our résumé’s represent us as being very smart – yet our bank account balances do not seem to reflect how smart we actually are. Are you with me so far?

You are not making enough money because you are most likely communicating your business opportunity and product sales pitches poorly. You’re “industry specific” skill-sets are weak. And we can fix this negative situation rather easily.


To better understand this disparity, ask yourself…  Is knowledge power :  Yes/No ?

Most people think that knowledge is power. But Napoleon Hill (who wrote “Think and Grow Rich”) suggests that…Knowledge alone is not power… that is why your resume says we’re so great, while our bank account balances suggest otherwise. Mr. Hill suggests that there’s a 3 part system to success.

- 1st you must ACQUIRE the powerful proven information necessary to accomplish your goal…

- 2nd you must then ORGANIZE the data into a useful “system” in order to release the information’s power… 

- 3rd and finally, it is vital that you then TAKE ACTION and implement the success plan that was created using the secrets you received. It is vital that all 3 steps are taken in order to receive the true benefit from the knowledge obtained.


Well, our first step then is to uncover/discover the elusive secrets necessary to become a successful distributor capable of building a large sales organization, right?  We can uncover these secrets by asking this powerful question:


What is it about successful moral mlm leaders that makes them continually earn the BIG MONEY year after year… while other distributors seem to remain “average” at best?         -  here’s what I discovered…


1- Winners understand with certainty why they joined their specific company…?  

o       MLM Leaders in the nutritional field are looking to market unique products that the public cannot buy in the store. A product line that produces significant measurable RESULTS. Amazing products that makes their distributors and customers: decrease their body’s biological age… help them live longer, prevent disease, look younger, gain energy, remove toxin’s, while rebuilding and restoring a body to it’s optimal healthy condition…   - health is more important than money -

o       Winners want the opportunity to market mass-appeal products that the baby-boomers reallllly need… combined with a few extraordinary niche-products targeted at persons who’re very serious about investing money to improve their health due to some unstable health situation in their lives they need improved....

o       Leaders are coming to your company because they have the opportunity of marketing unique that offer the highest possible quality for the price on the planet, FREE !  …products you cannot buy in any store… products you can only buy through a qualified distributor network.

o       Winners prefer promoting a company like yours that has a killer compensation plan / bonus programs that will reward us greatly for our efforts… the program has to offer a new distributor the opportunity to retire in 3-5 years with a solid passive income!  We all want the chance to re-design our world and live the wonderful life we had always dreamed about… Whether you want to earn $500/mo…or $500 a day… we have a program for you.

o       Winners are always looking to get in a program at the right time… Your company may be perfectly situated. It should have all of it’s operational systems firmly in place, yet it’s just a “baby” poised to grow from it’s current sales to over $5M to $30M/month within the next 3-5 years… this is the perfect time to get others in and ride the huge growth wave certain to come in the immediate future.

o       All mlm leaders are looking for a program that is debt-free and well-funded…  with tons of future expansion and potential… ( maybe  international ? )

o       We’re all looking for a company with competent owners and helpful administrators who will go above and beyond what any other company does to SUPPORT “us”, the distributor force. This is a huge benefit indeed…. and hard to find.

o       MLM leaders are looking for World-Class Upline Support from competent Company Veteran Leadership… and they can find it here!  I personally offer to assist you via 3-way calls with your prospects. We have many company sponsored conference calls you can use as well as my free website articles, my books, the PowerLine Business Planning Systems, my copy-writing abilities to assist you in creating the very best marketing pieces, my radio interviews, etc…

o       Some mlm leaders are looking for some sort of “special deal”… well I am happy to tell you that your companies comp plan and bonus program is so good, that your biggest prospect will be amazed that they can get the “best possible deal” anywhere already installed right here.


-         MLM Leaders Clearly Understand why they are in the NWMing Industry… 

o       The number one reason is: the amazing benefits associated with ROYALTY INCOME vs. the traditional: “trading time for money” plans. Winners are excited to share with their prospects the amazing financial benefits offered through Geometric Growth Principals:

o       Just look at what happens when 1 distr. gets 1 additional distr. each month for a yr. you+1x1x1x1x 1x1x 1x  1x  1x   1x  1x   1yr. = SIX-FIGURE additional part-time income… !

          2,  4,   8, 16, 32, 64,128,256, 512,1024,2048,4096 x $50/mo. auto-ship = $204,800/mo. x 5% comm. =  $10,240/month !                 (Note: this is just for example purposes… each individuals earnings will vary depending on their work and effort)

     3x3x3  = $________  … 5x5x5x5x5 = $_______   6x6x3x3 = $________

      - “get 3 = products for free”…    get ____  =  a free car payment /house payment

o       MLM leaders understand that their Long Term Passive Income Earnings will ultimately come from their BUILDING EFFORTS… with the added bonus of RETAIL SALES COMMISSIONS…   (80% from building… 20% from other sources…)

o       Royalty Cash-Flow enables people to have MORE TIME to play, to spend with their families, to enjoy their hobbies… to do whatever they want to in life. True freedom is OWNING MORE OF YOUR LIFE ! And this is what we “sell” !

o       People want to FIRE THEIR BOSS… they want to BE THEIR OWN BOSS… Own their own business… and work when and how they wish to. This is called work-freedom. MLM leaders know how to pitch the benefits of sharing the fact that we mlmer’s have NO BOSS telling us what to do… we are the CEO of our own business and have the benefit of working with the people we choose to work with… we get to set our own personal goals… and we get to decide our own work schedule…  we have a real opportunity to perhaps earn 2 to 4 times what we were making at our j.o.b. We can earn as much as we deserve and no one can hold us back from a rank advancement.

o       People HATE COMMUTING on the highways… driving to work and back sucks. The Home-Based Business Revolution is BOOMING. MLM Leaders enjoy telling others that they can offer a business program whereby the prospect has the convenience of working at home… this selling point of our industry is HUGE.  MLM leaders know how to pose this question with their prospects: “Why get up extra early just to drive for hours each day in bumper-to-bumper traffic breathing smog, eating junk food, dealing with negative politics at work, having to buy expensive work cloths… when we could get an extra hour of sleep each night, wake up refreshed and walk to work in our PJ’s. Eat affordable healthier food from our kitchen, spend more time with the kids and family, take a walk for lunch with a neighbor, reduce our daily stress while giving ourselves an opportunity to really be somebody… help a lot of people… live our dreams.”  Our society is moving more and more toward the “Cocooning Principal” –Faith Popcorn.

o       Leaders know how to share the fantastic TAX BENEIFTS the US Congress offers “business owners”… heck, we can easily save $5k to $10k per year on our taxes without much effort… vs. non business owners (employee’s).

o       Winners enjoy the benefit of sharing a business opportunity that does not have any “Education Requirements”. This allows all distributors an equal opportunity to gain a fast, uncomplicated, inexpensive business.

o       We have the wonderful benefit of offering programs to the public that only requires a “low overhead” business start-up situation: ( $22 - $58 - $100/mo., and/or the $200 - $400 - $950  plans )

o       MLM Leaders are ecstatic that they can offer a company-run AUTO-SHIP program whereby a distributor can sell a customer ONE TIME and reap the benefits of on-going sales commissions month after month without having to re-sell a client over and over… this is a really rewarding business dynamic of your company. Auto-ship programs allow our downline distributors the opportunity to focus 90% of their time on building and creating more sales for ourselves while the company handles all the non-exciting shipping and handling stuff.

o       Isn’t it fantastic that our industry is designed so we have - No Staff to employ !…    No huge marketing budget… No expensive office to Rent… thus we’re offering a POWERFUL financial opportunity with VERY LITTLE DOWNSIDE RISK.

o       MLM distributors can benefit from the tax system in many wonderful and legal ways that enable most of us to glean substantial tax savings that usually range from $5,000 to $10,000/year in additional tax benefits not offered to non-business owners… and these advantages are BEFORE we consider taking into account any added commission profits ! The tax code has 2 distinct sides to it… A- laws for taxing workers and B- laws designed to help businesses grow. Understand the difference and you’re most likely save as much as $1k/month, just by signing the distributor application form! Really, this is true… Learn this simple fact and then share it with your prospects. You are certain to start recruiting more distributors in less time exposing your clients to this financial dynamic. –Right?!

o       Our industry offers us the benefit of marketing unique products that interest us, not the “widgets” our boss decides we have to sell. Be sure to explain to your prospects that they can not buy your unique products in stores. And further explain that your products are of superior quality. They are marketed by individuals who are passionate about sharing these special products to customers who’ll benefit as well. Emotional, cause-oriented presentations are the hallmark of why our industry has been such a success the last 50 years.

o       MLM leaders have joined this industry to reach the lofty goals they once dreamed of achieving in their youth… aspirations they had almost given up hope on ever accomplishing in their lifetime as an overworked underpaid stressed-out adult. Our industry offers HOPE for individuals to go after sometimes long-forgotten dreams… MLM provides many of us the opportunity to RE-THINK and to RE-DESIGN OUR LIVES AGAIN.   What was it that you had planned on doing with your life that you gave up on?  Are you uncertain today that you will ever achieve this goal? Are you uncertain as to whether your mlm business will ever help you get there?

o       Many of us joined this industry because, due to our company bonus programs, we will have the real opportunity to drive a realllly cool automobile that’ll be paid for by the company ! Many of us know that the mlm industry will give us all an equal chance to perhaps live in a reallllllly cool house that’ll be paid for by the company as well… Many of us are working hard in this industry because we know how easy it is to win an exotic company sponsored vacation paid for by firm ! These are some really neat benefits we all need to share with our prospects. Perhaps they too would like to come with us to Hawaii this year, or drive a new car for free ?

o       Winners like the fact that when they join this industry, they will be making friends with and learning success strategies from other winners. They find value in interacting with other like-minded people. They enjoy being with other individuals who broke away from bonds of the corporate world found their way out of the rat-race… just like you did. They like being with upwardly mobile people who believe that one day they will retire with financial stability… to live the way they always wanted to… to interact with other entrepreneurs who’ve found the same wonderful mlm vehicle to learn from and grow with over time. Don’t you think that this personal-growth dynamic would be great fun to share with prospects?

o        MLM leaders like to share with their prospects the fact that the MLM industry is over 50 years old. This usually shocks most clients looking at the network marketing industry for the 1st time. Winners choose to embrace the success principal’s that were cultivated by huge highly-respected business giants like: Amway, Shaklee, Herbalife, etc… Every mlm company has tons of “Rags to Riches” testimonial Stories. You should get to know some of them and share them with your prospects. The next one could be YOU !

o        MLM leaders are in this industry because they are convinced that this is the ONLY INDUSTRY where an average person can make an above average income in a realistic period of time with normal intelligence and a very small initial investment. When the common man finally discovers the financial power of “geometric growth” “the power of 72”… and the “long term passive income theory”… they usually do what we all did… they sign-up as a distributor and start on their journey towards ultimate FREEDOM. Everyone of us: black/white… rich/poor… fat/thin… we all have the same opportunity to build a business with integrity.


-         In order to be successful in this industry and earn an above average income… an mlm winner must embrace the idea of building a sales force. In other words… recruiting new distributors is just as important as consuming and retailing products. Being a loyal company distributor who share the products with others is an excellent start, but do not avoid learning how to sponsor and train other distributors as well. 80% of the top money earners checks come from downline commission overrides and fast-start bonuses… the remaining 20% is from retailing. This industry is based upon a lot of people consuming and marketing a little bit of products. The direct sales industry is a few distributors selling a lot of products. Decide which marketing model is best for you and go for it. Long-term passive income will not come from Direct Sales… it WILL come from mlm operations. So if you like to get up each day and go out and sell products, then DS is for you. If you like to make money 24/7 365days a year decade after decade… then build your sales organization based on auto-shipments of products to your friends, neighbors, co-workers  and family. This is the mlm formula that will offer you the highest income, in the least amount of time, for the longest period or the effort you put in. Wow, what a great marketing concept!


-         If you’re going to Build a Business based on recruiting new distributors (who also retail a small amount of products), then please note that most of the TOP mlm money earners got to where they are by taking the time to create their personal 100+ name CONTACT LIST… they also promoted this identical list-making behavior to all of their downline distributors. This 1st Commandment is at the forefront of every top trainer in the industry. It is imperative that every serious entrepreneur who would like to build a large sales organization should send a WELL WORDED press-release announcement-type letter, flier, or email to everyone on their prospect list as soon as the can once they have joined your business venture. Every distributor must initiate a correspondence to their peers in an effort to update their “warm market” on the “positive NEW business situation” that is going on in your life. -- This is the single most important thing you can do in your mlm business to become successful. If you do just one thing on this list… this is it.  --  Average distributor’s have, in simple terms, kind-of “won the mlm lottery” buy taking the time to perform this simple task. Many average distributors didn’t even know how to spell mlm… some even had poor habits… little real conviction… weak fortitude… but became millionaire’s because they made their list. Because, buried deep in their list was a person who knew another person who knew another person who wound-up becoming one of the top distributors in the company! This ended-up making the original average list-making distributor - a very wealthy distributor indeed. Some of these lucky distributor’s have even written how-to “books”. Is there a super-star buried inside the list you’re going to create? I hope so ! …Making YOUR CONTACT LIST is only 1 step in a 3 part series. Next step is to get the word out to the prospects on your list as soon as you can… (before someone else gets one of your leads into some other deal…). Now don’t get in an accident spreading the good word about your opportunity… but do not waste any time either.


-         The majority of top mlm money earners teach their downlines to work their WARM-MARKET PROSPECTS much more than trying to recruit or sell products to COLD-MARKET LEADS. There is a huge difference between a PROSPECT and a LEAD. It takes highly-skilled distributor to close a business deal with a stranger… than to close a deal with someone who has a trusting personal relationship  with them. I am sure that you have bought many items 90% due to a referral from a friend. Whether it’s a restaurant, a movie, a camera or a car… all of us value the input from a friend when it comes to buying most everything. So it only makes sense that it will be harder for most distributors to build a business marketing to people that do not know or trust them… vs. sharing all the positive benefits of our company/industry with people who know us. I have personally built huge organizations both ways, and both ways work for talented professionals… but for the normal distributor, they will have better luck with some kind-of personal link .

For those of you who like working your business in the cold market arena: i.e. placing adds in the paper/magazines… attending trade shows… doing flea markets… buying leads… using the 3-foot rule… and perhaps doing the internet market methods… I can indeed assist you in building your business this way as well. I just have to tell the majority to work their warm-market hard before the ever try the cold market route. For more info email me and ask for my article titled: “ Buying Into… Buying Leads ” ?


-         The next step is to TAKE ACTION and start contacting all the prospects on the list you just created to announce the fact that you are in a new home-based business. This step is super-critical each serious business building distributor to START GETTING THE WORD OUT to their contact’s…! Do not get off-track doing all the more clerical-type business stuff that doesn’t make you money. Yes, you have to set-up your work environment and get business cards, etc… but do these things while you’re contacting people as well ! This is each distributor’s job… this is how we get paid. This is what our business is all about. We get earn income by networking our business opportunity with the public. This is your/my mandate… this is what will get us the company car… the company vacation… the cash-flow we desire. 

Thus, MLM PROFESSIONALS ALL TEACH their downline distributor’s to get out as many “announcements” as each individual distributor can handle/manage without screwing things up. This includes a variety of communication methods like:

§       A distributor can always talk person-to-person… belly-to-belly to many of the people on the distributor’s contact list… people they come in contact with during the course of everyday life. This is an o.k. method for distributor’s who communicate well… but, especially in the beginning, many newer distributor’s unfortunately can not tell “the story” well enough to entice a prospect to join the in their downline. This is why you need to learn how to share your company information using on of the “special tools” specifically designed for this purpose. These include sales aids like: company designed video / audio tapes… brochures / magazines... websites… etc…. A distributors job is to funnel their prospects into hotel rooms, home parties and conference call events where professional’s are conducting programs designed to share the story with the public in the best possible way. This is how you get started in the business until you are seasoned enough to explain the program yourself. ( i.e. “if I could show you a way to have all the time and financial freedom you’ve ever dreamed of… would you listen to this awesome tape in your car on your drive home…” )

§       Another commonly used method is for distributors to personally call many of his/her prospects one-at-a-time on the phone and explaining, as best they can, our business opportunity to each individual prospect. This technique works well for distributor’s who are “good communicators”… but again, is not the best formula for many distributor’s who’re a bit weak at telling the companies story to a prospect. This is also very time consuming and expensive if you’re calling leads long-distance. Calling prospects and getting them to agree to listen to an audio tape, review materials or participate in a conference call is a much better way to use this one-on-one contacting method. Teach your group to funnel their leads into mass-presentation systems where experts and professionals are explaining the products and opportunity.

§       A more advanced phone-contacting method called, THE CONFERENCE CALL, was designed so that lots of distributors could all invite their clients to collectively get together in one place to listen to your companies message on a group conference call. Using this method, each distributor acts like a kind-of “bird dog” who’s job it is, is to steer as many people as possible onto a company-sponsored group teleconferencing meeting on the phone. This is where several of your prospects could hear about the opportunity all together saving a lot of time and effort on everyone’s part. Your job would be to follow-up on your prospects after the call and deal with each individuals questions and objections until they were satisfied enough to join you in your business… or tell you to get lost. This method works very well indeed to maximize a distributors ability to expose more people in the least amount of time and expense. There are many super conference call companies that offer affordable rates for this type of marketing… ( i.e. “hey John, how would you like to listen-in on a private meeting this Thursday at 7pm with a group of company leaders who’re sharing strategies on how we can all retire in less than 5 years with a $4,500/month passive income… It’s by invitation-only… and I’ll 3-way you in from my phone…” )

§       Perhaps you might consider creating a simple personalized newsletter or ezine that you could mail to your business associates…  this sales aid will tell your prospects what you’re doing and invite your leads to call, write, email or participate in a company even to learn more about your offering.

§       Another mass-marketing method of “getting the word out” maybe for you to use a press-release type piece discussing “your new business venture”, and mailing it to your school chums,

§       how about using a personalized invitation flier to some folks you know inviting them to witness a home-party or hotel business presentation, 

§       maybe you could use an audio/video tape, company brochure package with a cover-letter to share with some members in your hobby group or industry association,

§       you might choose to target individuals in your church that you’ll send emails to,

§       maybe you’re one of those people who enjoy sending those free online hallmark-type greeting cards to your family members or email list…

§       how about using well-written post-card mailings to your army buddies… the overall card design and “copy” will determine your success… … (i.e. “we market Incredible “HARD TO GET Health Products ”all baby boomers and seniors need to decrease your biological age, prevent disease, help you look younger and have more energy… while offering  you an opportunity to drive a company luxury sedan, go on an all-paid vacation and learning ways to ultimately retire in 3-5 years with $68k/yr!  Interested in learning more… call 800- and leave your contact info so we can send you out your FREE TAPE…)

§       a few of you might use old-fashioned door-hangers to share product information with  your neighbors? Although our business isn’t the door-to-door direct sales business… sometimes a few creative distributors will come up with some very interesting methods to “get the word out”. Putting fliers on car windshields and/or putting business cards in bathrooms, attending trade-shows and telephone booths sometimes can work as more of a cold-market method of prospecting.    – more on this later

§       There are unlimited ways to get the word out to the people on your list… some methods require one-on-one belly-to-belly formulas… while most others will allow you to contact larger groups. Whatever you do, just start getting the word out and never stop until you’ve reached your income goals.

 If you’re serious about making money, then I humbly suggest that you send out at least 3-5 pieces a week minimum… 3-5 pieces a day for more serious distributors… and 100’s a week for those of you who really understand what you are doing in this direct mailing arena.   - Imagine if I got 10 people in my downline to mail out 10 prospects on their contact list each day for 10 days in a row… this means that 10 people would mail 10 message for 10 days… 10x10x10=1000 + my 100… that means I would have benefited from at least 1,100 prospects being contacted over the next 10 days. Wow, now this is going to have to make a positive change in your business… right?!  If you only received 10 new distributors at $100 a month average purchase… We’d all have a pretty nice quick-start bonus coming within a few weeks as well as earning almost $1500 extra income per year minimum for very little work. Imagine what would happen if the results were much greater… or if a super builder joined under you as a direct result of your efforts? Heck, you could make a lot of income if you tried… but you are certain to make nothing if you don’t !  If we all just learned to mail out a few pieces all the time… over the year we’d all start witnessing a gratifying increase in our checks every quarter, instead of the smaller checks we’re currently receiving… am I right?  So if your check is stagnant or dropping… it’s time we talked about maybe getting you using this proven success principal.


-         MLM Leaders understand that they should never PRE-JUDGE any prospect… but this rule applies mostly to communicating with your contact list. Therefore announcements should go out to absolutely everyone a distributor knows. But, if a leader is going to spend some real time, money and effort working a prospect… then is it very important to PRE-QUALIFY your leads before you waste a lot of time with someone who was not going to be interested. It is vital to target prospect’s who have the interest, time and money to work at building a home-based business…


-          Real MLM Winners do not “over-promise and under-deliver” on their promises to their prospects. So as you contact your prospects, be sure not to suggest that the products will do more than they can… or that the prospect will make lots of money fast The best distributors are not attracted by hype. One of the biggest reasons people fall out of the business is due to “False Expectations”. A major reason why Amway has been so successful is because they never suggest that a new person is going to make a lot of money quickly. If fact they suggest that it may take many years for someone to make any real money. Thus, people are not angry with you or the company when it takes a little bit longer than hoped to figure this business out.


-         KISS: MLM Leaders know that SIMPLE SELLS… complicated elaborate presentations that are too informational will usually confound and confuse your prospects. An easy-to-understand 2-3 minute pitch is better-welcomed than asking for a 20-40 minute audience. What is your quick pitch when someone asks you: “so what is it that you do…”. Most distributors stutter, stammer and slur something out that most likely will not interest a prospect into pursuing their business opportunity any further. Get a proven formula that works and stick to it. Your job is to funnel prospects “into the system”. Your mandate is to let the company tools work for you by explaining the opportunity far better than you ever could. . PASSING OUT “SUPER GREAT” AUDIO CASSETTE TAPES is one of the most powerful proven methods of building large sales organizations.  A distributor must believe that they can “work the business”… thus, the way you introduce them to the industry and your company is exactly how they will perceive they must work the business themselves. Sooooooo… if you give them a long complicated presentation with lots of expensive business tools etc… most people who say to themselves, “I can’t do this” (to themselves) and nicely find a way to turn you down. And if you talk them into joining, they will drop out within weeks and be non-productive for all your hard work and efforts. Stop telling people all about your company and start asking them if they want to learn how to retire in 2-3 years with a $50k-$80k/year passive income? Ask them if they would be willing to go back to school for 6-9 months in order to accomplish this home-based business retirement plan? Qualify them before you start wasting a lot of time “pitching them”.


-         No matter how you plan on “getting the word out” to your prospects explaining what you’re offering… MLM Leaders understand that there are many “TOOLS” a distributor can use to better-communicate our message to our prospects.  Tools are designed to say what needs to be said in the best possible way. A distributor uses a tool because tools reduce the workload… tools are designed to do much of the work for us… they are useful in breaking down and neutralizing objections… tools help us QUALIFY our prospects separating the lookers from the serious players. Tools can help a distributor contact more prospects in the least period of time with the best results. Become a craftsman and earn to use the tools of your trade. YOU ARE THE MESSENGER… NOT THE MESSAGE. Our job is to “introduce the opportunity”, not sell it. The tools are suppose to do that. Prospects will not ever believe you as much as they’ll believe a tape or documentation. THIRD- PARTY SYSTEMS WORK BETTER THAN YOU TELLING THEM PERSONALLY. The right tools in the hands of a skilled tradesman, can build amazing dreams. Some tools include:

o       All Company literature… Company sales aids… company audio/videotapes… learning how to use these tools could make you very wealthy. Never give a tool to someone with getting a COMMITMENT from them to read, listen or watch the materials… (i.e. Thank you for showing an interest in our company. I’m dropping off this literature / tape for your review – when is the best time this week to get back to you so you can tell me what you think?  -- Hey buddy, I would truly value your opinion on a new business I’ve committed the next year to building. Would you mind helping decide on the best way to work my business?  --- Hello, you were referred to me by your friend Jim who thought you should find out more about our amazing products and profitable business offering… ” )

o       Business Cards, Stationary:  leave your well-written, well-designed business cards with everyone you can. You card should have a short entertaining message telling the world who you are and what you do… even perhaps suggesting the question: “why not find out more about what I do”…(i.e. I market nutritional supplements at or below wholesale –find out how you can too… Retire in 3-5 years with a wonderful income… I assist my friends in preventing disease… I plan on living to be 100+, interested in learning how you can as well….  signed: the President of Health… VP of FUN…”)

o       Use your personal “Testimonial Story”… use your Upline’s Testimonial Story’s and use lots of the amazing Story’s of other distributor’s in the company. This powerful tool can be incredibly effective in retailing products as well as recruiting new builders. Our industry has been built on the passionate, emotional, fascinating, true stories created from the marketing of our companies products and business opportunity. (i.e. “you’re not going to believe what’s happened to me over the last few months… this guy approached me with some business opportunity that I thought wasn’t for me at all, but once I tried the products, an amazing thing happened that I think you should know…” )

o       Learning how to “Listen More” and Learning how to ask the “Right Questions” can be extremely useful recruiting tools… these are powerful tools are oftentimes overlooked by the average person. In the hands of a professional, these tools can help you recruit an army of new downline members this year. You could quadruple your income if you learn how to use these business building tools.

o       Using an “Organizer” for follow-up, lead management, event management and time management issues is essential to making the big money. If you like, I can show you where you can acquire the finest mlm business planner system in the world. You’ll will wonder how you ever worked your business without it !

o       Another overlooked tool would be your own personal “searchable” top domain Website… and/or Reallllly Cool New EMAIL ADDRESS for your business. It is important to have the world find you via search engines and learn about your business ventures via your name. And you can put your picture, bio, hobbies etc… on this site getting people to know how you are. This is very important in developing relationships long-distance in a cold market environment. Then, once people get to like who you are… and they get a brief description on the company and it’s opportunity, you can have a button there that leads your prospects to your free replicated company website.      i.e. [email protected]      

      -  [email protected]             - [email protected]  

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o       Conference Call Technology works amazingly well for normal mortal distributors… we’ve already shared a lot about this incredible tool. If you’re not putting several leads a month on your companies conference calls, you will be stifling your ability to grow your business. And please do not forget to use the standard  Conference Call Etiquette techniques: i.e. press the mute button when not talking so the background noise in your house doesn’t screw up the call… always remain up-beat, pro-active an positive… call in on time… make the speaker feel welcomed… do not interrupt the presenter… always 3-way someone into the call using your line and teach others to do the same….etc…

o       3-way calling is an absolute must for any serious business builder…  Make sure to use CaptainDave’s amazing “pedestal formula” on each call… more on this later. And then learn how to do the more-advanced 4-way… 5-way’s…etc…

( i.e. it’s been great reminiscing about our college days… which reminds me, I have a business associate who’s a UCLA fan as well, and he’s the one I told you about who could maybe help us launch our own business… you know, helping us earn the kind of money we’ve always said we would. Anyway, he’s an award-winning sales rep with IBM, he’s on the advisory council with our local chamber of Commerce, the father of 3 wonderful children, and a leader in my part-time nutritional company. Let me 3-way him in on the line to talk with us for a few minutes… he’s a great guy and I know you’ll be glad I did.  -  Sure. - Hey guys, thanks for the compliments, but my accomplishments are nothing compared to your accomplishments… no, you’re the best… no, you’re amazing the way you… -I think all of us might make a great business team together…  OR ---- hey Randy, I just lost 10 pounds the last 2 weeks and have decided to start a business sharing with others how I did it. I’m on the phone with my business partner and I thought we might spend a few minutes together. You said you hated your job and wanted to lose a few pounds, so I thought of you. Randy, I’d like to introduce you to Jim. A leader in the company. He’s lost 20 pounds himself and is well on the way to quitting his job in a few months to go full-time with this company.)

o       Use personal private Audio Recordings simply done on your computer or use an inexpensive radio shack phone recorder device… this is where you and an expert presenter get on the phone and record a short business presentation that’s saved on the computer or cassette tape recorder. These audio files can now be emailed to prospects. This high-tech formula works great to personalize your presentations to your prospect list. This can also be done very successfully using a radio show format. This isn’t for many of you, but it might be for the few of you that understand how to maximize this inexpensive mass-marketing strategy.  ( i.e. DK- “hello everyone, this is David Klaybor sitting here in the radio station with one of my top business associates, Lon Wardrop… LW- Great sharing this business opportunity message with you tonight David. DK - If you’re not familiar with Lon’s background, it is my great privilege to share with you all just a small portion of his extensive experience with you. He’s built several organizations over the past 10 years, he’s a successful real estate investor, little-league coach and really cares about helping people… we’re both creating this tape to share the most amazingly powerful business opportunity on the planet…”) You can also use this technique to critique your presentations. Just listen to yourself with your success coach and figure out what you’re doing right and wrong. It’s easier than you think.

o       Don’t forget to use the SPEAKER PHONE… this is an incredible tool to use to communicate to smaller groups in a home or office setting. I have personally used this extensively to teach groups of distributors who’re far away from my base of operation. It’s great when two or three distributors get together at one man’s house and they all get in on a speaker shone conversation with a prospect. This 2 against 1 approach works very well indeed. Some of my best calls have been done under this type of situation.

o       Put special “Success Commercial” on your home ANSWERING MACHINE MESSAGE… or voice mail system… (i.e. “thank you for calling Dave’s Wholesale Vitamin Home-Based Business… are you tired of having no energy at the end of the day?… are you tired of having to much month at the end of your money? Let me share a free audio tape that will explain to you how you can get healthier than you have been in years while gaining financial wellness at the same time !”)

o       Create a new EMAIL ADDRESS Especially for your new business… Maybe even a new URL Website Address as well.  (i.e. [email protected]

o       Cellular Phones enable a leader to have people call them on the golf-course… and nothing says “I’m successful” like talking to a mlm leader while he’s putting. And, calling prospects during the 2 hour wait at an airport while traveling, also seems to impress a prospect. You get to break the ice using the “situation” as a fun way to start building rapport. Everyone sympathizes with travel hassles. Calling people while on the road using the cell phone seems top work out really well. Just be careful not to get in an accident while talking while driving. And, most cell phone plans have unlimited minutes during the weekends… so pound your phone all Saturday and Sunday people !

o       Voice Mail is an amazingly powerful tool… the implementation of a “mass communication system” like vmail can not only keep you in contact with your downline organization… but it can be used as a powerful tool to sell product and recruit new distributors. Lets talk about some ways to utilize this telecom device for your benefit… ( put your 800- vm #  on fliers, brochures, business cards, and other literature that steers prospects to a vm system that 1st offers a short 3 minute company overview… and then offers the prospect additional vm numbers where they can here more in-depth audio messages on a wide variety of topics: comp plan, products, company, how to sign-up and order, etc… ) This is a SUPER PROVEN METHOD for building your business.      Sample message:  -“hello, better pick-up a pen because you’re not going to want to miss any of this life-changing information… If you’re interested in helping others, as well as personally learning how to live longer, look younger, prevent disease, and earn enough passive income to retire in as little as 3-5 years… you can get-in before everybody else as part of the next trillion dollar industry. With as little as $25 a month and a mere 5-10 hours a week of your time, you can be CEO of your own business. To learn more, visit my website at  or   call my toll-free number 800- to hear more about our amazing home-based business”. To receive your free audio tape message on being your own boss… you must be sure to leave your name, email, address and phone number at the tone. Thank you for calling”.   - You get the basic idea -

o       Learn how to use GENERIC 3rd-party Pre-Approach Packages… i.e. the Rat Race tape by R. Gage,  Len Clemments MLM tape… Jeff Babener’s brochure, Big Al Series of small books… The Next Trillion nutritional tape by Paul Zone Pilzner, Dead Doctors tape, Don Failla’s tape/book… Money, Money, Money by J.Fogg… Burke Hedges… Stewart Johnson’s small booklet   etc…. Each distributor should learn how to utilize these powerful… useful… helpful tools to build your business, there are many great ways. Buy books by the case with your group to get the least expensive price.

o       Show your prospects the TAX Benefits offered to Business owners by the IRS and Congress. It will amaze you that most working families can save $5000 to $10,000 a year in additional tax savings, just by joining your mlm program. There are many 3rd party tools designed to specifically show your prospects the benefits they can have by owning your own business. See the small/thin tax booklets from OR… the Green Tape, Babener brochure to get new distributors … this really can work well to get a ton of auto-ship customers.  ( i.e. hey buddy, do you know how much money you pay in taxes..? A lot – right. Did you know that you might be in a position to save $5-$10,000 a year in tax savings by simply establishing a small little part-time nutritional business with my company. You also earn income from your business as well as getting healthier in the process !… so you have nothing to lose…? I’ll bet your accountant didn’t share anything as powerful as this before !  I wonder if you could write-off any new products you order as “business research”? – look into this !… )

o       FOD: Fax On Demand sometimes this is the best way to communicate your companies products and business opportunity to the public who prefers this specific  method of researching business opportunities. Every company has this service and be sure to ask your client if they feel comfortable using this kind of technology to share your information with them. (i.e. Ms. Prospect, would you prefer going to my website, listening to an audio tape or reading the documentation at your office… I’d prefer reading your materials in the comfort of my home. Well I could mail our powerful information to you or you could have the materials right now using the handset on your fax machine. Which do you prefer… getting the data immediately at your office… great. Call this number and follow the directions. I suggest getting the documentation on the products, company and compensation plan. I will call you over the weekend to go over the materials, alright? Great, talk to you then.)

o       What other tools can you think of to use to better communicate your business opportunity…  Webinar’s  - DVD’s  - Website Preso’s -  Auto-Responder’s  - Home Parties  -  Hotel Meetings  - Laptop Preso  -  3-way  - Conf Call  - Regional


5-  MLM LEADERS have learned to become “Master Prospector’s”. After a veteran network marketer has gone through all of his or her warm-market leads… they then move into the luke-warm arena of referrals. They make their original list and keep adding new prospects to the their ever-widening source of leads. All distributors need a steady stream of new people to talk to. If you’re not pitching new clients on your company, you’re losing income.

-         Asking for referrals… after creating your personal “Contact List”… referrals are the number #1 method of building a long-term real mlm business. These are luke-warm prospects vs. the, tougher to work, cold-market leads. This is the strategy to teach others and master yourself. It is simple and duplicatable. This is the way most widely used historically over the last 50 years. This method works and it’s affordable!  (i.e.  “I  understand that you’re not interested in our business opportunity or buying our products, but perhaps you might know someone who might be interested in: becoming the owner of their own home-based business… losing weight… driving a company car… taking all expense paid  vacations… helping other get healthy… retire in a few years with a solid income,  etc… ”. “I would be happy to give you a finders fee for every referral who joins the company”… This business isn’t for you, but I know you know somebody who really would be interested in working with me…” )

-         The 3-foot rule… this is another excellent affordable cold-market method of discovering new prospects to bring into the pipeline. If you have a good Testimonial Story, if you love your products, if you love helping people, if you believe in the mlm industry… talking to strangers using the F.O.R.M. Rule will be no problem for you. You will naturally share with many of the people whom you come in contact with during the normal course of your life.  ( i.e. “hi, I’ve seen you here in the office building all the time. What company do you work with here, what do they do?… that’s great, has your firm been hit with any lay-off’s due to the slumping economy? How stable do things look for your department?… If I could show you an opportunity to earn what you’re worth… if I could show you a company that never holds their rep’s back, in fact they automatically promote their associates when  they reach pre-determined goals… would you be interesting in attending a leadership event this weekend to learn more ? ”

-         Buying leads… this is a great method if you have serious money to invest in your business… and you really are great at dealing with cold-market building strategies. You also better be organized and know how to run a business professionally. But if you are not good at: talking to strangers, handling objections, getting lots of rejection, spending lots of time/money and effort building this way… then this wouldn’t work out well for you. This is not as easy as working your warm-market for most. I built 2 businesses this way so I know it works… it just takes a lot of sales-type communications.  Never buy expensive leads that offers a business opportunity on the side, on an automatic monthly charge system without “testing” them first.  -More on this below.

-         Placing adds… this is another great cold-market marketing strategy that should only be implemented by highly skilled distributor’s who’re veteran in handling this kind of prospect acquisitions. Do not place an add if you do not have a professional expert working with you or mentoring you on the do’s and don’ts of making this prospecting method work for you. I will teach you when to place ads, where to place ads, what “copy” to use, what to say when prospects call you and how to follow-up on the respondents over time. It takes skill to convert your ad budget into cash-flow !    – more on this later

-         Buying legal email addresses…  this is a great marketing strategy for a small group of internet savvy distributors. Write and ask me to email you my article on whether buying internet leads is for you or not. (note: spamming is not cool… it does not give the company the professional posturing we all strive for)

-         Join social, business, political, spiritual, health organizations or networking clubs in your area… a very smart way to get to know other potential mlm superstars. There is a lot a distributor could learn from this type of local business activity. (ie. While interacting with your peers, try to drop this into the conversation: “Where did you go on vacation this year… my company took all it’s leaders on an all-expense paid cruise to Mexico. Would you be interested in finding out how you could go next time?!...”) 

·        The speed of the leader is the speed of the pack… Winners understand that they can never stop doing the activities that got them to the top position/ranks they hold. They never hang up their guns… they keep on shooting year after year. Your downline will do what you do. So if you slow down, your group will… if you keep sponsoring, they will too. (this is where you could use DK or another top company leader to help you close your really big-shot prospects).

 -  Copyright 19988 - 2010   David Klaybor / PowerLine Systems  - all rights reserved

·        MLM Leaders understand that the way a new distributor gets started, is the way they’re going to get their new distributors started. THEREFORE, WINNERS USE AN AFFORABLE,  EASY TO USE, DULPICATABLE MARKETING SYSTEM. This could be as simple as using an audio tape pass-out system… it could be more complicated using voice mail, internet, sales aid documentation, video tapes, home-party systems, weekly hotel events, conference call strategies and many others.


·        And, Winners also know that they need to teach their new recruits “how to get started and committed to initiating their company endorsed “90-day “action plan”. If you do not start a new person out right, they will develop poor habits. What exactly does a new distributor do their 1st 72 hours… what should they do their 1st week… their 1st month… their 2nd and 3rd month? Distributors need direction… distributors need short term goals… distributors need a CHECK LIST to follow. Otherwise the will wander, drift, procrastinate and stall out. Thus each new team player commits to:

o       Learn how to implement and use the company-endorsed affordable, easy-to-use, duplicatable marketing system ! (the blue-print we discussed above) This might include many different approaches.

o       Make a one year minimum overall commitment working the company plan. UNTIL THERE IS COMMITMENT, THERE IS HESITANCY. Each distributor must promise to commit enough time to working the deal in order for the power of geometric growth to take place. ( (the penny doubling concept…) Most distributors can not grow a business fast. It take time for normal distributors to succeed…

o       Review all your company materials and listen to the audio tapes and watch the video tapes… get the big picture on where to find all the information needed to build your business… take notes on what’s important and as any questions you might have…

o       Get and/or use your day-planner or find out about my custom-made mlm Business Planner so you can set and make appointments…

o       Set written goals with all the following information on it as well as creating your dream-list of things you want to have… achieve… do… be… as a direct result of working your new business…

o       List the things you are willing to give-up or change in order to reach your goals…  ( spend less time watching tv, eating junk food, going to the pub… apply money spent on sushi into product auto-ship, etc…)

o       Get the names of all your upline, as high as it goes if you can… and then email then to introduce yourself and find out which one is best at what method of doing business… and then plan on using them to teach you and help you recruit.

o       Sign-up to attend a company sponsored training event or attend a local training workshop in your area…

o       If your group puts on local area hotel meetings (perhaps every Tuesday Thursday and Saturday)… then each newbie promises to bring at least ONE GUEST to these weekly events the 1st 90 days.

o       Perhaps your company or organization promotes and uses the “home party recruiting system”… in this case, your new recruit promises to bring at least one guest to each event.

o       Each new person who is serious about building a sales organization promises to create a 25-99 name prospecting list from which to work from. This is the focal point of every distributors business. A minimum of 25 names will be placed on the list the 1st week… with 10 being contacted. And all 99 names will be targeted by the end of the 1st month with at least 30 prospects being contacted. 

o       Each new distributor will get at least 6 new recruits their 1st month… start filling in your downline chart… !

o       Each new person will place their auto-ship product order upon signing up or as soon as possible thereafter.

o       Each new distributor promised to make a presentation to a minimum of at least ONE NEW PROSPECT EACH DAY for the first 90 days in an effort to share the company, products or opportunity.

o       Each new distributor will participate in a WORK STUDY PROGRAM whereby they participate in at least FIVE 3-way calls with an upline leader the 1st week. And then as many as required thereafter for them to learn the company presentation. Have your new distributor choose the top 5 prospects on their contact list and then call these leads with your downline team member in an effort to show them the proper way to communicate your business opportunity.

o       Each new distributor will work on finding his/her Success Coach asap once they start working the program.

o       Work with this person and practice to develop your initial 2 minute presentation on “what your business offering is”… so when someone at a party says, “what do you do…”  you can tell them: ( i.e.  I’ve lost 30 pounds marketing an incredible weight-loss system”… or, “I’ve had tremendous results with my health problem using a product that I now earn a healthy income from while helping others with similar wellness concerns”… I was in a dead-end job for years when I met a man who shared with me a powerful business opportunity that has dramatically changed my life…” )

o       Each new person promises to put at least ONE PERSON on the weekly conference calls...?  (and use the RE-BROADCASTS As well )

o       Each newbie promises within the 1st month to register to attend the Companies Regional Event… the National Convention… (it is free to make hotel and airline reservations…)

o       Each new distributor promises to get his/her website and email address up and working within the 1st 2 weeks…

o       Order their business cards within the 1st week…

o       Promises to organize their home office space dedicated to building their business…

o       Sign-up and register for company sponsored voice mail system asap…

o       Get a new free business bank account as well as all required licenses…

o       Go take a home office tour of you can…

o       Put special “Success Commercial” on your home ANSWERING MACHINE MESSAGE… or voice mail system… (i.e. Einstein said that “Doctor’s of the future will be using Food as their Medicine”… I am a distributor for a company that offers many fine food-based supplements designed to help you say well… for a free video tape, please leave a message”)

o       Create a new EMAIL ADDRESS Especially for your new business… Maybe even a new URL Website Address as well.  (i.e. [email protected]…)  [email protected] stands for PowerLine Systems = DK’s Company name

o       There are many other issues, this training material was just for demonstration purposes.

   Copyright 19988 - 2010   David Klaybor / PowerLine Systems  - all rights reserved

·        6- Winners are TEACHABLE… they love to learn about things that will improve their lives. Winners are NOT Mr. know-it-all’s that always have to be “right”. They do not let their ego’s get in the way of discovering new ideas. They are open-minded possibility thinkers looking for better ways of doing things. They invite direction, not always trying to “give it”. They share credit with their peers.  Decide to become “teachable”… if you don’t learn and implement a bunch of these secret success principals from some MLM veteran… you’re going to greatly slow down your advancement and earning potential in this industry…


·         7- Remember, YOU, ARE NOT THE ISSUE. MLM veterans have learned that they will attract more bee’s when you lay out a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Thus the best leaders make their prospects feel welcomed, valued, needed. The objective of the sponsoring process is to build rapport and make your prospect feel comfortable. The MLM industry survives by attracting and maintaining a huge “Volunteer Army”. So each successful leader will have to learn how to make people happy, or they’ll slowly lose their downlines over time via attrition. If a distributor is dissatisfied for any reason, they can stop working and/or leave the company. Do not go on and on bragging about you or your companies accomplishments… learn to talk about “them” and their accomplishments. Explain to them how they “fit into your system”. Do not fall into the trap of criticizing other mlm operations (no matter what the prospect says).


·         8- Winners get their new recruits off to a good start by making sure they learn and understand everything laid out in the company training program. Nothing is more foolish than to spend months bringing a person into your business, just to let them slowly die-on-the-vine because you never took the time to instruct them on what to do their 1st week, 1st month, 1st 90 days. No matter how deep down they are, always start your new downline distributors out right or you will indeed lose 90% of your group.


·         9- MLM leaders constantly stay in touch with their group. Like a Sheppard watching over his/her flock, it is your duty to oversee your little lambs and protect them from harm. Your business demands this continual attention to this issue. Mail out weekly email blasts, mail out quarterly newsletters, host conference call… do whatever it takes to keep the troupe’s in line. They need to know you care. If you don’t, someone else will !


·         10- Another reason why many mlm leaders are so successful is because they COMMUNICATE better than you. They have better-developed inter-personal relationship SKILLS… and rest-assured, these talents can be developed and utilized by normal distributors like us. You do not have to become a “sales person-type” individual in order to succeed. You do not have to be born with a “Golden Spoon” in your mouth in order to make the big money. Communication has less to do with breeding and more to do with “speaking naturally from the heart” about topics important to you. And, in the worst case situation, speaking skills can be developed into a winning personality.  Would you even know how to respond if someone asked you if your business was one of those “Pyramid Schemes?”  Do you even know a “closing phase” to close a deal? Well if you just got scared thinking about learning some of this kind of material… I am shocked ! You used to be a professional salesperson as a child. You got “your way” and “lots of stuff” from your parents because you were very cunning indeed. You used to have the gift of gab, never hesitating to use a burst of emotion to get you way. You were pretty good at manipulation, playing mom off dad, getting your siblings to do something for you… heck, you even sold 200 boxes of cookies for your school one year. So please do not suggest that you are not good at sales. You were GREAT in the past. Now it’s time to re-kindle a few of these latent talents and use them to retire in 3-5 years with a solid income. Are you with me ?!


·         11- Well then… how / why do modern day adult mlm winners learn to communicate better than you…? As I just stated, we all have the skills buried within us… all we have to really do is dig up some of our old strategies and use them again. Second, adults have found that by INVESTING IN THEMSELVES via Seminars, Internet ezines, Books and Tapes… this seems to be a pretty good way to re-stimulate our brains enough to succeed at building our business. If you are afraid to pull out your wallet/purse and purchase a self-help book or tape set… then you have some bad programming that we’re going to have to correct before much advancement is going to be made with your mlm career.


·         12- another reason why mlm winners are soooo successful is because they have better “SUCCESS HABITUDES” than you…  they watch less tv.. they attend more company events… they commit to consuming more company products than most… they go after company bonus programs… they perform more opportunity/product presentations than most… they put on events (big or small) if there isn’t one scheduled in their area… they have better overall work habits (i.e. follow-up, event mgt., better organized, better at time mgt., better sales phraseology, etc…etc…) And then amazingly somehow over time… these same individuals graduate from this routine 2-5 years later and find themselves sleeping in later, watching more tv, traveling more and doing lots of “nothing” as they collect their passive income in retirement.


·         13- so how does a person like you/me become the great businessperson we just described…? Sounds almost impossible to fill these shoes… right? Wrong.  Either they’re a born self-starter who has the initiative to kick yourself across the finish line without any assistance… OR,

14- you’re smart enough to find yourself a “SUCCESS COACH”… this is usually a local Business Partner that’ll work together with you for perhaps years until you both reach your financial goals. This success principal is called, forming a “Strategic Alliance Business Relationship” with another qualified peer. By doing so you have someone pushing and dragging you towards your goals, dreams and aspirations…. And you likewise commit to making them reach their dreams as well. You just need to find some special someone in your company who has very similar goals. Someone who will HOLD YOU ACCOUNTABLE to your own personal desires ! Amazingly, this Success Principal works extremely well for normal mortal human beings like you and me. Be careful not to chose the wrong partner… oftentimes a spouse works out well, other times this is the worst decision possible… you’ll know when it’s right.


·         MLM Winners also have MENTORS in their lives as well as Success Coaches. A Mentor might be an author, minister, family member, college professor or Entrepreneur… while success coaches are usually more local and accessible to you… a mentor might be many miles away and might not even be in your business. Mentor deal with the more Macro-issues, while success coaches normally deal with issues on the front-line. Mentors are seeing your life outside the fish bowl… while success coaches are swimming around in their with you. Thus, Mentors have a completely different viewpoint of situations, problems, concerns in your life. It is wise to seek the input, suggestions and opinions of both parties.

     Copyright 19988 - 2010   David Klaybor / PowerLine Systems  - all rights reserved

·         15- And make sure you get rid of all the negative people surrounding you in your life. Also get rid of all your DREAM STEALERS. Theses are people (some might be your closest friends trying to protect you) who say: “you can’t, it’ll never happen for you, you’re foolish to try mlm”, etc… BE sure to surround yourself with people who say:  “you can make it… you’ve got what it takes… you can’t fail”…etc…

     ( more on this later… see Dave’s website for an article on this subject… )


·          16- HERD-EFFECT: Winners also Practice at their craft… because we all know that “Practice makes Perfect!” Form SUCCESS TEAMS in your local area who meet regularly to support each other and keep everyone committed to reaching their dreams. Form a local SUCCESS TEAM in your area where pairs of partners can get together with the HERD to talk stuff over in a group setting. No one is ever allowed to get negative during these important SUPPORT GROUP meetings. The purpose is to promote business, not get stuck talking about rumors and dirty laundry instead of the all-important business building stuff that’ll make you all wealthy. Practice: answering objections… role-play: pitching your companies business presentations…


·         17- Winners understand how to use the “PEDISTAL FORMULA”. This success principal is whereby 2 distributors are presenting the opportunity to a prospect together as a team…the recruiting process works best when one distributor introduces the other distributor to his client by saying something genuinely flattering about the other… while the 2nd distributor bounces another genuine compliment back at the 1st distributor… and this, almost choreographed, behavior continues (in a moral professional manner) many times throughout the event. Thus, the prospect witnesses each distributor putting the other on a “pedestal” over and over until the prospect feels like joining with them. This method causes the prospect to witness each distributor in the best possible light. Now the prospect’s natural instinct is to want to be part of this unique group of super-cool business folks… and 6 out of 10 times… the client will join your organization and become part of the team. They will now initial similar behavior when they interact with their prospect with you in the future. This formula works well.


·         18- Winners follow former President Reagan’s 11th Commandment that states: Never Say anything bad about another Republican”. This success principal’s goal is to promote: company unity, group co-operation and distributors becoming solid team players. All to often a few distributors will become disconnected from the group… from the company philosophy… from the best interests of the “whole”. Great Leaders will not tolerate any behavior that drifts from this unwritten rule. Ever get caught up in this negative-based emotional trap. Please, whatever you do, do not say anything bad about another leader publicly. Privately we are all responsible for our actions, and we should all be free to communicate our well-intended concerns upline. The mlm rule is clear… positive information goes downline… while negative issues go upline. I hope I never have to deal with anyone of you regarding the failure to adhere to this 11th commandment. It is a great rule to follow. And never forget God’s rule… always forgive early and often.


·         19- Successful mlm leaders invest in a “Personal Development / Self-Help Library. Knowledge can become “powerful”, but you have to actually acquire the critical information before it will be able to help you. And winners not only take physical possession of the data, but then they listen to their tapes more often than you. Note: you’re not initially selling “your company” so much as you are selling “you” to your prospects. They have to like you as a person or you’re going to have a hard time recruiting someone. They have to buy into working with “you” on a monthly basis for years. Are you qualified and worthy of even being a Sponsor? Therefore it is important you for you to “become the best individual you can be”… this can be accomplished in-part by investing in personal growth tools. We all know that if we keep putting junk-food in our bodies and brains… “junk in… junk out”… our body’s will become fat and diseased while our brains will become numb, average and under-utilized. People will not witness us as the person we really are deep down inside unless we start putting premium fuel inside of it.


·         20- This leads us to the all important: “INSTALLATION PROCCESS”. Until any worthwhile information is installed into your brain, you can’t use it – right?! How do you know where the itsy bitsy spider went… how do you know what color “Barney” the dinosaur is… how does anyone know anything… it gets drilled into our heads on purpose or via commercials… therefore I invented the SUCCESS COMMERCIAL. By simply using a post-it noted pad… I can install vitally important information into your brain without making you study any homework. Do you like that success principal? Of course you do. Find a post-it pad and a felt tipped pen… write on it in large block letters: “Will you be starting, full-time…. Part-time… or just using the products today”. Now stick the small yellow notepad under your toilet seat and we’re almost finished. Now as the weeks go by and you see this silly note under the seat as you use it each day… you will slowly start installing the message on the notepad (what ever it is)… and you’ll be shocked to learn that this system work marvelously indeed ! I have many testimonial stories that prove this works extremely well. In the alternative, you could sit down and study the materials each day of you like… I thought not. So lets create a good one for you and get you started on your path to install at least 1 super sales phase each month. This should be so hard. And via the success principal of “ SPACED REPITITION”… you will start learning via osmosis and start earning more money in the processes.


·         21- Uncovering the Secrets we want to “install”: So where exactly do you find the information to put on these post-it note pad sheets? You can get them from the highlighted portions of the books you read or the notes you write down as you listed to your self-help tapes. Go to  your “NOTE GRAVEYARD” when you get home and find a few great wisdoms to write down and install via the new post-it-note strategy I invented. Tony Robbins tells us that we learn through “anchors” we place in our minds”. What anchors will you be placing this week?

   Copyright 19988 - 2010   David Klaybor / PowerLine Systems  - all rights reserved

·         22- Feeding their brains with self-help materials forges all winners into being “possibility thinker’s”. If you’re not a true believer that mlm can work for you, then as Zig Ziglar says: “you’re plagued with “stink’n  think’n”  ). Does your self-talk keep telling you that: “you can’ succeed at mlm… or it won’t work out for you… or, it’ll never happen for me”, -then you need work my friend, and I can help you IF you’re teachable  J


·         23- Additionally, being educated from Self-Improvement materials also breeds an inner-faith and solid belief system that convinces an individual at his/her core-being that all things are possible for THEM… that success is not for the devils-lot, it is for Normal Moral God-Fearing Human Beings like you and me… 

    that YOU are going to succeed if you simply follow the blue-print of someone   

    who’s already accomplished your goals, YOU WILL ACHIEVE IT RESULTS.


·        Your odds of success improve with time, thus Winners are Committed for the long-haul…   most distributors “QUIT working their mlm business MUCH TO EARLY”…not realizing that it takes time for geometric growth to take hold ! Same with Stock and Real Estate…   Don’t even start unless you plan on giving it 90 days min… 18 month is better… ! But nothing will happen unless you never, never, never ever give up. -Winston Churchill’s famous speech…about why the English survived/repelled the continuous German onslaught in WWII.

·        Winners are happy to hear a “no thanks” from a prospect because they’re clear that they are one more step closer to a YES ! (use the card deck example…)


·         25- Network Marketing works, IF YOU DO !  Winners understand the word WORK in NetWORK Marketing. Our Industry wasn’t named: Net-Play Mktg… Net-Fool around Mktg… Net-Hobby Mktg…  It takes work to build a solid business no matter the field of endeavor. And these folks are willing to PAY THE PRICE to Succeed.

·         26- Winners understand that if you want more Money… that it’s going to take an investment of Money to succeed…it takes money to make money


·         27- Winners understand that if they want more Free-Time… that they’re going to have to give up and invest some time in their business in order to retire in 3-5 years with a comfortable passive income.


·         28- Most Successful person’s in our industry have faith in a “Higher Power”. They are convinced that God wants them to succeed and have everything that is good, great and awesome offered on this planet. This means that they love themselves as well as respecting others. They see themselves as servants sharing the wisdom they have acquired with others they hope to help. This is one of the only industry’s in the world where: “the more people you help, the more a person can earn”… And they do NOT love or worship money.


·         29- Thus, many of these leader-folks naturally become more confident, resolute, and certain that they will build a large group… whereas you might be prone to being a bit more hesitant, confused and reluctant to believe that you will succeed. MLM Leaders who realllly believe in their company… realllllllllllly believe in their products and reallllllllllllllllly believe in the opportunity are more Poised and certain to win the mlm game.


·         30- Most of these entrepreneur’s are more Up-Beat, Pro-Active, and Positive than you…  this makes them LIKABLE. And People are drawn to accomplished, successful, FUN people. This makes it easier and easier to recruit more and more people in less and less time…


·         31- Winners define themselves as LEADERS who are “part of the solution – not part of the problem”… Doubting Thomas’s become weak distributors and sign-posts warning people to avoid taking there pathway, or developing this weak persons “habitudes”. But rather, winners are Light Houses showing others the way to the safe-harbor of success. They steer their peers away from the jagged shore of life that destroys many enterprising entrepreneur’s dreams that are dashed on the shores. Winners are role-models… losers oftentimes become bitter and cold.


·         32- Winners are GREAT LISTENERS… they understand why God gave them 2 ears and 1 mouth. This is a huge point not to be overlooked. If you’re endlessly talking to your prospects without taking a breath. If you keep stating declarative-sentence after declarative-sentence without letting your prospect interact with you… you’re not going to have much success recruiting new distributors. The more you let your client talk… the more you listen… the more you can understand exactly what will entice your prospect to join you in your deal… the greater the odds of your success at earning income becomes. If you asked a question like: “Would you like to learn how to leverage your time in an effort to retire a decade before you had planned? You will find out that by listening to their answer, you will be surprised to learn that your prospect really understands and want to participate in the power of geometric growth. And you didn’t have to spend hours trying to convince them, you just had to let them talk themselves through the process ! (see Dave’s 3,000 word Article for more in-depth information on this topic…)


·         33- How does a winner get him/herself to listen more to others concerns… Winners understand the power of asking good QUESTIONS.  This is another huge point that goes hand-in-hand with being a great listener. All of the greatest detectives, doctors, researchers, teachers, philosophers, astronomers, leaders… all asked powerful questions. (see Dave’s worthwhile article on this topic on his website…  … i.e.  “Can you get excited about… doesn’t it give you confidence to know… how does your spouse feel about the oppty… can you see the value of… how do you know when you see a good business opportunity, what do you look for… will you be starting full-time part-time or just using the products today… are you willing to invest $200 to own your own business… are you coachable… are you willing to travel… how old to you want to live to be… would you like to save $5000 to $10,000 in taxes… do you have 8-10 hours a week to invest in your business… when are you wanting to start owning your own life… ?”


·        34- The better leaders are people-person’s !  Are the best leaders you know better looking or more intelligent – are you are ? No they are not… just look at DK and you can understand why you certainly have the opportunity to because a huge success in this industry as well…) Do not accidentally INSULT your prospects by criticizing anything about them. If you don’t like them, don’t approach them in the 1st place. If you respect who they are as a person, then avoid talking about controversial topic’s like: politics or religion.


·        35- Winners have GOALS…  read them weekly/monthly. They know why they are working so hard at this industry. They are superb at “visualization”: i.e. they can smell the beach on their dream vacation… they can feel the breeze driving their dream convertible… they know can see themselves pulling into the driveway of their new dream house.


·          36- Set a Goal to start Developing your exciting, unique, interesting, stimulating Personal Testimonial Storyline right from the start…  remind yourself constantly that part of your job-description is that of a PAID PROFESSIONAL STORYTELLER… You’re going to tell stories over and over about how your companies amazing products have helped many of your customers achieve wellness… you’re going to tell many different stories about how some successful distributors have earned a lot of money… you’re going to tell your “personal story” 100’s of times a month if you’re lucky. Make sure your presentation is most convincing by adding PASSION, EMOTION and ENTHUSIASM to your message.  like you were talking to children using phonics… gestures… pictures

   Copyright 19988 - 2010   David Klaybor / PowerLine Systems  - all rights reserved

·        37- BUT you have to have a real testimonial story to tell eventually ! Be sure to be consuming and using the products/services as instructed by your upline… if you don’t believe in the companies products and services, then you’re in the wrong company. How could you honestly ask someone to buy from you if you are not using the product yourself. The industry rule is: Become a product of the product… this is how you develop your personal “testimonial story” (i.e. I lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks… and then earned $500 my 1st month due to all the people asking me how I lost my weight !… etc…)


·         38-  MLM Leaders understand that you only have enough hours in a day to work with distributors whom deserve it. Make your downline earn your time and attention. This is not cold, it is the real world. Work with the your average distributors in groups… work with your leaders and future leaders one-on-one. . Work with those who deserve it.  Now that you are DEADLY SERIOUS about your enterprise, you can only afford to work with serious, committed people.  Forget about the whiners, moaners and complainers.  We ALL have them on our team, it comes with the territory.  Work only with serious committed individuals who have the same goals in mind you do...massive success.  Here's a good way of determining who the RIGHT ONES are:  Are they calling you for 3-ways?Are they making calls?  Are they eager to learn the business?  Are they participating in all training and recruiting calls?  Or...did they disappear after you sponsored them?  Do they procrastinate and say "I haven't gotten around to reading it yet?"


·        39 - MLM Winners know how Celebrate the Success of their up-coming super-stars and Recognize them publicly in front of the Group.  When new people sign up a new customer or distributor, or reach a higher status level, call them!  Congratulate them and let them know you are proud of them for doing such an awesome job.  Give recognition to all of your people for the things they accomplish.  NEVER EVER ignore the successes of others on your team.  Recognize it and celebrate it together. Also be sure to acknowledge the contributions and ideas of others. Human beings are joiners and love to be with people who love, respect, appreciate and value them as individuals. Your distributors will climb a mountain with you when you show them how much you care about them personally.


·        40 - The Rule: “ALL DISTRACTIONS ARE EQUAL”… is taught by MLM Leaders who makes sure their group only focus’s on ONE business opportunity at one time in an effort to reach their income goals at one time. They are clear that historically, all the biggest income earners in the industry all believe in the rule that: “a professional mlm distributor can only ride one horse at a time”. There are few exceptions to this rule. Do NOT buy into the people who want to lure you into their mlm company too by telling you that “it is smart to diversify your business interests”. Although this may be a smart strategy when buying stocks, it may be the kiss of death to normal mortal mlm distributor. No matter how tempting it is… DO NOT attempt to work more than one PRIMARY PROGRAM. Trust in the historical data… working more than one deal will not work out well for you long-term. This does not mean that you can’t “minor” in another business deal on the side… but this is usually just to consume a necessary product and support another mlm distributor by buying one of their fine products/services you’d have to buy somewhere else anyway. But be sure your actions do n0t compete with your main company.  ( i.e. – it might be o.k. for a distributor who sells Nutritional Supplements as their PRIMARY COMPANY subscribing to a telecommunications service on the side…etc… ). This is a very complicated issue and sometimes confusing. Companies dislike their distributors being exposed to any other mlm opportunities other than theirs (some will terminate their distributors for participating in another one…)… While mlm distributors like ability to join more than one. Trust me, work one deal, stick with it long term… and you will succeed. Get off track interacting with other mlm distributors in other deals and there’s a huge chance that you’re going to waiste a lot to time, money and effort getting distracted when you should have focused on where you are. You know darn well that the grass is NOT greener on the other side.


·        41 - MLM Leaders are good COMMUNICATORS even though most started out their careers as very poor presenters. Some join Toast Masters or te National Speakers Association. Many mlm winners started out having virtually no experience leading an audience from the front of the room… but month after month, year after year… these inexperienced speakers became great presenters. All the practice and confidence added up to their becoming very entertaining meeting room leaders.


·        42 - MLM Winners show their prospects how the network marketing Program they’re representing can “fit into the clients life”… using the phone to communicate is a totally natural event… sharing products they like with their network of peers is natural… “transfer buying” products of equal quality from one place naturally to another… most people naturally want to be there own boss, tell their boss they quit, and own their own business… most people naturally would rather work from home… most people want to leverage their time, they understand and want to participate in the power of geometric growth… most prospects naturally want to pay less taxes… most people naturally want to live longer, prevent disease and look younger… most clients naturally want to drive a nice car, live in a great house and go on all expense paid vacations to exotic places…  people will spend on an auto-ship if they perceive they are getting a good value… people are naturally greedy…  people are naturally fearful of retiring broke… people would prefer retiring earlier than later…  you get the idea. Learn to make your presentations naturally fit into the lives of your prospects world. They will drift into your group without as much work as you think.

·              COMMITMENTS -----  where are your COMMITMENTS Leading you ?

Right this moment you are solidly committed to something. The question is, what is it?  The quality of your commitments will determine the course of your life.  So where are your commitments taking you today?
You can never avoid commitment entirely.  What you can do is choose what those commitments will be, and choose to follow one of them.
Commitment can seem overwhelming and intimidating.  Yet at its heart, commitment is a grand opportunity if and when you decide to make it.  Commitment gives you the means of working steadily toward your goal. 
Yes, you can shy away from commitment, but that in itself is a commitment to mediocrity.  Instead, commit this day to the best you can imagine, then follow through with each moment to bring it about.


-                     YOUR PERSONAL GOAL MUST BE TO RE-CONDITION  and  RE-PROGRAMM your MIND so you will become far more HEALTHY,  WEALTHY and HAPPY…


-          Start by Buying the Books: “Who moved my Cheese”by Spencer Johnson and understand it’s principal…. Then get “Street Smart Networker” by my friend Bob Butwin… also Dan Failla’s best selling “Napkin Presentations Book”…  The Next Trillion” by Paul Zane Pilzner… and of course, listen to ALL company audio and video tapes.


-          In order to grow your business and forge ahead to build your retirement plan… you must get rid of your Prejudice toward NWMing…   most of us were simply leaning on the mlm door and someone accidentally opened it and we fell into the industry – but we’re not convinced for sure it’s gonna work for us !  We’re part of the huge group of mlm participants who’re working less than part-time at building our businesses, we’re “some-times dsitributors”. These are the people who, except for the taking the products for personal consumption, you’re not sure exactly why you’re “in”. You do not believe that you’re really going to make any money. You’re not really sure how the industry works. And if asked a week before you joined the company if you ever thought that you were going to be an mlm distributor, most of you would have said, no way. Yet here you are today, kind-of not sure exactly who, what where you are…. This seminar is for you. Learn that:  5% of your prospects are going to be very excited that you’re contacting them about our products and/or business opportunity…  while 35% of the people you share our company with are going to tell you “your nuts”. Focus on finding more “sometimes people”. This how we all got started.

-          MLM Winners are proud to tell the world that they are indeed a PROFESSIONAL NETWORK MARKETER. They see themselves as Master Craftsmen at their TRADE. If you’re afraid to tell others that you’re in the mlm business… then something needs to be done in order to educate and convince you that the mlm industry is the only place in the business world where an average person can earn an above average income with a small investment, low overhead, tremendous tax advantages and super products you can’t get in the stores. This is one of the only places where you earn what you’re worth and no one can hold you back from a promotion. Free cars and Free travel is relatively easy to accomplish… does your j.o.b. provide you with this kind of opportunity?


-          Be sure to INVEST IN YOURSELF… you’re worth it ! What is the difference between Investing and “Spending”… Self Help Tools are not an EXPENSE… they are Business Expenses that can be legally written-off because they are an ASSET to you and your business. They might be the very reason why you succeed ! Be sure to receive DK’s recommended books, tapes, planners list


-          Find a GREAT BUSINESS NAME to BRAND for yourself…   secure it for 1-2-5-10yrs… free business cards… stationary designed on your computer…  get all the proper government authorizes licenses… a separate business bank account… etc…


-          All great successful mlm leaders teach their downlines to set-up a workplace in your house or office to build your business… this is critical. You need a place to put your desk in order to run your business like a business. You’ll need to layout/spread out your work somewhere where the kids will not destroy important documents. Filing cabnets to keep your literature. Shelves to showcase your products and show off your company awards. You’ll need a fax machine… computer… email… video conferencing abilities… telecommunications headset for free long distance service… post-it pad… cork board to pin up all your scripts, questions and phraseology… you need a white board to write on… coffee mug… small mirror… and plenty of natural light (with a view if possible… or the basement of you must).


-          Winners know that you CAN NOT GET BOGGED DOWN IN THE LITTLE DETAILS  of launching your business. Learn all you can about the Company, Product and Opportunity… but learn to “Stumble Forward”… you do not have to know much in the beginning... and you will learn it as you grow…


-          Understand the Transfer-Buying Equation.  Many homes would like to convert to a better product and a way to leverage their spending on monthly consumables into a "cash flow" instead of an "out-go" by simply sharing this concept.
- Are you converted?  You are buying "stuff" somewhere, might as well be from your own store. What's in your salt shaker???   Make the switch to Corrected salt and you'll improve your health and enhance your business as well.


   Copyright 19988 - 2010   David Klaybor / PowerLine Systems  - all rights reserved

-          Commitment:  we talked about it’s importance above, now lets get specific on what we’re committing to do !

o       Commit to building an organization… and making your “list”…

o       Commit to learning the skills required to become successful in this industry…

o       Commit to attending every company event for 9 months --- goal is to stay with the Herd

o       Commit to contacting- 1 person a day and presenting the oppty.

o       Commit to Finding your Success Coach(s)… (retail / recruiting /health-related mentor)

o       Commit to designing a work area in your home…

o       Commit to gaining a certain rank within a certain time period… etc... etc… etc…

o       Commit to


-          Follow-Up…    Organization…   Time Management…   these business skills are mandatory to implement in order to initially build a large sales force (unless you’re just lucky)… and if a distributor plans on earning long-term residual income, then understanding these business forces are a must. You must use a Business Planning System and/or and Computer and/or hire someone to do this work for you (unless you have a wonderful spouse who’ll be in charge of this department…)


-          Event Management….   This is an events business…  sell - EVENTS…. EVENTS…. EVENTS…

                                               When is the next most important company event…? The NEXT ONE !

o       Hotel Meetings…

o       Home Parties…

o       Conf Calls…

o       3-ways….

o       Emails…

o       Prospecting Calls…

o       Local… Regional… National Opportunity / Training Meetings

o       Exotic Company Vacations…

o       Self-Help Industry Events… (Tony Robbin’s 2-day workshop… )

o       TV Shows and Movies that have a powerful mlm message, personal growth message… (the West Wing… Ground Hog Day… It’s a Beautiful Life… etc… )


-          Buying Leads… Cold Market Activities.  (see DK’s 3000 word article titled: “Buying Into Buying Leads”… the pro’s and con’s of going this route… )


o       Running Ads – who should do it… where do you do it…

o       Writing GREAT attention-getting “Copy”   FEATURES vs. BENEFITS

o       Buying Lists  (how do you manage the leads you get?)



-          ALL Distractions are Equal… (goals… try not to work with you door open… swallow the biggest frog 1st… find a Success Coach… Become Accountable… )


-          Features vs. BENEFITS…


-          Always say NO to your prospects 1st… !   (before they say it to you…)




-          ATTENDING vs. PARTICIPATING…   The pig and the chicken breakfast story.


-          Spare-time vs.  part-time…


-          Being HUMAN…  we are bent on stalling, procrastinating, fibbing, being lazy, being late, being disorganized…  it takes WORK to perform otherwise.


-          Discovering how understanding the 4-Personality type’s can make you rich…


-          Your bathroom can make you RICH…


-          ARCHETECTURE: Building a downline can be an “art”. MLM leaders understand both benefits of building their downlines DEEP for stability and WIDE for increased earning power. You need to balance both techniques…


-          Long Distance Sponsoring Issues…


-          Learn how to “introduce people”…  the set-up is critical. The better the intro the more your prospect will listen to your business associate…   90% of all intro’s are horrible (D-)


-          There is a huge difference is signing people up and recruiting/sponsoring people into the business…


-          Learning how to identify and deal with the 4 diff. Personality Types Can make you RICH !


o       Learning how to communicate with each special group is the Key to recruiting more people in less time while earning more money faster…



-          How do you make $100,000 a year in NWMing… the Real Story… just do the match and implement a strategy to


-          How to put on a profitable Opportunity Briefing… Home Party… Hotel Event !


-          Avoid the “Management Rut Role”. Way to many distributor who achieve some success, oftentimes stop doing the very things that drove them to the top… and think that all they have to do is “manage others” from now on. This is a huge mistake. When you reach a new rank/level, don't give-up working hard and start laying back.  Once you've achieved a new level of success in your company, it is time to solidify it, not lay back and wipe your brow.  Take it to the next level.  Celebrate your personally achievement and keep moving forward.


-          How to get people on Conference Calls… 3-way Calls.


-          Why learning how to become your own: “SPIN DOCTOR” can change your life !


-          Learn how to GET UNLIMITED REFERALS…   if you create your “99 Name Contact List” and have the 9 new distributors you get make their own 99 name list… the 10 of you all have 1,000+ new prospects to contact…. And if you get just 30 new distributors from this list… all 40 of you now have 3,000+ new leads to contact… and if you get just 50 new distributors from this group… you all have another 5,000 new leads to follow-up on…  just by using your warm-market. You have an endless stream of new people to talk to each week !


-          … * What you can do on the Internet
* How to get on the Internet
* Creating your own web site
* Marketing your new web site
* Tons of marketing tips that we've learned over the past 20 years.
* How to create an online calendar, to do list and more
* How to create and print your letterhead on your computer.
* How to fax documents directly from your computer.
* How to quickly and easily create your own web site.
* How to get free press releases for your products and services.
* How to get free publicity as a guest on radio talk shows.
* How to operate your computer remotely, from any pc that has access to the Internet.


-          how to deal with BAD SITUATIONS…


§          i.e how do you handle the situation when a prospect doesn’t want to be placed in a distributors downline and wants to go under someone else or maybe even “you”?

§         what do you do when some downline team member brings you another mlm deal to look at… can you work more than one or two programs at one time and remain loyal and moral all the time…

§         what do you do when someone says they did not get paid correctly…

§         what if  someone in your group is found to be stretching the truth about the products or income claims…

This copy written material can not be produced without the written permission of David Klaybor  at [email protected]  


   Copyright 19988 - 2010   David Klaybor / PowerLine Systems  - all rights reserved

- And now… for your interest/amusement... here's Mr. Klaybor's quick bio to establish some level of credibility:  we humbly submit that historically, David has earned the Top Rank in 6 operations by building a very Large Distributorship Position 6 times in a row without failing... and most recently he has proven again that he is indeed a world-class builder. ( see DK’s 5 page proper detailed BIO online ) – this is just a part of it

·         DK’s PowerLine Business Planner was awarded the MLMIA AWARD for best MLM Planner

·         DK was a guest speaker on a Radio Talk Show 1 day/wk hosted by the Famous Robin Seymore on 640 stations nationwide

·         DK was a Regional Airline Owner/Captain – Prof Aviator – Comm Pilot in his 1st career

·         For a decade, Dave was honored to be included as 1 of the EXPERTS Speaking at the 2-day MLM Owners Workshop titled: How to Start, Run, Re-Build a NWMing Operation…

·         Mr. Klaybor is honored to haven been selected as the network marketing “Leader of the Month” by the largest Publication in our Industry, called the “Network Marketing Business Journal”. DK’s History-Making story was detailed on the inside cover of the May 05 issue. - please note: DK doesn’t pay to have things published about him... nor will he place any ad to get a piece done on him… nor will he ask someone to publish his materials for any reason.  - DK only gets published because industry leaders value his unique “cash-flow producing” teaching technologies, and DK’s materials are selected for their real worth and his contributions to helping people succeed.

·         Captain Dave is honored to have been included as Chapter 6 in a new 310 page mlm book published in Nov. ’05 titled: “The Ultimate Guide to Network Marketing” by Dr Joe Rubino and 37 other top leaders like: Scotty Kufus, Jan Ruhe, Tom Schreiter, Randy Gage, Kim Claver, Art Jonak, Kathy Coover, etc…

’05 - DK was included in Atty. Jeff Babener’s new book titled: “Network Marketing, what you should know”, (in Section 5, Managing Your Bus.) JB details DK’s innovative/unique Business Building Technologies

-          Mr. Klaybor is honored to have his name on the cover of 7 sales/marketing books...

-          He was the "Feature Story" in the July 2000 Upline Magazine:  (the "Tribute to John Kalench Issue")...

-          He wrote 30 articles in Money Makers Monthly in 1992/2002, (just look, he's in just about every issue)...

-          His Celebrity-Endorsed Business Tools have been sold in all the top catalogs for 9+yrs...

-          David just received an mlmia Industry Award for the "Best Designed NWMing Business Planner" in April 2001...

-          He's blessed to have shared the platform in 2000 alone with most the industry celebrities like: (i.e. Mark Yarnell, Richard Brooks, Jan Ruhe, Randy Gage, Don-Nancy Failla, Bob Butwin, Tim Sales, Tom Schreiter, Jerry Clark, Eileen Silva, Sandy Elsberg, Len Clemmets, Burke Hedges, Jeff Combs, Daniel Demacale, Art Meakin, etc...)...

-          He is honored to be included as one of the expert teachers at a 2-day workshop on "How to Launch a Successful NWMing Company" the last 8 yrs. with all the top vendors like Atty. Jeff Babener, Michael Sheffield, Dr. Clifton Jolly, Alf White, Keith Laggos, 20/21, Jenkon, GreyStar, etc…

-          Furthermore, David has "no skeletons" in his closet:  never having been sued/never sued anyone, perfect credit, healthy, ... and we submit that he definitely has some World-Class talents/skills, some name recognition and a HUGE contact base of NWMing Leaders…

-          David has discovered many NWMing Industry “Insider Secrets” few in the world have discovered that will help him help you create significant sales. ( please accept this information with our confident humility 

                      THIS WAS SOME AMAZING TRAINING - wasn't it  ! !

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  “Be able to earn $500 in every 72 hours”...

Mr. Klaybor will give you the Secrets you must know in order for you to earn at east $100,000+ in annual income within the next 3-5 years! Is this what you’re looking for?!


But... you must be willing to go back to school and study his success strategies for the next 6 to 12 months in order to retire in 3-5 years with a comfortable passive income.


If it was easy to make $100k/yr., everyone would be making it, wouldn’t they?... but the facts are, in the MLM industry, it is very possible for an average person to achieve financial independence... all they have to do, is the same things the top earners do. It’s that simple. Any individual can acquire the secrets from the “tools” sold by these leaders.  What’s missing from this formula is the very thing that makes Mr. Klaybor’s teaching technologies valuable. He gives us the strategies to install the information we have accumulated in books and tapes. His world-class recognition comes from his ability to bridge the gap between “what we think we know... and what we actually earn.  David’s strategies boil down to this simple formula:         Turning Knowledge Into Cash!”… by

“Changing you HABITS for Success” !

Here’s the steps you must take…


A- Decide to make multi-level marketing your craft, your trade, your career. Commit to doing whatever it takes to become a professional network marketer. Finally decide that enough is enough, you’re going to develop your full potential. You’re going to use all the talents God gave you to SUCCEED at NWMing!

-        Decide to OWN YOUR OWN LIFE

-        decide to become TEACHABLE

-         Get rid of your Prejudice toward NWMing…   most of us were leaning on the mlm door and someone accidentally opened it and we fell into the industry – but we’re not convinced or sure it’s gonna work for us !  We’re part of the group who’s less than part-time in this business.. we’re “some-times” distributors… 

-         Get rid of all the DREAM STEALER in your life…

-        understand the power of GEOMETRIC GROWTH…

-        internalize the difference between ROYALTY INCOME vs. J.O.B. income (trading time for cash)

-        set a goal to RETIRE in 3-5 years… you will achieve this dream IF you make it a point to get in your company magazine… make sure you are working toward winning company bonuses and driving a Free Company Car while going on Free Company Vacations !

-        do not QUIT to early… it takes time for the matrix to grow/develop

-        develop a TESTIMONIAL STORYLINE for yourself and your leaders…


-        remember ALL DISTRACTIONS are EQUAL

-        be a “product of the product”…


B- Relentlessly acquire every piece of expert data you can find. Aggressively build your own personal library of network marketing tapes, books and business planners. Commit to attending every seminar workshop you can. This means investing money in your career... the career that will enable you to develop your potential... and if you start performing the way you know you can, then you will design the life you always wanted. You’ll start living your dreams! Don’t be too cheap to invest in you, you’re worth it, aren’t you? And all these tools are virtually FREE and tax deductible !


C- Next, you must make the all-important effort to INSTALL the information you have acquired.  Installation only occurs after sufficient repetition has taken place regarding the materials you want to learn. You now have the choice of either “studying the material” until you internalize the wisdom you now possess... or, you can create your own success commercials , (Dave teaches you how to simply and easily accomplish this task), so you can learn the skills/info/data you need to know to earn REAL MONEY from the NWMing industry... and/or, you can use the DELIVERY MECHANISM he created to install information, the PowerLine Business Planner. Your choice.


Know the difference between SKILLS and ATTRIBUTES… both are verrrry important to earning a six-figure income. You acquire the knowledge, install the knowledge and work with your Success Coach in an effort to develop the SKILLS necessary to recruit, train, retail and build cash flow.


D- For most of you, becoming a Career Professional Network Marketer will require that you find a SUCCESS COACH who will hold you accountable to staying focused on reaching your goals, dreams and aspirations. This is a critical part of the equation. Going it alone is tough... bond together with another individual that wants the same things you do out of life and create the synergy you need to succeed long term.


E- Now that you have your success coach, you will be able to TAKE EFFECTIVE ACTION on the knowledge and plans you now possess. Taking effective and correct actions is vital to your success because: “A small error in judgment, compounded over time, is devastating to your health and business”. It is your job to continually remind your partner to never forget this statement of fact.


F- Once all these steps have been accomplished, YOU WILL ACHIEVE RESULTS... (action produces results !) People are attracted to entrepreneurs that have achieved things the other person wants. Thus, you’ll end up sponsoring more people and retailing more product than you ever have in your networking experience to date. These noticeable accomplishments will continue to build momentum and thrust you into certain financial security as others role-model and mirror the path you’ve taken and start achieving the similar results.


G- Now, you must learn how to “teach others how to teach others to teach others how to teach....” DUPLICATION is the only methodology that must now transpire. You must sharpen your speaking and teaching skills... You must learn to like people, be nice to people, attempt to settle disagreements between distributors and handle criticism from person’s who haven’t ever been successful in the industry in years... from wieners who’ll cry about everything, from distributors who’re to lazy to study the materials, from individuals who procrastinate, don’t follow-up, don’t come to meetings on time, and from nice people who just want you to hold their hand every step of the way. You must learn to be patient with these people... once you do, you’ll become a true network marketing leader.


H- So the final step is developing yourself into a LEADER. Now you have to know many things that the others will never learn . You’ll set-up conference calls, put on events, host company conventions, be written up in the company publications, and be expected to be available for 3-way calls 24 hours a day, etc... You’ll have arrived! You’re earning more money and helping more people than you ever thought possible. You’ll do things you never though possible in your life. You’ll go places and develop friendships with outstanding people. You’ll live in a super house and drive the car of your dreams. You’ll even enjoy a vacation from time to time. Retirement is now whenever you decide you’ve had enough.


There are many sub-sets to these main themes, if you’re willing to pay the price, we’ll cover them all over the next 6 to 18 months... are you ready to learn the secrets?




I- In order to achieve MLM success, 1st, you must internalize the belief system that you are going to operate  your business like a business by becoming a “Career Professional Network Marketer”. This will demand that you commit to creating your own personal “testimonial story”. You must continually strive to build a credible success story. What is your current testimonial story today? How do others inside and outside the company see you? Are you a model distributor others want to pattern after, or are you a warning light flashing to others to avoid what you do? 


II- . MLM Pro’s do not re-invent the wheel... they use established  blue prints or techniques in order to accomplish their goals.  It just makes sense that you must acquire the knowledge used by the successful MLM leaders in order for you to achieve similar results


- you need to invest in building a personal library of the materials offered

  by MLM experts...


- what is the business plan or success formula you are following?


III- Tools are created to fulfill the specifications of these success formulas. You must commit to investing capital into learning how to become a craftsman at your trade.


- what MLM books, audio or video tapes do you own? Have you really

  read, listened and/or watched them?

- are you using an MLM business planner? Why not?


- what Self-Help seminar workshops have you attended lately?


IV- Being a Participant  vs. Being an Attendee


- some people come to see the show, while others come to internalize the 

  experience and grow with the new knowledge they have acquired...

  which are you?


- are you Designing your life... or are you working for somebody else’s



V- Being an Entrepreneur also includes “ Being Human”.


Even though you can be programmed and conditioned to learn business-building techniques... even though individuals can install skill-sets that will help them achieve what they want from they’re network marketing career.... you are not expected to become an MLM machine. A human being can and must learn to keep taking effective actions and just Stumbling Forward!


VI- Developing Skill-sets    vs.   Relying on Attributes


- organization              - body language                - drive/determination      - happy

- time management     - phraseology                    - persistence                   - has heart

- phonics                     - closing tech.’s                 - positive/pro-active        - aggressive

- meta-programs         - mirroring                        - a “natural”                  - likable

- appearance               - follow-up                        - consistent/courteous     - loyal/helpful

- 3-way calling            - getting referrals              - responsible/respected   - trustworthy

- use of sales aids       - using samples                  - credible/believable       - ambitious

- prospecting tech.’s   - goal-setting                      - hard-working              - creative

- architecture              - public speaking               - inspirational                - dynamic

- asking great questions      - listener                    - never gives up             - smoooooth

- electronic communications                                 - always going the “extra mile” to please

It’s a 50/50 proposition... where do you need improvement?


VII- Accountability      vs.    “Winging It”


- How do we become accountable for our actions? How do we reach our goals? How do we create the life we wanted for ourselves?


- Start by writing down your goals... read them everyday... then, it is critical for you to get your “goals list” into your success coach’s hands. You must then agree to have your success coach hold you accountable for all your actions in achieving your goals.


- when were you most accountable in your life?  grade school, high school, college, job, family, church, friends, work-out partners, tax man?


- picking a success-coach is critical to your success! Who will be the person you will count on who will support you in living the life you have always dreamed of living? (it may not be the person closest to you... friends and family may even hold you back from developing your true potential) ___________________________________________________



VIII- 3rd Party Influence  vs.  Going it Alone


- types of 3rd-party influences...

- company magazine/newsletter                                  - 3-way,   or,   conference calls

- training events/opportunity briefings                        - home-office tours

- any kind of 3rd party testimonial story                     - company audio or video tapes

- generic  MLM book, tape or brochure                      - the PowerLine Business Planner

- local/national newspaper or magazine articles    - health experts, government reports


- if you have a few min's... I'd like to share with you lots of reasons why I joined my Home-Based Business Oppty ... can I get your opinion on my Health and Wellness Product/Telecom Service  - - -

Check this out:
''If you have a few minutes, I'd like to tell you
    how I quit my job and still make more money.''
   ''If you have a few minutes, I'd like to tell you
    how I got a full-time income by working two nights
    a week.''
   ''If you have a few minutes, I'd like to tell you
    how I get an extra paycheck every week.''
   ''If you have a few minutes, I'd like to tell you
    how I (or my business assoc friend) became a millionaire.''
-  how I lost 33 pounds in 45 days…
-  how my friend earned $1500 in 10 days…
-  how my mother got off of her pharma drugs…
-  how I stopped waking up to my alarm clock at 5am…
-  how I stopped commuting in bumper-to-bumper traffic for 3 hrs a day…
-  how I qualified to go on a FREE Vacation with my family (paid for by our Co)…
-  how I earned a FREE Car to drive, paid for by our company…
-  how I FIRED MY BOSS… and became the CEO of my own Home-Based Business…
-  how I found a way to work with my Spouse and double our income…
-  how I became able to work on the Country Club / Golf Course…
-  how I was capable of earning Passive ROYALTY INCOME, instead of trading time for $
-  how I was able to legally make almost every expense a TAX DEDUCTIBLE write-off…
-  how I increased my positive attitude – potential to contribute to others
-  how I decreased my stress and pressure…
-  how I transferred my paycheck - into a Royalty Income Check
-  how I gained tons more time to enjoy my hobbies…
-  how I converted my kids expenses into business expenses…
-  how I learned how teaching others could make me wealthy !
-  how I could share a DVD / CD and make money while I sleep…
-  how my family could finally enjoy free, FUN, exotic vacations together 
-  how our life could improve from barely making it, to having anything we want in life
-  how I could learn a new craft/trade that allowed me to quit-my-job
-  how I could turn my laptop into a money-machine…
-  how I could turn my athletic club membership into an income producer…
-  how I learn how to pay off all my DEBTS in 18 months, and now we’re Debt-Free !
-  how I could make all my food and fuel bills, a tax deduction…
-  how I stopped having to go to my crummy job… and work from home…
-  how I could use my phone to make me millions
-  how I could make a small investment to start my own business with 
   unlimited possibilities for me and my family !
 And then get them facts by inviting to: 
  . . . A local hotel meeting/webinar/Conf Call  - or -
  . . . Listen to a live opportunity call
        (M-Th 8:30 pm EST 800-294-5555, pin 55555#) - or -
   . . . Listen to the recorded message at 800-559-6220
   . . . Maybe go to "OUR ADDITIONAL Paycheck" website.(Get one by
        getting a account).
  . . . You get the picture!  - send me all YOUR PHRASES - and I will
post them here   ;-)

   ====  here's acontribution by a friend who wanted to ad ====

Below is a tried and proven system for prospecting successfully.

It is both a script, and a process that has proven to work better than any other method I have used to build large organizations of over 15,000 distributors in just under 1.5 years.

After you see how easy it is to use these simple techniques, we will give you a URL where you can get some of the best Internet leads around.

Read it over and over again until you understand the psychology behind the process and why it works so well. Keep in mind the following points while you are prospecting and you will find the road to success in all your endeavors.

* People buy from friends not strangers. Thus you should strive to make friends with your prospects BEFORE you start pitching them anything.

·        People don't care how much you know until they know how
much you care about them.

* Identify the needs of your prospect BEFORE you tell them anything about your opportunity

* Ask questions and then ask more questions about your prospect. It's the answers to these questions that will enable you to make a custom presentation around the
needs of your prospect

* Paint a picture of success with your prospect in the picture while you are presenting your opportunity. If you don't personalize the presentation with your prospect being the hero of the story, it has no value to them.

10 Phase Prospecting System
There are 10 Phases in the prospecting process below, that follows a logical sequence of steps that makes it easy for your prospect to come on board your team. Remember, if you throw the
whole loaf of bread at the ducks at one time, they will run away. Give it to them one piece at a time, and you will have them eating out of your hand.

PHASE 1 - Make a connection between you and your prospect and the reason you are calling them. "I'm calling you because..."

PHASE 2 - Break the ice by asking how the weather is and where they are from. Make a personal connection with them.

PHASE 3 - Ask your qualifying questions that will determine the interest level of your prospect, as well as help you understand their needs.

PHASE 4 - Make a brief overview of your opportunity, making sure not to give any specific details. Stay general at the point.

PHASE 5 - Send your prospect to the 3 minute recording that gives a brief overview of your opportunity. Get them to commit to a time to make the call and then call you back

PHASE 6 - Set up with a 3-way conference call with a seasoned associate in your business so you can get more specific about your opportunity.

PHASE 7 - Give the prospect all the information on the company so they can perform a do diligence (ie FOD, website, etc.)

PHASE 8 - Set up a time to meet the prospect on a company conference call.

PHASE 9 - Close your prospect by yourself or with an associate who can 3-way call your prospect…

PHASE 10 - Get your prospect started by giving them the material and resources (including leads and this same system) to help them kick start their new business.

In addition to this information, you will need to know the four reasons why people won't buy from you. Knowing these reasons will allow you to prevent more lost sales and increase your
closing ratio.

We give you these reasons, along with a tried a proven prospecting script, with a LOT of other valuable Internet Marketing tools when signing up for some of the best Internet
Leads you can buy online.

Come check us out at http://xxxxxxxxxxxxx   and get some

and see for yourself just how big and how fast you can build your online Internet business.

We wish you the very best in your Internet marketing experience and look forward to working with you
All the best,    Mark Gilbert


in HONOR of Jim Rohn (Sept 25, 1930 - Dec 5, 2009) an American entrepreneur, self-help author and motivational speaker


If you want to be a leader who attracts quality people, the key is to become a person of quality
yourself. Leadership is the ability to attract someone to the gifts, skills, and opportunities
you offer as an owner, as a manager, as a parent. I call leadership the great challenge of life.
What's important in leadership is refining your skills.
All great leaders keep working on themselves until they become effective. Here are some specifics:

1) Learn to be strong but not rude.

It is an extra step you must take to become a powerful, capable leader with a wide range of
reach. Some people mistake rudeness for strength.
It's not even a good substitute.

2) Learn to be kind but not weak.

We must not mistake kindness for weakness.
Kindness isn't weak. Kindness is a certain type of strength.

We must be kind enough to tell somebody the truth.

We must be kind enough and considerate enough to lay it on the line.

We must be kind enough to tell it like it is and not deal in delusion.

3) Learn to be bold but not a bully.

It takes boldness to win the day.

To build your influence, you've got to walk in front of your group.
You've got to be willing to take the first arrow, tackle the first problem, and discover the first
sign of trouble.

4) You've got to learn to be humble, but not timid.

You can't get to the high life by being timid.

Some people mistake timidity for humility.

Humility is almost a God-like word. A sense of awe. A sense of wonder.

An awareness of the human soul and spirit.

An understanding that there is something unique about the human drama versus the rest of

Humility is a grasp of the distance between us and the stars, yet having the feeling that we're part of
the stars. Therefore, humility is a virtue; but timidity is a disease.

Timidity is an affliction. It can be cured, but it is a problem.

5) Be proud but not arrogant.

It takes pride to win the day.
It takes pride to build your ambition. It takes pride in community. It takes pride in cause, in
accomplishment. But the key to becoming a good leader is being proud without being arrogant

In fact I believe the worst kind of arrogance is arrogance from ignorance.

It's when you don't know that you don't know. Now that kind of arrogance is intolerable.
If someone is smart and arrogant, we can tolerate that.

But if someone is ignorant and arrogant, that's just too much to take.

6) Develop humor without folly.

That's important for a leader. In leadership, we learn that it's okay to be witty, but not silly.
It's okay to be fun, but not foolish. Lastly, deal in realities. Deal in truth. Save yourself the
agony. Just accept life like it is. Life is unique.
Some people call it tragic, but I'd like to think it's unique.

The whole drama of life is unique.
It's fascinating. And I've found that the skills that work well for one leader may not work at all for
another. But the fundamental skills can be adapted to work well for just about
everyone: at work, in the community, and at home.

... I hope you enjoyed this tiny segment of Jim Rohn's teachings... he has a mountains more to enjoy


The Power of SURVEY TESTING ...  - only a foolish Entrepreneur would  "wing-it" and/or  "shoot from the hip"   - stop being lazy and start behaving like a Career Professional at your Craft/Trade  ;-)

THE POWER OF SURVEY’s….       During a recent distributor consulting session, my client mentioned he really enjoyed a Statistics class in college and thought it was fun and interesting to do surveys.

So, based on something he enjoyed (statistics/surveys) and his budget for time (he had some) and money (he had little), we developed the following strategy. Keep in mind that surveys are a great way to learn the concerns and issues of your target market and provide a "back door" approach to introducing your product or service to them.

My client was a representative for a nutriceutical company which had a niche market for people concerned about cardiovascular issues.  Here's the plan we developed.  You can do exactly the same thing for your product or service.


My client was starting "cold" - he had no existing website aside from his corporate site.  He was also relatively new to the internet and had no ezine subscriber list to tap into.

The first step  was to develop a list of offline places where his target market was likely to visit. In this case, the list included massage therapists, nutrionalist’s, OT's and PT's, and fitness centers.


 What, specifically, do you wish to learn about this group?  Your questions should be two fold:

 *What information will help you promote your product or service?

 *What information would be of interest to your survey participants?


Don't ask three people and then report on the results of your survey.  Your survey will have no credibility. You should ask a minimum of 100 for your survey to have any meaning.  If you have the time and resources to include more, that's even better.


Okay, now you have the results of your survey.  How can you expand the use of this information to grow your business?

 1.  Ask the survey participants if they'd like the results emailed to them.  This gives you permission to email them with the results, as well as exposing them (gently) to your product or service as a potential solution. 

- Incorporate the survey results into an article.  This can be distributed in several ways:

 2.  Write an article about the results of your survey. Publish your article on the web.  There are many sites to publish articles for ezine owners.  Send your article to web owners who provide content to your target market.
- If you don't have a website, your signature line could say:

AUTHOR provides solutions for people suffering from high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and those ready to go back to sleep as soon as they wake in the morning.  For more information, email AUTHOR at [email protected]

 3.  Turn your article into a tri-fold brochure.  This can easily be accomplished on your  computer.  Offer it as a complimentary handout to the business owners you defined in Step  One.  Offer to customize it with "Compliments of....." on the cover.  Make sure your email and phone number are included.

 4.  Submit your article to your local weekly or daily newspaper.  Find out which   writers/editors deal with your area of expertise.

 5.  Submit a press release announcing your study and results.

 6. If you visit discussion lists or forums, mention your study in your signature file.

Keep in mind that we developed SIX promotional methods....without a web site or ezine....and at little cost.  There's no reason you can't do the same!


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